Auto configurations for Language Server for vim-lsp

Auto configurations for Language Server for vim-lsp

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folke 🌈 LSP Colors Automatically creates missing LSP diagnostics highlight groups for color schemes that don't yet support the Neovim 0.5 builtin lsp clien

apple SourceKit-LSP SourceKit-LSP is an implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Swift and C-based languages. It provides features like code-completion and jump-to-definition to editors that support LSP. SourceKit-L

liuchengxu eleline.vim Another elegant statusline for vim, extracted from space-vim. Currenctly supported plugins: ale coc.nvim vista.vim vim-fugitive. vim-signify vim-gitgutter vim-gutentags LanguageClient-neovim If y

sveltejs What is Svelte Language Tools? Svelte Language Tools contains a library implementing the Language Server Protocol (LSP). LSP powers the VSCode extension, which is also hosted in this repository. Additionally, LSP is c

emacs-lsp-legacy THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED AND SHOULD NO LONGER BE USED! Support for RUST is now configured and enabled in lsp-mode by default. Rust support for ls

ahmedkhalf 🌳 lsp-rooter.nvim lsp-rooter.nvim is a neovim plugin written in lua to change the current working directory to the project's root directory automagic

autozimu For legacy python implementation, see branch master. LanguageClient-neovim Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim. More recordings at Updates, screenshots & GIFs. Features Non-bloc

autozimu For legacy python implementation, see branch master. LanguageClient-neovim Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim. More recordings

kak-lsp Kakoune Language Server Protocol Client kak-lsp is a Language Server Protocol client for Kakoune implemented in Rust. Installation Note kak-lsp.toml d

aaronjanse nix-eval-lsp Still use nix-community/rnix-lsp. This repo is a work in progress. nix-eval-lsp is an experimental language server for Nix. It provides c

valentjn LTeX Language Server: LSP language server for LanguageTool :mag::heavy_check_mark: with support for LaTeX :mortar_board:, Markdown :pencil:, and others

Shougo ddc-zsh Zsh completion for ddc.vim Required denops.vim ddc.vim zsh and zsh/

c9s Vikube - Operating Kubernetes Cluster from Vim, in Vim Screenshots Install If you use vundle: call vundle#begin() Plugin 'c9s/helper.vim' Plugin 'c9s/treemenu.vim' Plugin 'c9s/vikube.vim

dense-analysis Asynchronous Lint Engine ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine) is a plugin providing linting (syntax checking and semantic errors) in NeoVim 0.2.0+ and Vim 8 while you edit your text files, and acts as a Vim Language Server Protoco

jose-elias-alvarez Neovim's LSP ecosystem is growing, and plugins like telescope.nvim and trouble.nvim make it a joy to work with LSP features like code actions and diagnostics.

xojs vim-xo Vim plugin for XO that provides Syntastic integration Install Using Pathogen $ git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim/bundle/vim-xo Using Vundle Add Pl

yann-yinn VIM INTERACTIVE CHEAT SHEET Find your Vim commands faster. install git clone [email protected]:nyl-auster/vim-interactive-cheat-sheet.git cd vim-interactive-cheat-sheet yarn install yarn start contribute A

skanehira preview-markdown.vim This is vim plugin that can preview markdown in Vim terminal. Requirements MichaelMure/mdr or specified markdown parser Vim 8.1.1401 ~ Installation e.g dein.vim [[plugin]]

dofy Vim 实操教程(Learning Vim)Vim practical tutorial.

iqxd vim-mine-sweeping mine sweeping game in vim and neovim ScreenShot Installation " vim-plug Plug 'iqxd/vim-mine-sweeping' Usage Launch Vim Mine Sweepin

kalkayan Dotfiles or you can say my swiss army knife. Configs for creating a delightful development experience - vim + tmux + Fzf + Rg + LSP etc.