Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

Documentation | Chat | Twitter Neovim is a project that seeks to aggressively refactor Vim in order to: Simplify maintenance and encourage contributions Split the work between multiple developers Enable advanced UIs w

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pavanjadhaw betterlockscreen simple, minimal lockscreen Betterlockscreen allows you to cache images with different filters and lockscreen with blazing speed. Example lockscreen with blurred effect betterlockscreen -

reinterpretcat Description This repository contains docker configuration to build bootable iso image with Linux From Scratch 8.2. Status At the moment, I don't have plans to update scripts to the latest LFS versions. However, pull

bitcoin-core btcdeb Bitcoin Script debugging utilities. This is a set of tools used to debug or construct scripts for use in Bitcoin. Preparation Mac users need the macOS command line tools: xcode-select --install And Homebr

skibish Dockerized Read about it on Medium Motivation In some cases you do not want to install something directly on your OS, because it can create caches, hidden directories, etc. and you will loose track of it In

polonskiy Correcthorse Generates secure, easy to type, easy to remember passphrases Install sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/correcthorse sudo chmod +x /us

derekstavis touchrunner Run tasks from the touchbar Installing $ omf install touchrunner What will you get Requirements Have Oh My Fish installed. For more information, check here. Be

MichaIng Lightweight justice for your single-board computer! optimised • simplified • for everyone find out more • download image Optional "ready to run" optimised software choices with dietpi-software. Feature rich configurati

yangmillstheory vim-snipe Targeted linewise motions and edits Jump to a target on the same line with a single keystroke, no matter the distance Quickly fix common typos using insertion, swap, replace, and cut Read this for backgr