:hash: Nagios plugin for MongoDB, in Bash.

check_mongodb Table of Contents Overview Requirements Usage [Nagios configuration](#Nagios configuration) Development Overview This script is a nagios plugin, to check the state of MongoDB. I

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mzupan Nagios-MongoDB Overview This is a simple Nagios check script to monitor your MongoDB server(s). Authors Main Author Mike Zupan mike -(at)- zcentric.com Contributers Frank Brandewie

sebdah scrapy-mongodb MongoDB pipeline for Scrapy. This library supports both MongoDB in standalone setups and replica sets. It will insert items to MongoDB as soon as your spider finds data to extract. scrapy-mongodb can also buf

shubham0d =============| Crack-it v1.0| =============| Crack any hash value with famous algorithm available (md5,sha1,sha224,sha256,sha384,sha512) It is also supports salted hash value with md5,sha256,sha512 as algorithm.Also able to create hash val

Tessil C++ hash map and hash set which preserves the order of insertion The ordered-map library provides a hash map and a hash set which preserve the order of insertion in a way similar to Python's OrderedDict. When iterating over th

Tessil A C++ implementation of a memory efficient hash map and hash set The sparse-map library is a C++ implementation of a memory efficient hash map and hash set. It uses open-addressing with sparse quadratic probing. The goal of th

nilportugues MongoDB Repository MongoDB Repository library aims to reduce the time spent writing repositories. MongoDB Repository using nilportugues/repository as foundation using mongodb/mongodb. Motivation for this library was the

riobard bash-powerline Powerline for Bash in pure Bash script. Features Git: show branch name, tag name, or unique short hash. Git: show "*" symbol with uncommited modifications. Git: show "↑" symbol and number of co

posener complete A tool for bash writing bash completion in go. Writing bash completion scripts is a hard work. This package provides an easy way to create bash completion scripts for any command, and also an easy way to install/un

arachnys Cabot Cabot is a free, open-source, self-hosted infrastructure monitoring platform that provides some of the best features of PagerDuty, Server Density, Pingdom and Nagios without their cost and complexity. (Nagios, I'm ma

niieani Bash Infinity Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The In

nikita-skobov create-bash-script A bash script designed to create other bash scripts with basic argument parsing. Installation: This script was designed to be used as a global program to easily create bash scripts within any direct

ThaWeatherman Flask-Hashing Flask-Hashing is a Flask extension that provides an easy way to hash data and check a hash of a value against a given hash. Flask-Hashing uses hashlib to actually hash data. This extension prevents the user from ne

cmuratori Meow hash 0.4/himalayan This is the official x64 implementation of the Meow hash, an extremely fast non-cryptographic hash. See https://mollyrocket.com/meowhash for usage, implementation, and license details. This version is v0.

malept crypto-hash crypto-hash is a Rust wrapper around OS-level implementations of cryptographic hash functions. The purpose of this crate is to provide acc

sindresorhus string-hash Get the hash of a string Uses the non-cryptographic hash function FNV-1a. Similar to Java's String#hashCode(). Install $ npm install @sindresorhus/string-hash Usage const stringHash

HashPals 🔗 Don't know what type of hash it is? Name That Hash will name that hash type! 🤖 Identify MD5, SHA256 and 3000+ other hashes ☄ Comes with a neat web app 🔥

UnderGreen Ansible role for MongoDB Ansible role which manages MongoDB. Install and configure the MongoDB; Configure mongodb users Configure replication Provide handlers for restart and reload; Setup MMS automation agent; Mo

Plazmaz DO NOT USE THIS WITH A REAL DATABASE Intro MongoDB-HoneyProxy was created in response to the 'MongoDB Apocalypse' Pre-requisites: sudo apt-get install nodejs npm gcc g++ You'll also need to install MongoDB for t

loresoft MongoDB Messaging Overview The MongoDB Messaging library is a lightweight queue pub/sub processing library based on MongoDB data store. Download The MongoDB.Messaging library is available on nuget.org v

OALabs HashDB IDA Plugin Malware string hash lookup plugin for IDA Pro. This plugin connects to the OALABS HashDB Lookup Service. Adding New Hash Algorithms

zombieleet bash-assert testify is a lightweight unit testing framework for bash Usage clone this repository git clone https://github.com/zombieleet/testify.git create a test file then source testify.bash and the script you want