script to install arch linux very quickly

Overview script to install arch linux very quickly. By default it will install a setup with no desktop environment but you can also install one easily by answering a question. Approximate time for install : 2-3 minutes

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DoubangoTelecom World's fastest ANPR / ALPR implementation for CPUs, GPUs, VPUs and FPGAs using deep learning (Tensorflow, Tensorflow lite, TensorRT & OpenVINO). Multi-OS (NVIDIA Jetson, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows) and Multi-Arch (ARM, x86).

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Denton-L aur-autobuild-template A template for automating your Arch AUR builds using Travis CI. By the way, I use Arch. Feel free to fork this template and use it for your own builds. Contributions are also welcome! Dependenci

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