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Correcthorse Generates secure, easy to type, easy to remember passphrases Install sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/correcthorse https://raw.githubusercontent.com/polonskiy/correcthorse/master/correcthorse sudo chmod +x /us

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timoh6 About GenPhrase is a secure passphrase generator for PHP applications. GenPhrase is based on passwdqc's pwqgen program. See http://www.openwall.com/passwdqc/ GenPhrase can be used to generate secure and easy to memorize rand

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Aced1337 Discord-Token-Generator-Yazato A httpx token generator for discord This generator was developed by Aced#0001, Dreamy Tos Follower#0001, Scripted#0131

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kataras Fast http sessions manager for Go. Simple API, while providing robust set of features such as immutability, expiration time (can be shifted), databases like badger and redis as back-end storage. Quick view impor