The user-friendly command line shell.

fish - the friendly interactive shell fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, and the rest of the family. fish includes features like syntax highlighting, autosuggest-as-you-type, and fancy tab com

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tmiasko shell-words Process command line according to parsing rules of Unix shell. Usage Add this to Cargo.toml: [dependencies] shell-words = "1.0.0" Add this

cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

pd4d10 friendly-error Show uncaught errors friendly in Node.js. Usage npm install --save friendly-error Then add a line at the beginning of your entry file: require('friendly-error')() That's it. It use Google, s

cusiman7 C.L.U.E. Command Line User Experience Clue is an easy to use C++ 17 command line parser for programmers and their command line users. A Simple Example #include <clue/clue.h> struct Args { std::string mess

elves Elvish: Friendly Interactive Shell and Expressive Programming Language Elvish is a friendly interactive shell and an expressive programming language. It runs on Linux, BSDs, macOS and Windows. Despite its pre-1.0 status,

anilshanbhag Robinhood Shell Robinhood Shell is a command line shell for trading stocks using Robinhood. Commands Supported l : Lists your current portfolio b <symbol> <quantity> <price> : Submits a limit

httpie HTTPie: a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans HTTPie (pronounced aitch-tee-tee-pie) is a command line HTTP client. Its goal is to make CLI interaction with web services as human-friendly as possible. It provides a simple http command

sloria Flask-Konch An improved shell command for Flask Flask-Konch adds an improved shell command, flask konch, to the Flask CLI. Benefits of flask konch over flask shell Uses IPython, BPython, or ptp

visionmedia Tiny Express-inspired client-side router. page('/', index) page('/user/:user', show) page('/user/:user/edit', edit) page('/user/:user/album', album) page('/user/:user/album/sort', sort) page('*', notfound) page()

craftcms About Craft CMS Craft is a flexible, user-friendly CMS for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond. It features: An intuitive, user-friendly control panel for content creation and administrative tasks.

s-a discord-shell-slave Why? I' d like to allow a shell process to send Discord chat messages. How? You just need to pipe text input into discord-shell-slave. discord-shell-slave... Isn' t it a little bit long? Yes it is. There e

etc5had0w Shell Please 1.0 : Reverse Shell Code Generator Shell Please is a tool made for generating reverse shell code in matter of nano-seconds. Whenver we ar

vladimirvivien Gosh - A pluggable interactive shell written Go Gosh (or Go shell) is a framework that uses Go's plugin system to create for building interactive console-based shell programs. A gosh shell is comprised of a collection of Go plugi

IBM 🔗 Check out the NLC2CMD Challenge @ Neurips 2020 Command Line Artificial Intelligence CLAI is an open-sourced project aimed to bring the power of AI to the command line. Using CLAI, users of Bash can access a wide range of skills

TylorS Reginn Composable Command Line Applications Reginn helps you conquer the world of command line applications functionally. Reginn empowers you with simple functions to implement complex command-line applications with expres

mkdoc Command Line Interface Define command line interfaces as markdown Describe a command line interface as an easy to read man-style markdown document and compile it to a program descriptor; the JSON program descriptor can

Ch00k ffmpy ffmpy is a simplystic FFmpeg command line wrapper. It implements a Pythonic interface for FFmpeg command line compilation and uses Python subprocess module to execute compiled command line. Installati

Jintin aliasme A shell script to organize your alias in command line. Installation download script mkdir ~/.aliasme curl > ~/.aliasme/alia

Fabianlindfors multi.js multi.js is a user-friendly replacement for select boxes with the multiple attribute. It has no dependencies, is mobile-friendly, and provides search functionality. multi.js is also easy to style with CSS and optionally

benlinton Bash Command: Slugify Slugify is a bash command that converts filenames and directories to a web friendly format. Usage Help Simply enter the slugify command without any arguments or with the -h option to view the usa

LiveRamp templater: the power of Go templates available on the command line Ever wanted to use Go's text/template in shell tooling instead of having to use a here document? Well, now you can. templater is a command line tool that accepts