work with hex color codes and make your own vim colorschemes easily and quickly

Swatch.vim The easiest way to make your own custom colorschemes. There are other color pickers available for nvim/vim, swatch.vim is different because: specifically designed to make the development of personal colorschemes as

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HexFiend Hex Fiend Hex Fiend is a fast and clever hex editor for macOS, written using the Cocoa frameworks. Hex Fiend also provides a framework, allowing "hex views" to be embedded in other applications. Download Download the latest

wolandr pretty-hex A Rust library prividing pretty hex dump. A simple_* way renders one-line hex dump, and a pretty_* wayrenders columned multy-line hex dump

burhanuddin353 TFTColor A simple UIColor library to get UIColor object from RGB hex string/value, CMYK hex string/value or CMYK base component values. You can also retrieve back RGB hex string/value, CMYK hex string/value. F

WerWolv ImHex-Patterns Hex patterns, include patterns and magic files for the use with the ImHex Hex Editor Table of Contents Hex Patterns Name MIME Path Desc

yeahdongcn UIColor+Hex, now Swift. Convenience method for creating autoreleased color using RGBA hex string. // Solid color let strokeColor = UIColor("#FFCC00").CGColor // Color with alpha let fillColor = U

liuchengxu eleline.vim Another elegant statusline for vim, extracted from space-vim. Currenctly supported plugins: ale coc.nvim vista.vim vim-fugitive. vim-signify vim-gitgutter vim-gutentags LanguageClient-neovim If y

zenangst Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need. Usage Hex You can easily use hex colors with the init(hex:) convenience initializer on UIColor. It supports the following hex formats #ffffff, ffff

jsvine Spectra Spectra is a Python library that makes color math, color scales, and color-space conversion easy. Support for: Color scales Color ranges Color blending Brightening/darkening colors Saturating/desaturating colo

Pocco81 Catppuccino.nvim is a NeoVim plugin that provides multiple colorschemes based on the Catppuccino color palette but varying their properties. Apart from the eye-candy colorschemes, Catppuccino.nvim also provides integrations with multiple plugins and tools you are probably already using (e.g. Treesitter, Native LSP, ...).

Shougo ddc-zsh Zsh completion for ddc.vim Required denops.vim ddc.vim zsh and zsh/

c9s Vikube - Operating Kubernetes Cluster from Vim, in Vim Screenshots Install If you use vundle: call vundle#begin() Plugin 'c9s/helper.vim' Plugin 'c9s/treemenu.vim' Plugin 'c9s/vikube.vim

DilanGMB Minimalist Collection of Dark Colorschemes Created with Colorbuddy helper Check the root file here: nightbuddy.lua Features These color schemes are co

timonv Vim Cargo Simple vim command bindings to quickly run cargo stuff from vim. Commands Available, mapping with their Cargo equivalant: CargoBench CargoBu

thii SwiftHEXColors HEX color handling as an extension for UIColor. Written in Swift. Examples iOS // With hash let color: UIColor = UIColor(hexString: "#ff8942") // Without hash, with alpha let secon

vinaypillai ac-colors is a reactive JavaScript color library that can freely convert between RGB, HSL, HEX, XYZ, LAB, LCHab, LUV, and LCHuv, as well as handle random color generation and contrast ratio calculation.

lukeed colors-app Copy color values from popular palettes. Supports HEX, RGB, and HSL formats. Current Palettes Material Design Open Color Please suggest more! Why? One night I asked myself, "Self,

Qix- color JavaScript library for immutable color conversion and manipulation with support for CSS color strings. var color = Color('#7743CE').alpha(0.5).lighten(0.5); console.log(color.hsl().string()); // 'hsla(262, 59%, 81

yann-yinn VIM INTERACTIVE CHEAT SHEET Find your Vim commands faster. install git clone [email protected]:nyl-auster/vim-interactive-cheat-sheet.git cd vim-interactive-cheat-sheet yarn install yarn start contribute A

iqxd vim-mine-sweeping mine sweeping game in vim and neovim ScreenShot Installation " vim-plug Plug 'iqxd/vim-mine-sweeping' Usage Launch Vim Mine Sweepin

xojs vim-xo Vim plugin for XO that provides Syntastic integration Install Using Pathogen $ git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim/bundle/vim-xo Using Vundle Add Pl

skanehira preview-markdown.vim This is vim plugin that can preview markdown in Vim terminal. Requirements MichaelMure/mdr or specified markdown parser Vim 8.1.1401 ~ Installation e.g dein.vim [[plugin]]