Lock your Mac from the command-line

macos-lock Lock your Mac from the command-line Install Download the binary and put it in /usr/local/bin. Usage $ lock Build $ ./build Related lock-cli - Convenience npm pa

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pinetum AirUnlock (Mac) Introduction Using android mobile to establish a connection with your Mac via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE), controlling Mac lock state (Lock or Unlock). Features Store the password in Mac

sindresorhus lock-cli Lock your system from the command-line Shows the login screen the next time you use the computer. Supports macOS, Linux, and Windows. Install $ npm install --global lock-cli Usage $ lock

imsnif synp Convert yarn.lock to package-lock.json and vice versa. install npm install -g synp command line usage yarn.lock => package-lock.json yarn # be sure the node_modules folder dir and

yoshuawuyts fd-lock Advisory cross-platform file locks using file descriptors. Adapted from mafintosh/fd-lock. Note that advisory lock compliance is opt-in, and c

BurtonQin Statically detect double-lock & conflicting-lock bugs on MIR

siketyan 🔍 Universal Lock File Scanner for Git. (Lock + Scan = LoXcan!)

chalda-pnuzig Lock.js is a javaScript library for generating numbers lock.

guarinogabriel Mac CLI  macOS command line tools for developers ⭐ Now with modularity and plugins! You can check the plugins folder: /mac-cli/plugins Contributions to add new plugins and keep improving the existing ones are welcome an

megabitsenmzq LiveUseful - Make your lock screen useful! About LiveUseful is the first universal tool that inserts various hidden information into a Live Photo. Use these Live Photos, you can hide important things in your lock

s-yadav PatternLock A light weight plugin to simulate android like pattern lock mechanism for your hybrid app or for a website. It's easy to configure and style so you can have different type of pattern lock according to your need. Is al

soroushjavdan ApplicationLocker Android library that let you easily set lock activity for you application . Description This library send your user to lock activity after they leave your app and return to it . even if they cl

aritraroy PinLockView A clean, minimalistic, easy-to-use and highly customizable pin lock custom view for Android. Specs This library allows you to implement a pin lock mechanism in your app easily and quickly. There a

Simek Yarn Lock Changes     Creates a comment inside Pull Request with the human-readable summary of the changes to the yarn.lock file. Works in public and

ReneKroon Mogul - locking over nodes via mongoDB This packages gives you some functionality to set a global lock for a specified duration. Afterwards the lock is up for grabs again. Make sure to use an unique identifier for each gorouti

godruoyi An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang based on Snowflake Algorithm (Twitter announced). Description An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang implementation

jeroen-meijer lockpick A CLI for syncing Dart dependency versions between pubspec.yaml and pubspec.lock files. 🔒 Usage # Activate lockpick pub global activate lock

stjepang async-rwlock An async reader-writer lock. This type of lock allows multiple readers or one writer at any point in time. The locking strategy is write-

horcrux2301 What is Potato? Potato is a command line tool which helps you to keep the development configs and settings of your Mac as a programmer/developer/coder safe in your GitHub that you can later use to set up a new machine. Also,

sveinbjornt Platypus Platypus is a developer tool that creates native Mac applications from command line scripts such as shell scripts or Python, Perl, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript and PHP programs. This is done by wrapping the script in an

IBM 🔗 Check out the NLC2CMD Challenge @ Neurips 2020 Command Line Artificial Intelligence CLAI is an open-sourced project aimed to bring the power of AI to the command line. Using CLAI, users of Bash can access a wide range of skills

ninxsoft A Mac command-line tool to automate the downloading of your Jamf Nation assets.