Container registry which transparently builds images using the Nix package manager

Nixery is a Docker-compatible container registry that is capable of transparently building and serving container images using Nix. The project started out with the intention of becoming a Kubernetes controller that can serve dec

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plexsystems sinker syncs container images from one registry to another. This is useful in cases when you rely on images that exist in a public container registry, but need to pull from a private registry.

cdepillabout nix-query-tree-viewer nix-query-tree-viewer is a convenient way to visualize the output of the dependencies of a given path in the Nix store. This is

aaronjanse nix-eval-lsp Still use nix-community/rnix-lsp. This repo is a work in progress. nix-eval-lsp is an experimental language server for Nix. It provides c

gvolpe sbt-nix.g8 Get started with Nix and see how you can benefit from it in your Scala or cross-team projects. Motivation What is Nix? Install Nix Use case

google CRFS: Container Registry Filesystem Discussion: Overview CRFS is a read-only FUSE filesystem that lets you mount a container image, served directly from a container registry (

maralorn Pipe your nix-build output through the nix-output-monitor (aka nom) to get additional information while building.

nix-rust Rust bindings to *nix APIs Documentation (Releases) Nix seeks to provide friendly bindings to various *nix platform APIs (Linux, Darwin, ...). The goa

purenix-org PureNix PureNix is a Nix backend for PureScript. Sometimes, you find yourself having to write Nix code that's more complicated than what the language

dnaq nix-mirror: a tool for mirroring nix binary caches

Misterio77 Nix Colors What? This repo is designed to help with Nix(OS) theming, exposing a nix attribute set with 204+ themes to be used as you wish. As well as

GoogleContainerTools container-diff What is container-diff? container-diff is a tool for analyzing and comparing container images. container-diff can examine images along several different criteria, including: Docker Image History

jspm jspm CLI Registry and format agnostic JavaScript package manager. Supports installing any module format from any registry, with GitHub and npm currently provided, via the registry API. Couples to the SystemJS module lo

ceph ceph-container Build Ceph into container images with upstream support for the latest few Ceph releases on CentOS. ceph-container also supports builds for multiple distributions. Find available container image tags

nitr0us knock-out A RAT (Remote Administration Tool) using port-knocking techniques for *NIX systems. No TCP/UDP port listening. libpcap-based server and libnet-based client. This tool will help you to connect remotely to your *NIX-ba

alexanderGugel nerva (PoC) nerva is a RESTful, package.json-aware registry server. It aims to offer a fast and easy to maintain alternative to npm. The registry server can either be run as a public-facing service or as a private hosting faci

numtide nix-filter - a small self-container source filtering lib STATUS: beta A cool way to include only what you need. When using nix within a project, devel

dollarshaveclub Furan Scale out Docker builds Furan is a horizontally-scalable Docker build microservice (API) that builds and pushes Docker images from a specified GitHub repository to a specified target (registry or S3).

jkachmar Easy Haskell Language Server Nix Easy Haskell Language Server tooling with Nix! Example Usage Quickstart The quickest way to start using this project

containerbuilding ⚠️ CBI is no longer under active development, in favor of Tekton. See tektoncd/pipeline and tektoncd/catalog. CBI: Container Builder Interface for Kubernetes CBI provides a vendor-neutral interface for buildin

ghcri ghcri is the repo for Github Container Registry Images. Just like docker-library for Docker Registry.

BrianHicks nix-script nix-script lets you write quick scripts in compiled languages, tranparently compile and cache them, and pull in whatever dependencies you n