tools for analyzing strings from password lists

dumpsniffer tools for analyzing strings from password lists quickstart / setup git clone cd dumpsniffer;chmod +x *.sh ./ this will download cracked

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enquirer prompt-password-strength Custom mask function for prompt-password that adds a 'strength progress meter' that changes color as the password strength increases. Uses zxcvbn, the popular password strength estimation tool broug

kevva wifi-password Get current wifi password Install $ npm install wifi-password Usage const wifiPassword = require('wifi-password'); wifiPassword().then(password => { console.log(password); //=&g

scipag Password Lists Introduction Password lists are going back to the roots of information security. They compile a list of popular passwords. Often to opt

clr2of8 Domain Password Audit Tool (DPAT) This is a python script that will generate password use statistics from password hashes dumped from a domain controller and a password crack file such as hashcat.potfile generated from the Hashca

Bergvca string_grouper is a library that makes finding groups of similar strings within a single or within multiple lists of strings easy. string_grouper uses tf-idf to calculate cosine similarities within a single list or between two lists of strings

minimaxir Big List of Naughty Strings The Big List of Naughty Strings is an evolving list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data. This is intended for use in helping both automated and manua

piotrmurach Strings::Case Convert strings to different cases. Strings::Case provides string case conversions for Strings utilities. Motivation Popular solutions that deal with transforming string cases work we

apertureless 🔓 vue-password-strength-meter Interactive password strength meter based on zxcvbn for vue.js 📺 Demo Demo here 🔧 Install yarn add vue-password-stren

chill117 proxy-lists Node.js module for getting proxies from publicly available proxy lists. Supported Proxy Lists blackhatworld - Specific forum threads are scraped: 100-scrapebox-proxies gscra

jay-johnson Sci-Pype - A Machine Learning Framework for Sharing Models and Analysis This is now deployed under the cloud service for analyzing datasets. Sci-Pype is a framework for analyzing datasets using Python 2.7 and e

parrt lolviz By Terence Parr. See for more stuff. A very nice looking javascript lolviz port with improvements by Adnan M.Sagar. A simple Python data-structure visualization tool that started out as a List Of Lists (lol)

initstring linkedin2username OSINT Tool: Generate username lists from companies on LinkedIn. This is a pure web-scraper, no API key required. You use your valid LinkedIn username and password to login, it will create several lists of possi

dev-labs-bg Create dynamic, fast and easy recycler view lists (including ViewPager2). No adapters, no view holders. Usage FastList supports 2 types of lists- single layout lists and dynamic lists. Here's how to create a simple sing

brannondorsey Distributed Password Cracking Borrow CPU cycles from visitor's web browsers to crack MD5 password hashes. Embedding a hidden <iframe> to a website will automatically add a visitor's browser as a node in a password cracking

dhasenan FastString: strings in a hurry .NET's builtin strings are convenient. However, they are not designed with performance in mind. FastString offers currently two methods for working with strings that can be significantly faster tha

KilledByAPixel JSONCrush - Compress JSON into URL friendly strings This simple system allows for excellent compression of uri encoded JSON strings using the JSCrush algorithm. Strings are processed to swap out common json characters with on

konifar Android Strings Search Plugin This plugin makes it easy to search text in strings resources. #Installation ##Manually Download the android-strings-search-plugin.jar On MAC: Preference > Plugins > Install plug

smuyyh JsonViewer Android JSON viewer, to convert JSON Strings to a Friendly Readable Format, it supports expend&collapsed JSON strings. Dependencies compile 'com.yuyh.json:jsonviewer:1.0.6' Usage Step1

lemire fastvalidate-utf-8 Most strings online are in unicode using the UTF-8 encoding. Validating strings quickly before accepting them is important. This is a header-only C library to validate UTF-8 strings at high speeds using SIM

skullchap Chad Strings - The Chad way to handle strings in C.

emilbayes secure-password Making Password storage safer for all Features State of the art password hashing algorithm (Argon2i) Safe defaults for most applications Future-proof so work factors and hashing algorithm