An archive of over 3000 unique SNMP MIBs

Synopsis An archive of over 3000 unique MIBs for SNMP. The MIBs come from a multitude of vendors, so please search the repository for ones you need. Also, please throw any MIBs in here that are missing. Eventually, together, we c

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exhuma TL;DR Jump right in with the cookbook Quick Info What A pure Python implementation for Python 3.3+ of SNMP without any external dependencies (neither MIBs or libsnmp). Why S

sindresorhus unique-string Generate a unique random string Install $ npm install --save unique-string Usage const uniqueString = require('unique-string'); uniqueString(); //=> 'b4de2a49c8ffa3fbee04446f0454

gosnmp gosnmp GoSNMP is an SNMP client library fully written in Go. It provides Get, GetNext, GetBulk, Walk, BulkWalk, Set and Traps. It supports IPv4 and IPv6, using SNMPv2c or SNMPv3. Builds are tes

gosnmp GoSNMP is an SNMP client library fully written in Go. It provides Get, GetNext, GetBulk, Walk, BulkWalk, Set and Traps. It supports IPv4 and IPv6, using SNMPv2c or SNMPv3. Builds are tested against linux/amd64 and linux/386.

lgandx This tool extracts Credit card numbers, NTLM(DCE-RPC, HTTP, SQL, LDAP, etc), Kerberos (AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 23), HTTP Basic, SNMP, POP, SMTP, FTP, IMAP, etc from a pcap file or from a live interface.

ANSSI-FR Multi Layer Archive - A pure rust encrypted and compressed archive file format

HashPals 🔗 Don't know what type of hash it is? Name That Hash will name that hash type! 🤖 Identify MD5, SHA256 and 3000+ other hashes ☄ Comes with a neat web app 🔥

ThakeeNathees Pocketlang is a small (~3000 semicolons) and fast functional language written in C. It's syntactically similar to Ruby and it can be learned within 15 minutes. Including the compiler, bytecode VM and runtime, it's a standalone executable with zero external dependencies just as it's self descriptive name. The pocketlang VM can be embedded in another hosting program very easily.

mwichary twitter-export-image-fill Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images or videos. Ergo, it is not really an archive. This script: downloads all the images and videos from yo

wapmorgan UnifiedArchive - unified interface to archive (zip # 7z # rar # gz # bz2 # xz # cab # tar # tar.gz # tar.bz2 # tar.x # tar.Z # iso-9660) for listing, reading, extracting and creation + built-in console packer and unpacker + fully implemente

alexcrichton tar-rs Documentation A tar archive reading/writing library for Rust. # Cargo.toml [dependencies] tar = "0.4" Reading an archive extern crate tar; use

microsoft The Simple Archive Format, or SAF, is a simple, lightweight, extendable file archive format designed by the Surface Automation Team. It has similar functionality to tar or cpio.

Tapico A utility to drive requests handlers through a .har web-archive file for the Mock Service Worker library. This utility allows you to easily mock server handlers by using .har web-archive file which can be created by using applications like Charles, ProxyMan or the Chrome Developer Tools.

mallika2011 Archive-Abode Archive of my notes taken at lectures in IIITH from 2018-2022. Hope this helps whoever requires them. Sorry if there are any mistakes in

knadh tg-archive uses the Telethon Telegram API client to periodically sync messages from a group to a local SQLite database file, downloading only new messages since the last sync. It can then generate a static archive website of messages which can be published anywhere.

savetz The Internet Archive Research Assistant - Daily search Internet Archive for new items matching your keywords

internetarchive a full-text web search interface over the 25+ million open research papers in the Internet Archive.

kamranahmedse php-shorthand Calculate unique shorthands for a given set of strings Inspired by ruby's abbrev module, it let's you calculate the unique set of shorthands for the given set of words. Installation Use the fol

edwingeng Overview WUID is a globally unique number generator, while it is NOT a UUID implementation. WUID is 10-135 times faster than UUID and 4600 times faster than generating unique numbers with Redis. WUID generates unique 64-bi

campoy unique Package unique provides primitives for sorting slices removing repeated elements. a quick example Executing this code: s := []int{3, 5, 1, 7, 2, 3, 7, 5, 2} less := func(i, j int) bool { return s[i] &lt

berniegp vue-unique-id Vue.js plugin that generates component-scoped HTML identifiers for use in form inputs, labels, jQuery plugins, etc. This solves the prob