Dockerized tools. Make your environment cleaner.

Dockerized Read about it on Medium Motivation In some cases you do not want to install something directly on your OS, because it can create caches, hidden directories, etc. and you will loose track of it In

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yo-op Sketch Cache Cleaner Sketch Cache Cleaner is an app that deletes hidden Sketch history files that can take a lot of space on your hard drive and that you would probably never use. Warning System Requirements Chan

piopi A Dockerized light-weight desktop environment accessible from the browser with NoVNC. Firefox Browser included.

michalgr Extended Android Tools is a set of makefiles and build environment cross compiling Linux tools we all love for Android. All tools are built using their native build systems (autotools, cmake, etc) and Android NDK. Reference build environment is provided via Vagrant and Docker.

simoninithomas The Mayan Adventure is an open-source reinforcement learning environment for Unity ML-Agents. In this environment, you train your agent (Indie) to find the golden statue in this dangerous environment full of traps.

zachgrayio An opinionated Swift for TensorFlow starter project. Overview STS is a Dockerized, Swift Package Manager enabled starter repository for Swift for TensorFlow projects. Now with hot-reload of Swift code and third-party pack

schors Dockerized Dante socks5 proxy for telegram

karlkeefer dockerized (postgres + nginx + golang + react)

moshebe A tool that makes debugging of Dockerized Go applications super easy by enabling Debugger and Hot-Reload features, seamlessly.

huan DoChat(盒装微信) is a Dockerized WeChat(微信) PC Windows Client for Linux.

eora-ai Inferoxy is a service for quick deploying and using dockerized Computer Vision models. It's a core of EORA's Computer Vision platform Vision Hub that runs on top of AWS EKS.

NyaMisty Dockerized Windows IDA running on Wine, with Xvfb/X11/Xrdp support builtin!

unkn0w Proxer is a simple, dockerized reverse proxy build on nginx.

kcosta42 Zero-Shot Text-to-Image Generation VQGAN+CLIP Dockerized

leeoniya 🗑 DropCSS An exceptionally fast, thorough and tiny (~10 KB min) unused-CSS cleaner (MIT Licensed) Introduction DropCSS takes your HTML and CSS as input and returns only the used CSS as output. Its custom HTM

DatabaseCleaner If you're viewing this at, you're reading the documentation for the master branch. View documentation for the latest release (1.8.5). Database Cleaner Database Cleaner is

edopelawi CascadingTableDelegate A no-nonsense way to write cleaner UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource. Why is this library made? In common iOS development, UITableView has became the bread and butter for bui

jondot Redux stack Redux Stack is a library that helps you build modular, structured, and cleaner redux apps. As the Redux ecosystem grows, libraries integrate by offering their own middleware, or enhancers, or even cu

ebeigarts DatabaseFlusher database_flusher is a tiny and fast database cleaner inspired by database_cleaner and database_rewinder. Features No monkey patching - uses ActiveSupport::Notifications and Mongo::Monitoring to c

khiav223577 RailsOr rails_or is a Ruby Gem for you to write cleaner OR query. It will use built-in or method, which was added in Rails 5, when possible, so that you don't need to worry about that it will polulate active_model. Otherwi

blue-season PyWarm A cleaner way to build neural networks for PyTorch. Examples | Tutorial | API reference Introduction PyWarm is a lightweight, high-level neural network construction API for PyTorch. It enables defining

Adityaojas Pose Estimation with cleaner outputs using Savgol filter