A quick reminder of all SQL queries and examples on how to use them.

Quick SQL Cheatsheet A quick reminder of all relevant SQL queries and examples on how to use them. This repository is constantly being updated and added to by the community. Pull requests are welcome. Enjoy! Table of

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OneCodeLabs reminder reminder lets you persist the state of your views to recover them later in order to display old data until fresh data arrives. Usage Initialize Reminder: public class MyApplication extends Appl

ianstormtaylor pg-sql-helpers A set helpers for writing dynamic SQL queries with pg-sql in Javascript. It's sort of like a lodash or polished for writing SQL. Features Uses a simple, SQL-like syntax for building queries. Ena

kayak PyPika - Python Query Builder Abstract What is PyPika? PyPika is a Python API for building SQL queries. The motivation behind PyPika is to provide a simple interface for building SQL queries without limiting

ghdna Athena-Express: Simplifying SQL queries on Amazon Athena As published on the official AWS Partner Network Blog Synopsis Athena-Express can simplify executing SQL queries in Amazon Athena AND fetching

johndatserakis Chrome-Ribbon-Reminder This is a Chrome extension in popup form. Ribbon Reminder was an old app I made in Swift for iOS a while back, and I think its

jhspetersson fselect Find files with SQL-like queries Why use fselect? While it doesn't tend to fully replace traditional find and ls, fselect has these nice features: complex queries SQL-like (not real SQL, but highly rel

steventen Rails SQL Query Tracker sql_tracker tracks SQL queries by subscribing to Rails' sql.active_record event notifications. It then aggregates and generates report to give you insights about all the sql queries happened in your Ra

jarulraj What Is SQLCheck? sqlcheck automatically detects common SQL anti-patterns. Such anti-patterns often slow down queries. Addressing them will, therefore, help accelerate queries. sqlcheck targets all major SQL dialects.

hashedin Build Readonly JSON APIs from SQL Queries Squealy lets you build readonly REST APIs from template-based SQL or JSON queries. It supports most relational databases, and some NoSQL databases like ElasticSearch. The SQL query is wr

houqp Sqlvet Sqlvet performs static analysis on raw SQL queries in your Go code base to surface potential runtime errors at build time. Feature highlights: Check for SQL syntax error Identify unsafe queries that could potent

Orange-Cyberdefense Arsenal is just a quick inventory, reminder and launcher for pentest commands.

nils-braun It lets you register your dask dataframes and then run SQL queries against them. The queries will run as normal dask operations, which can be distributed within your dask cluster. The goal is therefore similar to what Spark SQL/Hive/Drill/... is for the Hadoop world - but with much less features (so far...)

dantheman213 Ocean SQL Profiler Cross-platform SQL profiler for PostgreSQL 9.3+. View your queries and functions being run in real-time in a simple to use GUI. Features View your PostgresSQL functions and queries being exec

tyler-smith golang-db-sql-benchmark A collection of benchmarks for popular Go database/SQL utilities Libraries under test database/sql + go-sql-driver/mysql gocraft/dbr Gorp Sqlx Squirrel database/sql SQL

hyperdivision prepare-sql SQL template strings Usage var SQL = require('prepare-sql') const username = 'emilbayes' // Query with template string const select = SQL`SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ${username}` const

sqorn Sqorn · Sqorn is a Javascript library for building SQL queries. Composable: Build complex queries from simple parts. Chain, extend, and embed queries. Intuitive: Sqorn's use of modern Javascript language features like tag

querydsl Querydsl Querydsl is a framework which enables the construction of type-safe SQL-like queries for multiple backends including JPA, MongoDB and SQL in Java. Instead of writing queries as inline strings or externalizing them into

ZewoGraveyard SQL SQL provides Base conformance for SQL database adapters Typesafe table representations and queries (select, insert, join, etc.) A powerful, non-intrusive ORM Installation The SQL module is bun

microsoft Azure Data Studio is a data management tool that enables working with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW from Windows, macOS and Linux.

whtsky Vuex-Queries Vuex-Queries helps you write query functions in Vuex Usage Write your queries in Vuex options: const options = { state: { events: [

ververica The Apache Flink SQL Cookbook is a curated collection of examples, patterns, and use cases of Apache Flink SQL. Many of the recipes are completely self-contained and can be run in Ververica Platform as is.