Turn your fzf into a live REPL

๐Ÿš€ fzf-live-repl ๐Ÿš€ This hacky one-liner turns your fzf into a live REPL. There is not much to explain, see it for yourself. Please note that I will be adding more examples as I come up with them. You are also welco

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vuejs @vue/repl Vue SFC REPL as a Vue 3 component. Simple Usage <script setup> import { Repl } from '@vue/repl' import '@vue/repl/style.css' </script> <tem

ramsey ramsey/composer-repl A REPL for PHP built into Composer. About This Composer plugin provides the composer repl command. REPL stands for read-eval-prin

mbhynes fzf-gcloud Summary fzf-gcloud is a zsh script lets you browse the gcloud CLI api with fzf. It adds a keybinding on CTRL-K (like cloud ... meh) to brow

dahlia iterfzf: Pythonic interface to fzf Demo session See also the API reference. Key features No dependency but only Python is required. Prebuilt fzf binary for each platform is bundled into whe

mapbox Mapbox Navigation SDK for iOS Mapbox Navigation gives you all the tools you need to add turn-by-turn navigation to your apps. Get up and running in a few minutes with our drop-in turn-by-turn navigation NavigationViewContr

nvim-telescope fzf-native is a c port of fzf. It only covers the algorithm and implements few functions to support calculating the score.

junegunn tmux-fzf-maccy Tmux plugin for Maccy and fzf integration. Allows you to select an entry from clipboard history. Prerequisites tmux Popup window is use

mscdex Description SSH into your node.js process and access a REPL. Requirements node.js -- v4.0.0 or newer Install npm install ssh-repl Example const fs = require('fs'); const sshrepl = requ

Microsoft Welcome! The Xbox Live Unity Plugin provides a way for developers in the Xbox Live Creators Program to quickly and easily integrate Xbox Live functionality into their Unity based game. For more information about the Xbox Live Cre

netgusto nodebook Nodebook - Minimalist Node REPL with web UI What is it? Nodebook is an in-browser REPL for Node. Code's on the left, Console's on the right. Click "Run" or press Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter to run your code. Cod

prompt-toolkit ptpython A better Python REPL pip install ptpython Ptpython is an advanced Python REPL. It should work on all Python versions from 2.6 up to 3.7 and work cross platform (Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows). Note: this versi

albertlatacz Java REPL NOT MAINTAINED: Since Java is now released with REPL this project will no longer be maintained. Java REPL is a simple Read-Eval-Print-Loop for Java language. Support for most of Java language construc

tonsky Basic Clojure REPL for Sublime Text Goals: Decomplected: just REPL, nothing more Zero dependencies: works directly with pREPL Compact: Display code ev

d4l3k go-pry go-pry - an interactive REPL for Go that allows you to drop into your code at any point. Example Usage Install go-pry go get github.com/d4l3k/go-pry go install -i github.com/d4l3k/go-pry Add the

ml-tooling Instantly turn your Python functions into production-ready microservices. Deploy and access your services via HTTP API or interactive UI. Seamlessly export your services into portable, shareable, and executable files or Docker images. Opyrator builds on open standards - OpenAPI, JSON Schema, and Python type hints - and is powered by FastAPI, Streamlit, and Pydantic. It cuts out all the pain for productizing and sharing your Python code - or anything you can wrap into a single Python function.

coturn This project evolved from rfc5766-turn-server project (https://code.google.com/p/rfc5766-turn-server/). There are many new advanced TURN specs which are going far beyond the original RFC 5766 document. This project takes the code of rfc57

bellecp fast-p Quickly find and open a pdf among a collection of thousands of unsorted pdfs through fzf (fuzzy finder) Installation install pdftotext. This comes with the texlive distribution on linux or with pop

bigH A CLI interface to git that relies heavily on fzf (version 0.21.0 or higher).

Aloxaf Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!

yazgoo ๐Ÿน unicodemoji - โฉ fast unicode emojis in terminal and vim with fzf โŒจ .

ojroques This plugin makes the Neovim LSP client use FZF to display results and navigate the code.