Provisioning automatically a full Kubernetes Cluster on Hyper-V with Helm and Tiller, Kubernetes Dashboard and several external tools in only one click !

K8sFuzzKit : a new tool to deploy a full Kubernetes Cluster with embed external tools in Hyper-V in only one click ! There are multiple guides on running Kubernetes and there is a lot of solutions to deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

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wl9739 Hyper-Qing An elegant Hyper theme. Install Add hyper-qing-theme to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file and restart Hyper: plugins: ['hyper-qing-theme'], Setting Now show you something

helm Helm Charts The canonical source for Helm charts is the Helm Hub, an aggregator for distributed chart repos. This GitHub project is the source for Helm stable and incubator Helm chart repositories, currently listed on the H

tafia hyper-proxy A proxy connector for hyper based applications. Documentation Example use hyper::{Client, Request, Uri}; use hyper::client::HttpConnector;

helm Helm Helm is a tool for managing Charts. Charts are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources. Use Helm to: Find and use popular software packaged as Helm Charts to run in Kubernetes Share your own applications

helm Helm Helm is a tool for managing Charts. Charts are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources. Use Helm to: Find and use popular software packaged as Helm Charts to run in Kubernetes Share your own applications

ideal Kubernetes-demo demo for running services in Kubernetes. Steps install kubectl and helm, run helm init to init both server (install tiller) and client. Optional: build and push Docker images (if you need) unde

dizzyup Hypest for Hyper A beautiful and minimal macOS theme for Hyper — with vibrancy, light and dark modes, and theming for several popular Hyper plugins. Installation If you are switching from another Hyper theme you m

henrikdahl hyper-statusline Status Line Plugin for Hyper. Shows clickable & useful information. Matches any theme. Install Add following to your ~/.hyper.js config. module.exports = { ... plugins: ['hyper-st

sabre1041 OpenShift provides support for managing the lifecycle of Helm charts. This capability is limited primarily to the Web Console. This plugin enables the management of Helm charts similar to using the standalone Helm CLI while offloading much of the work to OpenShift.

k8s-at-home [email protected] collection of helm charts Usage Helm must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started. Once Helm is s

kelseyhightower Vault on Google Kubernetes Engine This tutorial walks you through provisioning a multi-node HashiCorp Vault cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine. Cluster Features High Availability - The Vault cluster will be provis

hyperium hyper-tls Provides an HTTPS connector for use with hyper. Documentation License Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 (LICENSE-APACHE o

darkbitio MKIT - Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool Quickly discover key security risks of your managed Kubernetes clusters and resources MKIT is a Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool that leverages FOSS tools to query and

minhpq331 Scalable Jitsi Helm Chart Jitsi on Kubernetes made easy. Scalable jitsi helm chart based on this architecture. TL;DR; git clone

kubernetes Kubernetes Dashboard Kubernetes Dashboard is a general purpose, web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to manage applications running in the cluster and troubleshoot them, as well as manage the cluster itself

derailed Popeye - A Kubernetes Cluster Sanitizer Popeye is a utility that scans live Kubernetes cluster and reports potential issues with deployed resources and configurations. It sanitizes your cluster based on what's deployed and not

ruilisi Chart Pangu is a helm chart template which inherits from the default template, but brings many conveniences originated from our daily devops. You can safely use it as the starting point of your helm chart since it is well tested.

kubermesh kubermesh Goal Deploy to one machine. Say, boot off a USB hard drive. Plug other machines into the first one. Watch them boot and join the cluster. Keep going till you run out of machines. No need for a tradi

yanc0 Untrak Find untracked resources in Kubernetes cluster, garbage collect them. Why? When you use kubectl apply, kustomize build or helm template for injecting manifests through you CI/CD pipeline, kubernetes doesn't k

nushkovg This repository contains all services required to start a k3d cluster on a Raspberry PI with Skaffold. It is meant for those who want to create their own HomeLab cluster with a lightweight Kubernetes release with a preloaded ingress controller and several monitoring tools. Since k1s is in the early stage of development, it currently allows only Namesilo as the DNS provider.

ameydev Inkeption (Earlier named "K8sInPod") Inkeption means having a Kubernetes cluster(kind cluster) in a pod in a Kubernetes cluster (KiPiK). This sounds s