Simple and efficient way to show information about Memcache.

Memcache Simple Info memcache-info is a simple and efficient way to show info about Memcache. Usage memcache-info or execute periodicaly watch --interval=1 "memcache-info -r" Parameters mem

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aisk rust-memcache rust-memcache is a memcached client written in pure rust. Install The crate is called memcache and you can depend on it via cargo: [depe

bradfitz About This is a memcache client library for the Go programming language ( Installing Using go get $ go get After this command gomemcache is read

huntsman-li go-cache This project encapsulates multiple db servers, redis、ledis、memcache、file、memory、nosql、postgresql example package main import ( "" _ "" ) func main

H2rmone Vue Show A dependency-free vertical show/hide component for Vue. This package was inspired by React Show. Why? You need to show & hide vue components. Everyone does! Of course you want it to be simple and

arzzen GIT quick statistics git-quick-stats is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in a git repository. Any git repository may contain tons of information about commits, contributors, and files. Extracting

AlKhokhlov AnimatedGraph Animated Graph which you can include in your application to show information in more attractive way You need to download and import folder Graph to your project Add View to ViewController and choose classname

keith reminders-cli A simple CLI for interacting with OS X reminders. Usage: Show all lists $ reminders show-lists Soon Eventually Show reminders on a specific list $ reminders show Soon 0 Write READ

fabiosoft FNReactionsView is a customizable control (based on UIView) to give people a way to show floating emoji like facebook does during live stream, easy way. Requirements • Usage • Installation • Contribution • Contact • License

0x09AL Raven Raven is a Linkedin information gathering tool that can be used by pentesters to gather information about an organization employees using Linkedin. Disclaimer Please do not use this program to do stupid things.

fhinkel Runtime Type Information Collect runtime type information 😻 of your JavaScript code. This is a demo how you could use V8's new type information feature. V8 can now collect type information at runtime. V8 is Google’s ope

hozza tmux-hints Automatically show a cheat sheet or notes for any command focused in tmux. e.i. Show vim, zsh, tmux notes/key-combos in a pane when using them. More info the blog post:

siddharthkp Utility to show key presses in your application Demo on CodeSandbox   install yarn add show-keys   usage   in your js: // *.js import 'show-keys' or

pulsardev Mendelable Mendelable displays information about the elements of the periodic table in a modern and pleasant way. Table of Contents Build Setup Something Missing? Contributing You are free to

arllashka BarBook Easy way to find information about the book using your smartphone's camera Description App ran on the iOS using Swift and Google Books API. An

dylanaraps A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+ Neofetch is a command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+. Neofetch displays information about your operating system, software and hardware in an

0Kee-Team About JavaProbe: A Java runtime information-gathering tool which uses the Java Attach API for information acquisition (the related technical articles links are attached to the end of this article). Instructions: E

fluttercommunity Draggable Scrollbar A scrollbar that can be dragged for quickly navigation through a vertical list. Additionaly it can show label next to scrollthumb with information about current item, for example date of picture created

Popalay Tutors A simple way to show the user interface tutorials. Getting Started compile 'com.github.popalay:tutors:latest-version' compile 'com.github.popalay:tutors-kotlin:latest-version' Usage

androiddevnotesyoutube Timber + Logger Integration. Make Logcat Prettier, show thread information and more.

ggomaeng react-native-show-password Design Credit Awesome Dribbble Design by Prekesh! DEMO Try it out Try it with Exponent: Run it l

hyperia-sk GIT Remote Branch Housekeeping git remote-branch-housekeeping is a simple and efficient way to delete remote (--merged or --no-merged) branches from git repository. Usage git remote-branch-housekeeping # o