A Material Color Scheme Darker for Vim.

Minimalist Minimalist is a Material Colorscheme Darker for Vim & inspired by Material Theme. Installation To install this colorscheme, you can use one of the following ways: Use Vundle by adding to your .

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doums darcula 😈 A Vim/Neovim color scheme reproduction of the official JetBrains IDE Darcula theme install If you use a plugin manager, follow the traditional way. For example with vim-plug add this in .vimrc/ini

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josegamez82 A dark Vim/Neovim color scheme with rich colors on a deep black background.

jsit 🍞 Toast! A colorful, medium-contrast color scheme with full Vim and Neovim support and automatic light and dark variants. Easy to read without frying your retinae.

Shougo ddc-zsh Zsh completion for ddc.vim Required denops.vim https://github.com/vim-denops/denops.vim ddc.vim https://github.com/Shougo/ddc.vim zsh and zsh/

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c9s Vikube - Operating Kubernetes Cluster from Vim, in Vim Screenshots Install If you use vundle: call vundle#begin() Plugin 'c9s/helper.vim' Plugin 'c9s/treemenu.vim' Plugin 'c9s/vikube.vim

archSeer colibri A subtle colorscheme for Vim. You can preview the color palette here. I've always appreciated color schemes, but felt that they often add more visual clutter than I needed (using more than a few colors distracts my eye

Qix- color JavaScript library for immutable color conversion and manipulation with support for CSS color strings. var color = Color('#7743CE').alpha(0.5).lighten(0.5); console.log(color.hsl().string()); // 'hsla(262, 59%, 81

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xojs vim-xo Vim plugin for XO that provides Syntastic integration Install Using Pathogen $ git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/sindresorhus/vim-xo ~/.vim/bundle/vim-xo Using Vundle Add Pl

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skanehira preview-markdown.vim This is vim plugin that can preview markdown in Vim terminal. Requirements MichaelMure/mdr or specified markdown parser Vim 8.1.1401 ~ Installation e.g dein.vim [[plugin]]

rydmike FlexColorScheme can help you make beautiful color scheme based Flutter themes, with optional level of primary color branded surfaces. The created themes are based on the same concept as Flutter's ColorScheme based themes, but with a few interesting twists and features.

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