A tool for structural code search and replace that supports ~every language.

comby See the usage documentation. A short example below shows how comby simplifies matching and rewriting compared to regex approaches like sed. Need help writing patterns or have other problems? Consider po

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ljsabc The (Official) PyTorch Implementation of the paper Deep Extraction of Manga Structural Lines. This project aims to extract the structural lines from 2D manga, cartoons, and illustrations.

quasilyte Structural, syntax-aware search for Go code for VS Code.

aureliojargas replace Generic file search & replace tool, written in Python 3. Options Specify the FROM/TO patterns directly in the command line: -f, --from TEXT specify the search text or regex -t, --to TEXT

pH-7 Simple Java Text Editor PH NotePad is a simple and light text editor (notepad) written in Java. Search tool (to search text/keywords easily in the code) + highlighting the code found. Find/Replace text/code. Auto c

Summer-andy A search and replace chrome extensions ็ฎ€ไฝ“ไธญๆ–‡ | English Introduction chrome-extensions-searchReplace is a search and replace chrome extensions. ๐ŸŽ‰ Why i

flintlok A Python-based application demonstrating various search algorithms, namely Depth-First Search (DFS), Breadth-First Search (BFS), and A* Search (Manhattan Distance Heuristic)

dalance amber amber is a code search and replace tool written by Rust. This tool is inspired by ack, ag, and other grep-like tools. Features Useful default se

seattlerb flayยถ โ†‘ home ruby.sadi.st/ code github.com/seattlerb/flay rdoc docs.seattlerb.org/flay/ DESCRIPTION:ยถ โ†‘ Flay analyzes code for structural similarities. Differences in lit

hungtraan Optimist Prime Facebook Messenger Bot Optimist Prime is a Facebook Messenger Bot that supports Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing and features such as: search nearby restaurants, search trending news, transcribe and s

lwdgit gitbook-search-plus A powerful search plugin for GitBook. Features * Search any character * Search across element (for search code) * Remember search url Use this plugin Before use this plugin, you should

kornelski RGBA Structural Similarity This tool computes (dis)similarity between two or more PNG images using an algorithm approximating human vision. Comparison

windwp nvim-spectre A search panel for neovim. Spectre find the enemy and replace them with dark power. Why Spectre? Use regex in search It can filter search

VainF Pytorch MS-SSIM Fast and differentiable MS-SSIM and SSIM for pytorch 1.0+ Structural Similarity (SSIM): Multi-Scale Structural Similarity (MS-SSIM): Updates 2020.04.30 Now (v0.2), ssim & ms

yanyan-li A RGB-D SLAM system for structural scenes, which makes use of point-line-plane features and the Manhattan World assumption.

thepushkarp NaLCoS - NAtural Language COmmit Search Search commit messages in your repository in natural language. NaLCoS (NAtural Language COmmit Search) is a co

allenai Commonsense Knowledge Base Completion with Structural and Semantic Context

vigoux A structural editing plugin for neovim, powered by treesitter.

SJTU-ViSYS PyTorch implementation of our ICCV2021 paper: StructDepth: Leveraging the structural regularities for self-supervised indoor depth estimation

matiskay HTML Similarity This package provides a set of functions to measure the similarity between web pages. Install The quick way: pip install html-similarity How it works? Structural Simil

martanne Vis - Combining Modal Editing with Structural Regular Expressions Vis aims to be a modern, legacy-free, simple yet efficient editor, combining the strengths of both vi(m) and sam. It extends vi's modal editing with built-i

YimiAChack A TensorFlow implementation of "Graph Structural-topic Neural Network"