x86-64 os made in crystal

lilith A POSIX-like x86-64 kernel and userspace written in Crystal. Screenshot Building See BUILDING.md. Running A CPU with x64 support is required to run the OS. The Makefile provides a scrip

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zyantific Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library. Features Supports all x86 and x86-64 (AMD64) instructions and extensions Optimized for high performance No dynamic memory allocation ("malloc") Thread-saf

eteran edb is a cross platform AArch32/x86/x86-64 debugger. It was inspired by Ollydbg, but aims to function on AArch32, x86, and x86-64 as well as multiple OS's. Linux is the only officially supported platform at the moment, but FreeBSD, O

JSLancerTeam Crystal React Bootstrap Dashboard Crystal React Bootstrap Dashboard is a beautiful, multi-purpose admin dashboard which is with React, Redux & Bootstrap. It contains a lot of simple and easy to use React components. You can

zwegner x86-info-term x86-info-term is a curses-based viewer for x86 instruction info built with Python 3. It combines the following data sources: Intrinsics from the Intel Intrinsics Guide. Performance info from uops.info.

limboemu Limbo is a QEMU-based emulator for Android. It currently supports x86, ARM, PowerPC, and Sparc emulation for Intel x86 and ARM android devices.

PicoJr Detect if code is running inside a virtual machine (x86 and x86-64 only).

syedowaisali Crystal Range Seekbar An extended version of seekbar and range seekbar with basic and advanced customization. Usage Add a dependency to your build.gradle: dependencies { compile 'com.crystal:crystalrang

syedowaisali Crystal Preloaders A stylish design preloaders. Usage Add a dependency to your build.gradle: dependencies { compile 'com.crystal:crystalpreloaders:1.0.0' } Sample usage Add the CrystalPrelo

madeindjs Crystagiri An Html parser library for Crystal like amazing Nokogiri Ruby gem. I not pretend that Crystagiri does much as Nokogiri. All help will be welcome! :) Installation Add this to your application's shard.y

schlae Drop-in replacements for metal can and half can style crystal oscillators

sferik OpenAI API client library to access GPT-3 in Crystal

thuhcsi Crystal - C++ implementation of a unified framework for multilingual TTS synthesis engine with SSML specification as interface.

thuhcsi Crystal TTVS engine is a real-time audio-visual Multilingual (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) speech synthesizer with a 3D expressive avatar.

google Port of ac-library into Crystal Programming Language

xem mini x86 A x86 documentation, disassembler and emulator (in pure JS) optimized for running (MS-DOS) .COM files. Documentation: TL;DR: https://github.com/xem/minix86/blob/gh-pages/TLDR.md (wip) Instructions t

xoreaxeaxeax s a n d s i f t e r : the x86 processor fuzzer Overview The sandsifter audits x86 processors for hidden instructions and hardware bugs, by systematically generating machine code to search through a processor's instruc

cslarsen MiniJIT Contains code for the posts Writing a basic x86-64 JIT compiler from scratch in stock Python https://csl.name/post/python-jit/ JIT compiling a tiny subset of Python to x86-64 from scratch — in Python https://csl.

icedland Iced High performance x86 (16/32/64-bit) instruction decoder, encoder and disassembler. It can be used for static analysis of x86/x64 binaries, to rewrite code (eg. remove garbage instructions), to relocate code or as a disa

akyoto asm An x86-64 assembler written in Go. It is used by the Q programming language for machine code generation. Architectures Linux x86-64 (ELF binaries) ... Examples See examples. R

bitdefender bddisasm is a fast, lightweight, x86/x64 instruction decoder. The project also features a fast, basic, x86/x64 instruction emulator, designed specifically to detect shellcode-like behavior.