A curated list of packages, prompts, and resources for the fish shell.

Awesome fish A curated list of awesome tools, prompts and other cool nuggets for the amazing fish-shell. Plugins Bass - Make Bash utilities usable in fish. Debug - Conditional debug logger. DockerCompose - Doc

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terkelg ❯ Prompts Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts >_ Easy to use CLI prompts to enquire users for information▌ Simple: prompts has no big dependencies nor is it broken into a dozen

fish-shell fish - the friendly interactive shell fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, and the rest of the family. fish includes features like syntax highlighting, autosuggest-as-you-type, and fancy tab com

jorgebucaran Fisher Fisher is a package manager for the fish shell. It defines a common interface for package authors to build and distribute their shell scripts in a portable way. You can use it to extend your shell capabilities, cha

enquirer Enquirer Stylish CLI prompts that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to create. >_ Prompts should be more like conversations than inquisitions▌ Please consider starting or tweeting a

bchao1 bullet : Beautiful Python Prompts Made Simple 🎨 Customize prompts in your Python CLI tool. Extensive support for formatting, colors, background colors, styling, and etc. Also supports emojis!

tmbo questionary ✨ An easy to use python library to build pretty command line user prompts ✨ You need input from a user, e.g. how an output file should be named or if he really wants to execute that dangerous op

jorgebucaran Fishtape Fishtape is a TAP producing test runner for fish. It scans one or more .fish files and evaluates test blocks producing a TAP stream. Install With fisherman: fisher fishtape Usage

oh-my-fish The Fishshell Framework Oh My Fish provides core infrastructure to allow you to install packages which extend or modify the look of your shell. It's fast, extensible and easy to use. Also in 🇷🇺

zsh-users zsh-syntax-highlighting Fish shell-like like syntax highlighting for Zsh. Requirements: zsh 4.3.17+. This package provides syntax highlighing for the shell zsh. It enables highlighing of commands whilst they are typed at a zsh

alibaba Fish Redux What is Fish Redux ? Fish Redux is an assembled flutter application framework based on Redux state management. It is suitable for building

feedback-fish @feedback-fish/react The Feedback Fish widget for React apps. Usage See the documentation for usage instructions! License Licensed under the MIT licen

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IlanCosman 🌊 A modern prompt manager for the Fish shell.

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cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

lmorg murex About murex murex is a shell, like bash / zsh / fish / etc. It follows a similar syntax to POSIX shells like Bash however supports more advanced features than you'd typically expect from a $SHELL.