PowerShell oneliner to retrieve wdigest passwords from the memory

About MimiDbg MimiDbg is a PowerShell oneliner that leverages the Microsoft tools "DbgShell". DbgShell is a PowerShell front-end for the Windows debugger engine. You can find DbgShell here MimiDbg uses PowerMemory concept to ret

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outflanknl A Cobaltstrike Beacon Object file which uses direct system calls to enable WDigest credential caching.

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Akaion Jupiter A Windows memory editing library written in C# that supports several memory editing methods. Supported Methods Allocate Memory Free Memory Protect Memory Read Memory Write Memory Exte

tokyoneon CredPhish is a PowerShell script designed to invoke legitimate credential prompts and exfiltrate passwords over DNS.

adamdriscoll Snek PowerShell wrapper around Python for .NET to invoke Python from PowerShell Install snek Install-Module snek Requirements Python v2.7, v3.5, v3.6, or v3.7 (defaults to python 3.7)

natemrice This is a powershell script that can take any image and render it to the PowerShell commandline, pixel by pixel. Most command lines are 120 columns by default so you want a picture that's smaller than that. Use the DrawPicture.ps1 file by

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AlessandroZ The LaZagne Project !!! Description The LaZagne project is an open source application used to retrieve lots of passwords stored on a local computer. Each software stores its passwords using different techniques (plaint

sethvargo Golang Password Generator This library implements generation of random passwords with provided requirements as described by AgileBits 1Password in pure Golang. The algorithm is commonly used when generating website passwords.