A high performance SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell client.

WindTerm An innovative fast SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell client. Hello WindTerm 🌹 , hello world! We're just beginning! If you want a high performance text editor, you can try WindEdit. Introduction See Intro Vi

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berkowski mio-serial: A serial port IO library MIO. mio-serial provides a serial port implementation using mio. Usage Add mio-serial to you Cargo.toml: [depende

sshnet SSH.NET SSH.NET is a Secure Shell (SSH-2) library for .NET, optimized for parallelism. Introduction This project was inspired by Sharp.SSH library which was ported from java and it seems like was not supported for

cowrie Cowrie Welcome to the Cowrie GitHub repository This is the official repository for the Cowrie SSH and Telnet Honeypot effort. What is Cowrie Cowrie is a medium interaction SSH and T

berkowski tokio-serial An implementation of serialport I/O for Tokio, an async framework for rust. Usage Add tokio-serial to you Cargo.toml: [dependencies] # Fo

Serial-Studio Serial Studio is a multi-platform, multi-purpose serial data visualization program. The goal of this project is to allow embedded developers & makers to easily visualize, present & analyze the data generated by their projects and devices, without the need of writing specialized computer software for each project.

robertdavidgraham telnetlogger This is a simple program to log login attempts on Telnet (port 23). It's designed to track the Mirai botnet. Right now (Oct 23, 2016) infected Mirai machines from around the world are trying to connect to Telnet on

evilsocket shellz is a small utility to track and control your ssh, telnet, winrm, web and custom shells and tunnels (demo). Installation A precompiled version is available for each release, alternatively you can use the latest

ssh-vault ssh-vault 🌰 encrypt/decrypt using ssh private keys Documentation https://ssh-vault.com Usage $ ssh-vault -h Example: $ echo "secret" | ssh-vault -u <github.com/user> create

ParallelSSH parallel-ssh Asynchronous parallel SSH client library. Run SSH commands over many - hundreds/hundreds of thousands - number of servers asynchronously and with minimal system load on the client host. Native code based client wit

shazow ssh-chat Custom SSH server written in Go. Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt. Demo Join the party: $ ssh ssh.chat The server's RSA key fingerprint is MD5:e5:d5:d1:75:90:38:42:f6:c7:03:d7:d0:56:7d:6a:db

ghoneycutt puppet-module-ssh Manage ssh client and server. The module uses exported resources to manage ssh keys and removes ssh keys that are not managed by puppet. This behavior is managed by the parameters ssh_key_ensure and purge_keys.

ColdGrub1384 Pisth Pisth is an SSH and SFTP client. Use Pisth to upload, view and edit files in your SSH server. Features: • Manage files in your SSH server and use the Shell in the same app. • Edit text files and code with colored synt

subhra74 Muon SSH Terminal/SFTP client ( Formerly Snowflake ) Easy and fun way to work with remote servers over SSH. Muon is a graphical SSH client. It has a enhanced SFTP file browser, SSH terminal emulator, remote resource/process ma

melbahja 🤘 The native golang ssh client to execute your commands over ssh connection. 🚀🚀

wjwwood Serial Communication Library (Linux and OS X) (Windows) This is a cross-platform library for interfacing with rs-232 serial like ports written in C++. It provides a modern C++ interface with a workflow designed to look and feel

akexorcist Android-BluetoothSPPLibrary Bluetooth Serial Port Profile which comfortable to developer application to communication with microcontroller or android device via bluetooth. This libraly include all important methods for serial

r2axz bluepill-serial-monster is a firmware for STM32 Blue Pill that turns it into a 3 Port USB-to-Serial adapter. The firmware implements a USB 2.0 full-speed composite device that consists of 3 USB CDC devices.

uber Uber's SSH certificate pam module. This is a pam module that will authenticate a user based on them having an ssh certificate in their ssh-agent signed by a specified ssh CA. This is primarily intended as an authentication module for sudo

gliderlabs gliderlabs/ssh The Glider Labs SSH server package is dope. —@bradfitz, Go team member This Go package wraps the crypto/ssh package with a higher-level API for building SSH servers. The goal of the API was to make it

TimothyYe SKM is a simple and powerful SSH Keys Manager. It helps you to manage your multiple SSH keys easily! Features Create, List, Delete your SSH key(s) Manage all your SSH keys by alias names Choose and set a defaul

fridgehead SSH-Tools.ps1 Some ssh tools for powershell using the ssh.net libraries. Current functionality: Reverse port forwarding Includes ssh.net dll in the script, doesnt write to disk when executed and only requires this ps1 file