Nvim LSP client configurations

Common configurations for Neovim Language Servers

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ahmedkhalf 🌳 lsp-rooter.nvim lsp-rooter.nvim is a neovim plugin written in lua to change the current working directory to the project's root directory automagic

folke 🌈 LSP Colors Automatically creates missing LSP diagnostics highlight groups for color schemes that don't yet support the Neovim 0.5 builtin lsp clien

jose-elias-alvarez Neovim's LSP ecosystem is growing, and plugins like telescope.nvim and trouble.nvim make it a joy to work with LSP features like code actions and diagnostics.

jose-elias-alvarez nvim-lsp-ts-utils Utilities to improve the TypeScript development experience for Neovim's built-in LSP client. Motivation VS Code and coc-tsserver are

Pocco81 Catppuccino.nvim is a NeoVim plugin that provides multiple colorschemes based on the Catppuccino color palette but varying their properties. Apart from the eye-candy colorschemes, Catppuccino.nvim also provides integrations with multiple plugins and tools you are probably already using (e.g. Treesitter, Native LSP, ...).

apple SourceKit-LSP SourceKit-LSP is an implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Swift and C-based languages. It provides features like code-completion and jump-to-definition to editors that support LSP. SourceKit-L

emacs-lsp-legacy THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED AND SHOULD NO LONGER BE USED! Support for RUST is now configured and enabled in lsp-mode by default. Rust support for ls

fannheyward telescope-coc.nvim An extension for telescope.nvim that allows you to find/filter/preview/pick results from coc.nvim. Get Started Plug 'fannheyward/te

nvim-telescope telescope-hop.nvim is an extension for telescope.nvim. It helps you navigate, select, and perform actions on results buffer with motions inspired by hop.nvim.

kak-lsp Kakoune Language Server Protocol Client kak-lsp is a Language Server Protocol client for Kakoune implemented in Rust. Installation Note kak-lsp.toml d

glepnir lspsaga.nvim A light-weight lsp plugin based on neovim built-in lsp with highly performance UI. Status Not stable Some code need cleanup Performance H

mattn Auto configurations for Language Server for vim-lsp

tamago324 nlsp-settings.nvim A plugin to configure Neovim LSP using json files like coc-settings.json. Using nlsp-settings.nvim and lspconfig and jsonls and nvi

rafaeldelboni What is this? Basic config to transform your NVIM in a powerful Clojure IDE using fennel, clojure-lsp and conjure. This is simplified version on my pe

aserowy tmux integration for nvim features pane movement and resizing from within nvim.

fedepujol move.nvim Gain the power to move lines and blocks! Installation packer.nvim use 'fedepujol/move.nvim' vim-plug Plug 'fedepujol/move.nvim' paq 'fedepuj

sveltejs What is Svelte Language Tools? Svelte Language Tools contains a library implementing the Language Server Protocol (LSP). LSP powers the VSCode extension, which is also hosted in this repository. Additionally, LSP is c

ray-x Navigator Easy code navigation through LSP and 🌲 🏡 Treesitter symbols, diagnostic errors. Features: LSP easy setup. Support some of the most commonl

aaronjanse nix-eval-lsp Still use nix-community/rnix-lsp. This repo is a work in progress. nix-eval-lsp is an experimental language server for Nix. It provides c

merkle-open Pluggable webpack configurations Creating webpack loader configurations can be quite time consuming. This project tries to provide best practices for the most common loader requirements: ts, js, css, fonts and images. In

NTBBloodbath rest.nvim makes use of a curl wrapper made in pure Lua by tami5 and implemented in plenary.nvim so, in other words, rest.nvim is a curl wrapper so you don't have to leave Neovim!