Cross platform desktop notifications from R

notifier Cross Platform Desktop Notifications Send desktop notifications from R, on macOS, Windows and Linux. Installation Once on CRAN, install the package with install.packages("notifier") notifier h

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sindresorhus Notifier for GitHub Browser extension - Get notified about new GitHub notifications Checks for new GitHub notifications every minute, shows the number of notifications you have, and shows desktop notifications as well.

gen2brain beeep beeep provides a cross-platform library for sending desktop notifications, alerts and beeps. Installation go get -u Examples err := beeep.Beep(beeep.DefaultFreq, be

palkan Active Delivery Framework providing an entry point (single interface) for all types of notifications: mailers, push notifications, whatever you want. 📖 Read the introduction post: "Crafting user notifications in Rails

feross Build cross-platform desktop apps with Electron This is a workshop for learning how to build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We'll be using Electron to accomplish this. Motivation To help

fsnotify File system notifications for Go fsnotify utilizes rather than syscall from the standard library. Ensure you have the latest version installed by running: go get -u Cross platform: Wi

AvdLee Poes A Swift command-line tool to easily send push notifications to the iOS simulator. Poes helps you with: Generating a JSON payload for push notifications Sending and testing push notifications in the simulato

se-panfilov | SITE | DOCS | EXAMPLES | GITHUB | LICENSE | vue-notifications VueNotifications - agnostic library for non-blocking notifications. Introduction and W

f3oall Vue Awesome Notifications It's a Vue.js version of Awesome Notifications library. Awesome Notifications is a lightweight, fully customizable JavaScrip

yue Muban A template of the Yue library for building cross-platform desktop apps with system webview and native GUI widgets. Features Quickly build desktop apps with HTML and JavaScript. Generate single-file executab

theapache64 💻 A cross-platform desktop application to identify libraries used inside an android application. Made possible by Compose Desktop ⚡

dschep About ntfy ntfy brings notification to your shell. It can automatically provide desktop notifications when long running commands finish or it can send push notifications to your phone when a specific command finishes. Con

jolicode JoliNotif PHP >= 5.4 JoliNotif is a PHP library to send notifications to your desktop directly from your script. It takes care of using the right binary available, without having to worry if you're running on Linux, Win

rootkiwi AN2Linux - client (android app) Sync android notifications encrypted to a linux desktop with tcp or bluetooth. This is the client part of AN2Linux. Link to server part About AN2Linux is my first (not tiny) program /

rootkiwi AN2Linux - server Sync android notifications encrypted to a linux desktop with tcp or bluetooth. This is the server part of AN2Linux. Link to client part About AN2Linux is my first (not tiny) program / app and I've

JoshMcguigan waysay is a native wayland client for providing desktop notifications. It aims to be a drop in replacement for swaynag.

euvl Vue.js notifications Demo: Install npm install --save vue-notification How to In main.js: import Vue from 'vue' import Notifications from 'vue-notific

electron The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used by the Atom editor and many other apps.

uglide Redis Desktop Manager Install & Run | Quick Start | Features | Development Guide | Known issues | Telegram Chat Open source cross-platform Redis Desktop Manager based on Qt 5 Officially Supported platforms: Windows

nantaphop Redd (Work in Pregress) Open Source Cross Platform Desktop Client for Reddit Edit Screenshot Run Start the app in the dev environment. This starts the renderer process in hot-module-replacement

ElectronNET AppVeyor (Win/Linux): Checkout AppVeyor Artifacts: Contains the WebApp sample built for Windows & Linux! Travis-CI (Win/macOS/Linux): Build cross platform desktop apps with .NET Core 3.1 and ASP.NET NET Core (Razor Pages,

picoe Eto.Forms A cross platform desktop and mobile user interface framework Description This framework can be used to build applications that run across multiple platforms using their native toolkit, with