Huddy = Hugo + Caddy docker container

Huddy Huddy = Hugo + Caddy docker container Installation docker pull luminousmen/huddy:latest docker run -d -p 80:80 luminousmen/huddy caddy Build site To actually generate site and run it in co

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gohugoio Hugo JS Libraries A small collection of JS libraries that works well with Hugo, packaged and ready for use as Hugo Modules. Hugo has great support for

GoogleContainerTools container-diff What is container-diff? container-diff is a tool for analyzing and comparing container images. container-diff can examine images along several different criteria, including: Docker Image History

benbalter Example configuration for using Pi-Hole, Cloudflared, Docker Compose, Ansible, and Caddy to over-engineer your home network for privacy and security.

philchia dock try to re-implement docker dock try to implement most feature in docker Todo Daemon mode Container image Container volume Container network Container management Container logs ... Usag

vishnudxb automated-pentest Creating a minimal docker container of Parrot OS for running an automated pentest. This repo is for automated pentesting using parrot docker container. This docker container can be used for auditing

doncabreraphone The most popular search engine optimization plug-in for HUGO (the world's fastest static site generator). Victor Hugo helps you write good SEO content for your blog, the easy way.

formulahendry Docker Explorer Features Manage Docker Containers, Docker Images, Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry Prerequisites Docker is installed For Linux user, make sure you could manage Docker

nenadg docker-unity3d (Docker container for Unity) Just run docker-compose up -d, and you're okay. Your Unity container should be running when build is done. Where do I put my projects? There is a directory /context which is

omerbsezer Fast-Docker This repo aims to cover Docker details (Dockerfile, Image, Container, Commands, Volumes, Docker-Compose, Networks, Swarm, Stack) fastly, a

WedgeServer Wedge is a general-purpose HTTP/2 web server that serves HTTPS by default. Wedge is a fork of Caddy, with sponsor headers removed. The project is unofficial. As a result of issue #2, references to Caddy in this documentation are being cha

caddyserver Easy and Powerful TLS Automation The same library used by the Caddy Web Server Caddy's automagic TLS features—now for your own Go programs—in one powerful and easy-to-use library! CertMagic is the most mature, robust,

sillygod This is a http cache plugin for caddy 2.

dockersamples Docker Swarm Visualizer *** note *** This only works with Docker Swarm Mode in Docker Engine 1.12.0 and later. It does not work with the separate Docker Swarm project Also this is a sample app meant for learning Docker. Run

docker docker/cli This repository is the home of the cli used in the Docker CE and Docker EE products. Development docker/cli is developed using Docker. Build a linux binary: $ make -f docker.Makefile binary Build bin

FlowCI Install from Docker within 5 mins Per-requirements Mac or Linux (Windows not supported yet) Docker installed Docker-Compose installed Clone this 'docker' repo (make sure the scripts and docker compose f

vishnudxb docker-mkcert Instead of installing mkcert package on my local machine, I prefer to use mkcert as a service. A docker container running mkcert to have your own valid ssl certificates for your local development container based en

docker-slim Minify and Secure Docker containers (free and open source!) Don't change anything in your Docker container image and minify it by up to 30x making it secure too! Keep doing what you are doing. No need to change anything. U

Fluidbyte Noder Docker NodeJS sandbox for testing code with an editor. Quick Start Run the docker container with interactive flag: docker run -it fluidbyte/noder Inside the container will be two tmux panes running Vim (left)

goodwithtech Dockle - Container Image Linter for Security, Helping build the Best-Practice Docker Image, Easy to start Dockle helps you: Build Best Practice Docker images Build secure Docker images Checkpoints includes CIS Be

nginx-proxy nginx-proxy sets up a container running nginx and docker-gen. docker-gen generates reverse proxy configs for nginx and reloads nginx when containers are started and stopped. See Automated Nginx Reverse Proxy for Docker for why you m

docker Please give us feedback on the new Docker Desktop Dashboard! In the latest Edge release of Docker Desktop we have introduced the new Docker Desktop Dashboard. As part of this, Docker is working on providing a common user experience to