Linux Memory Cryptographic Keys Extractor

Linux Memory Cryptographic Keys Extractor

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DynamoRIO Dr. Memory: the memory debugger About Dr. Memory Dr. Memory is a memory monitoring tool capable of identifying memory-related programming errors such as accesses of uninitialized memory, accesses to unaddressable memor

rek7 mXtract mXtract is an opensource linux based tool that analyzes and dumps memory. It is developed as an offensive pentration testing tool, its primary purpose is to scan memory for private keys, ips, and passwords using regexe

Akaion Jupiter A Windows memory editing library written in C# that supports several memory editing methods. Supported Methods Allocate Memory Free Memory Protect Memory Read Memory Write Memory Exte

unboundsecurity Protecting cryptographic signing keys and seed secrets with Multi-Party Computation.

mafintosh Generate cryptographic onetime keys in way similar to what's described in rfc7539

stouset secrets secrets is a library to help Rust programmers safely held cryptographic secrets in memory. It is mostly an ergonomic wrapper around the memory

hhxsv5 πŸ”Ž Analyzing memory of redis is to find the keys(prefix) which used a lot of memory, export the analysis result into csv file.

hhxsv5 πŸ”Ž Analyzing memory of redis is to find the keys(prefix) which used a lot of memory, export the analysis result into csv file.

miracl MIRACL What is MIRACL? Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic Cryptographic Library – the MIRACL Crypto SDK – is a C software library that is widely regarded by developers as the gold standard open source SDK for elliptic

ektrah NSec NSec is a new cryptographic library for .NET Core based on libsodium ❀. It provides modern cryptographic primitives in a modern API based on the new Span<T> and ReadOnlySpan<T> types. NSec aims to be e

hto This tool allows you to do a small analysis of the amount of keys and memory you use in Redis. It allows you to see overlooked keys and notice overuse.

raphw This is a miniature implementation of a concurrent, lock-free (as in lock-less) hash map with weak keys where keys respect reference equality. Such a hash map removes entries containing collected keys by either: Inline removal (entries

TimothyYe SKM is a simple and powerful SSH Keys Manager. It helps you to manage your multiple SSH keys easily! Features Create, List, Delete your SSH key(s) Manage all your SSH keys by alias names Choose and set a defaul

ropnop Intro These scripts are a PoC for how to extract unencrypted private SSH keys from Windows when the new OpenSSH ssh-agent.exe is used. When adding private keys to ssh-agent, Windows protects the private keys with DPAPI and store

xyele Zile Extract API keys from file or url using by magic of python and regex. Usage For getting keys from file cat file | python3 For getting keys from all files under current dir python3 --file

sdushantha Find exposed API keys based on RegEx and get exploitation methods for some of keys that are found

koute A memory profiler for Linux Features Can be used to analyze memory leaks, see where exactly the memory is being consumed, identify temporary allocatio

fetlife Redis Analyzer Console tool to scan keys in Redis database in real time and aggregate count and memory usage statistics by key prefixes. Features: Keys count and memory usage statistics Concurrent scanning of multiple Redi

OpenGems RedisWebManager Web interface that allows you to manage easily your Redis instance (see keys, memory used, connected client, etc...). Check your stats The Dashboard allows you to check the Memory usage, CPU and

mesalock-linux MesaLock Linux: A Memory-Safe Linux Distribution MesaLock Linux is a general purpose Linux distribution which aims to provide a safe and secure user space environment. To eliminate high-severe vulnerabilities caused by me

vsec7 A eXtractor sensitive Keys, Secret, Token or interested things from source.