manage your git repositories in one place

gitbatch Managing multiple git repositories is easier than ever. I (was) often end up working on many directories and manually pulling updates etc. To make this routine faster, I created a simple tool to handle this job. Alth

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suin git-remind git-remind is a command line tool that prevent you to forget git-commit and git-push. Features git-commit/git-push status git-remind checks across the all git repositories in your computer, and i

apenwarr git-subtrac: all your git submodules in one place git-subtrac is a helper tool that makes it easier to keep track of your git submodule contents. It collects the entire contents of the entire history of all your submodules (recur

abrochard go-many-git Tool to manage multiple git repositories Requirements Proper go installation with GOPATH set git >= 1.8.5 Installation go get -u go install

guyzmo Git-Repo: git services CLI utility To get the sources: Issues:

xlwings Git XL - A Git Extension for Excel (Note: Git XL was previously called "git-xltrail") Windows macOS not yet available Git XL is an open-source Git command line extension for manag

peap git-global Use git-global to keep track of all the git repositories on your machine. This is a Rust program that you can install with cargo install gi

askgitdev gitqlite is a tool for running SQL queries on git repositories. It implements SQLite virtual tables and uses go-git. It's meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL), as an alternative to patching together various shell commands.

tj Git Extras Little git extras. Screencasts Just getting started? Check out these screencasts: introduction -- covering git-ignore, git-setup, git-changelog, git-release, git-effort and more Installat

hutusi Git Paging Treat git log as a book, exec git next or git prev to checkout the next or the previous commit. 像翻页一样跳转到上一(n)条或下一(n)条 Git 历史节点 请查看博客文章 阅读开源

gitpython-developers GitPython GitPython is a python library used to interact with git repositories, high-level like git-porcelain, or low-level like git-plumbing. It provides abstractions of git objects for easy access of repository data, and addit

paulirish git-open Type git open to open the repo website (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) in your browser. Usage git open [remote-name] [branch-name] git open issue (git open works with these hosted repo providers, git open i

isomorphic-git isomorphic-git isomorphic-git is a pure JavaScript reimplementation of git that works in both Node.js and browser JavaScript environments. It can read and write to git repositories, fetch from and push to git remotes (such as

ziishaned git-semver A CLI tool to generate semantic versioning compliant tags for your git repositories. Install Download the file from here Assign required permissions sudo chmod -R 755 git-semver Run sudo mv

dmerejkowsky tsrc: manage groups of git repositories Overview · Installation · Usage example · Documentation · Release notes · Contributing · License Overview tsrc is a command-line tool that help

augmentable-dev askgit is a command-line tool for running SQL queries on git repositories. It's meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL), as an alternative to patching together various shell commands.

rtomayko git-sh A customized bash shell suitable for git work. The git-sh command starts an interactive bash shell tweaked for heavy git interaction: All git commands available at top-level (checkout master = git checkout master) A

takaaki-kasai git-foresta git-foresta is a text-based git log graph viewer. It is a modified version of git-forest (written in Perl by Jan Engelhardt). Samples Following image is a result of git-foresta --all --style=10 | less -RSX

git-school Visualize Git Git is an amazingly powerful tool —and it can be amazingly confusing. Demystify Git commands with visualizations powered by D3. Give it a try at! Visualize Git i

liamg Gitjacker downloads git repositories and extracts their contents from sites where the .git directory has been mistakenly uploaded. It will still manage to recover a significant portion of a repository even where directory listings are disabled.

liaohuqiu ActionQueue allows you run action one by one. Import Repositories: allprojects { repositories { mavenCentral() maven { url ""

BrainMaestro composer-git-hooks Manage git hooks easily in your composer configuration. This command line tool makes it easy to implement a consistent project-wide usage of git hooks. Specifying hooks in the composer file makes them a