Vim/Neovim plugin to display tabs and buffers in the tabline

Vem Tabline Vem Tabline is a lightweight Vim/Neovim plugin to display your tabs and buffers at the top of your screen using the editor's tabline. Vem tabline shows your tabs as numbered workspaces at the right of the top line

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nanozuki A minimal, configurable, neovim style tabline. Use your nvim tabs as workspace multiplexer.

romgrk barbar.nvim is a tabline plugin with re-orderable auto-sizing clickable tabs, icons, nice highlighting, sort-by commands and a magic jump-to-buffer mode. Plus the tab names are made unique when two filenames match.

jose-elias-alvarez buftabline.nvim A low-config, minimalistic buffer tabline Neovim plugin written in Lua, shamelessly inspired by vim-buftabline. Setup Install using yo

bhaveshcmedhekar New Features Added can be use for Multiple Tabs (Tabs inside tabs) If there are multiple tabs, first tab list canbe converted into dropdown Features Has option to show same structure in accordion Tabs

liuchengxu eleline.vim Another elegant statusline for vim, extracted from space-vim. Currenctly supported plugins: ale coc.nvim vista.vim vim-fugitive. vim-signify vim-gitgutter vim-gutentags LanguageClient-neovim If y

cristijora Vue-tabs Simplified, customizable bootstrap based tabs Vue-tabs is a tab component which simplifies the usage of tabs and their customization Demos Ba

fireflowerr Vim Window Manager A layout manager for vim and nvim. definition Features Save and manage vim windows via layouts Automatically cache and unlist buffers Automatically reuse buffers Regroup command buffers

lambdalisue 🎭 guise.vim Guise (guise.vim) is a Vim/Neovim plugin that opens a new tab page rather than invokes a new nested instance when a user tried to open a

mafintosh protocol-buffers-encodings Base encodings for protocol-buffers. npm install protocol-buffers-encodings Moved into it's own module for lighter installs Usage var encodings = require('protocol-buffers-encodings')

c9s Vikube - Operating Kubernetes Cluster from Vim, in Vim Screenshots Install If you use vundle: call vundle#begin() Plugin 'c9s/helper.vim' Plugin 'c9s/treemenu.vim' Plugin 'c9s/vikube.vim

theo-l lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air

iqxd vim-mine-sweeping mine sweeping game in vim and neovim ScreenShot Installation " vim-plug Plug 'iqxd/vim-mine-sweeping' Usage Launch Vim Mine Sweepin

kazhala Lua port of close-buffers.vim with serveral feature extensions. This plugin allows you to quickly delete multiple buffers based on the conditions provided.

k-takata minpac: A minimal package manager for Vim 8 (and Neovim) Overview Minpac is a minimal package manager for Vim 8 (and Neovim). This uses the packages feature and the jobs feature which have been newly added on Vim 8.

lambdalisue pastefix.vim A workaround Neovim plugin to fix clipboard=unnamed issue (#1822). WITHOUT this plugin on Neovim WITH this plugin on Neovim License The c

mcchrish nnn.vim Fast and featureful file manager in vim/neovim powered by nnn. colorscheme yin Requirements nnn (minimum version 2.2) Neovim or Vim 8.1 with terminal support Install You must install nnn

skanehira preview-markdown.vim This is vim plugin that can preview markdown in Vim terminal. Requirements MichaelMure/mdr or specified markdown parser Vim 8.1.1401 ~ Installation e.g dein.vim [[plugin]]

leafOfTree vim-vue-plugin Vim syntax and indent plugin for .vue files. Mainly inspired by mxw/vim-jsx. Installation How to install VundleVim Plugin 'leafOfTree

editor-bootstrap vim-bootstrap Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a .vimrc configuration for vim, NeoVim, NeoVim-Qt, MacVim and GVim. Pre-requisites The distribution is designed to work with

protocolbuffers Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format Copyright 2008 Google Inc. Overview Protocol Buffers (a.k.a., protobuf) are Google's language-neutral, platform-neut

ZaninAndrea React draggable tabs The plugin is inspired by Atom and allows you to use these beautiful tabs in your React App Install just download the repo from npm npm install react-draggable-tabs --save Usage