Ultra Fast Fuzzy Finder for Vim8

vim-fz Ultra Fast Fuzzy finder for Vim8 and NeoVim. But very very experimental! Usage :Fz Or type ,f Requirements gof vim8 or neovim Installation $ go get github.com/mattn/gof

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Yggdroot LeaderF An efficient fuzzy finder that helps to locate files, buffers, mrus, gtags, etc. on the fly. Written in Python. Support fuzzy and regex searching. Full-featured. Well-designed fuzzy matching algorithm. Extensi

raghur Freaky fast fuzzy Denite/CtrlP matcher for vim/neovim This is a matcher plugin for denite.nvim and CtrlP. Read more at https://blog.rraghur.in/2018/09/27/fruzzy---a-freaky-fast-fuzzy-finder-for-vim/neovim/

govim govim - Go development plugin for Vim8 Command github.com/govim/govim/cmd/govim (referred to simply as govim) is a Go development plugin for Vim8, much like vim-go. But unlike vim-go, govim is written in Go, not VimScript. It has

Genivia πŸ”NEW ultra fast grep with interactive query UI: search file systems, source code, text, binary files, archives (cpio/tar/pax/zip), compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz/lz4), documents, fuzzy search, and more. A faster, user-friendly replacement for GNU/BSD grep.

neilsardesai Mouse Finder is a fun replacement for the system Finder icon in the Dock. It mostly works exactly like the system icon, with one important difference β€” the eyes follow your mouse pointer.

jledentu A Vue.js component to display hierarchical data (like the MacOS X finder) Installation npm install --save @jledentu/vue-finder vue-finder can be used

hoto Fuzzy Repo Finder Command line tool for navigating git repositories.

hoto Fuzzy Repo Finder Command line tool for navigating git repositories.

jhbabon Scout Scout is a small fuzzy finder for your terminal built in Rust. It is heavily inspired by other tools like selecta and the omnipresent fzf. The m

romgrk An experimental Gtk-based fuzzy-finder (with support for neovim)

sudormrfbin A cheatsheet plugin for neovim, with an optional Telescope fuzzy finder interface !

junegunn fzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder. It's an interactive Unix filter for command-line that can be used with any list; files, command history, processes, hostnames, bookmarks, git commits, etc. Pros

LoricAndre FZTerm Idea FZTerm is my attempt at a fuzzy finder plugin, using a floating terminal and basically nothing else. The basic idea is to make it fully cu

lotabout Life is short, skim! Half of our life is spent on navigation: files, lines, commands… You need skim! It is a general fuzzy finder that saves you time.

salman-abedin amenu is a fuzzy finder dynamic menu that uses terminal emulators as GUI.

maralla Completor Completor is an asynchronous code completion framework for vim8. New features of vim8 are used to implement the fast completion engine with low overhead. For using semantic completion, external completion tools shoul

hellojoshuatonga react-use-fuzzy A react hook in Typescript for client side fuzzy search using Fuse.js. πŸš€ Install $ npm install --save react-use-fuzzy 🎈 Usage import React, { useState } from 'react

jakealbaugh Fuzzy Search A JavaScript plugin to find exact and fuzzy matches in a library of strings. Using Generator Babel Boilerplate. Example codepen.io/jakealbaugh/pen/wzzrmX Overview Fuzzy Search provides sea

Shougo ddc.vim Note: It is vaporware!! You should not use it. Dark deno powered completion framework for neovim/Vim8 Please read help for details. DDC is the

farzher fuzzysort Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript. Sublime's fuzzy search is... sublime. I wish everything used it. So here's an open source js version. Demo https://rawgit.com/farzher/fuzzysort/master/test

khoi πŸ” fuzzy-swift Simple and fast "fuzzy" string matching. Can be used to implement Sublime Text-like search See Example Project Usage search(needle: "ab", haystack: "asdfbwe") # true search(needle: "mtme