A online shell emulator.

Description Online terminal emulator. Please click here to try it in your browser now. Supported commands Command Description about Show about information. cat

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amoulu TinySmaliEmulator TL;DR A very minimalist smali emulator that could be used to decrypt obfuscated strings. This repo is composed of: emulator.py, a basic smali emulator. AndroguardEmulator.py, an example of how

hasegawa-tomoki An NES emulator written in PHP Based on bokuweb/flownes, gabrielrcouto/php-terminal-gameboy-emulator. Blog entry: https://www.hasegawa-tomoki.com/blog/2018/10/16/php-terminal-nes-emulator/ (Japanese) Requirements PHP >

Humpheh GoBoy GoBoy is a multi-platform Nintendo GameBoy and GameBoy Color emulator written in go. The emulator can run the majority of GB games and some CGB games. There is also colour and sound support. This emulator was prim

gdbinit EFI DXE Emulator An EFI DXE binary emulator based on Unicorn Copyright © 2016-2019 Pedro Vilaca. All rights reserved. [email protected] - https://reverse.put.as This is an EFI DXE phase binaries emulator based on Unicorn. Reference blogpost

cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

s-a discord-shell-slave Why? I' d like to allow a shell process to send Discord chat messages. How? You just need to pipe text input into discord-shell-slave. discord-shell-slave... Isn' t it a little bit long? Yes it is. There e

etc5had0w Shell Please 1.0 : Reverse Shell Code Generator Shell Please is a tool made for generating reverse shell code in matter of nano-seconds. Whenver we ar

cwise89 Offline and Online components for React Components that track offline and online state. Render certain content only when online (or only when offline). import { Offline, Online } from "react-detect-offline"; const App =

jamesseanwright Term4All A JavaScript terminal emulator developed using Node.js, WebSockets, React, Redux, and Electron. Why Another Terminal Emulator? It's a fun self-learning project To provide developers working on Windows

espressif ESP32-NESEMU, a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the ESP32 This is a quick and dirty port of Nofrendo, a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. It lacks sound, but can emulate a NES at close to full speed, albeit with

gabrieloc A Gameboy Emulator for the Apple Watch. Interested in how this was made? Check out the write-up here Installation Giovanni uses git submodules for it's one dependency, a modified version of the Gambatte emulator. When clonin

SapphireServer Sapphire - FINAL FANTASY XIV Server Emulator Sapphire is a FINAL FANTASY XIV 4.0+ Server Emulator currently in development. Sapphire is a research project to learn how retail servers work and currently not production cod

liamg Aminal - A Modern Terminal Emulator Aminal is a modern terminal emulator for Mac/Linux/Windows implemented in Golang and utilising OpenGL. The project is experimental at the moment, so you probably won't want to rely on

liamg Aminal - A Modern Terminal Emulator Aminal is a modern terminal emulator for Mac/Linux/Windows implemented in Golang and utilising OpenGL. The project is experimental at the moment, so you probably won't want to rely on

Igoorx PyRoyale A open-source server emulator for Mario Royale browser game. I really liked the idea of this addictive game and, as I already imagined that it would fall for a DMCA, I did a server emulator for it. This server's purpo

blipinsk cold-reboot A simple tool to quickly reboot your Android emulator with Cold Boot option (without restoring emulator's state snapshot). Usage $ cold-reboot that's it. (For now, if there's more than one emulator ru

contour-terminal Contour - A modern C++ Terminal Emulator IMPORANT: THIS PROJECT IS IN ALPHA STAGE & ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT Purpose contour is a terminal emulator, for everyday use. Features Available on all 3 ma

pokemium Mettaur Mettaur is GBA emulator written in golang. Warning: This emulator is WIP, so many ROMs don't work correctly now.     Run Please download lates

cbeust Space Invade.rs An 8080 Space Invaders emulator written in Rust This is an 8080 emulator running the 1978 Space Invaders game by Taito, written in Rus

krystalgamer Marvel's Avengers Server Emulator Client and Server emulator for Marvel's Avengers. The client is responsible to downgrade the connection encryption e

jiacai2050 PySh Yet another shell can run anywhere Python exists. Why another shell Because it's fun. Supported shell feature Common shell features can be found here. Pysh already have: |, Pipe output