100x speedup of Clojure as a native executable using GraalVM

100x speedup of Clojure as a native executable using GraalVM

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oracle A high performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. Built on GraalVM by Oracle Labs. Getting Started To get started with TruffleRuby install GraalVM and Ruby. Inside GraalVM will then be a bin/ruby comman

borkdude Learn how to make a native Clojure CLI with GraalVM native-image and SCI!

clj-easy Library to initialize Clojure packages at build time with GraalVM native-image.

spring-projects-experimental Spring Native provides an incubating support for compiling Spring applications to native executables using GraalVM native-image compiler, in order to provide a native deployment option designed to be packaged in lightweight containers. In practice, the target is to support your Spring application (typically a Spring Boot one), unmodified, on this new platform.

oracle GraalVM is a project based in Oracle Labs developing a new JIT Compiler and Polyglot Runtime for the JVM. Further details can be found on the OTN site. Graal SDK contains long term supported APIs of GraalVM. Graal is a dynamic comp

oracle A high performance implementation of the JavaScript programming language. Built on the GraalVM by Oracle Labs. Getting Started The best way to get started with Graal.js is via the GraalVM, which includes compatible versions of e

clj-easy Graal config A repository containing GraalVM native-image configurations to be used as git libraries in deps.edn. How to use Include this library as a

tabdulradi Example application showing a minimal example of compiling and running Scala 3 (Dotty) Hello world application as GraalVM native image

borkdude grasp Grep Clojure code using clojure.spec regexes. Inspired by grape. API The grasp.api namespace currently exposes: (grasp path-or-paths spec): retu

rafaeldelboni What is this? Basic config to transform your NVIM in a powerful Clojure IDE using fennel, clojure-lsp and conjure. This is simplified version on my pe

dainiusjocas Grep-like utility based on Lucene Monitor compiled with GraalVM native-image

HughWen Serving Agent is designed as a middleware for model serving between web server and model server to help the server improve the GPU utilization then speedup online inference.

dundalek closh - Bash-like shell based on Clojure Closh combines the best of traditional unix shells with the power of Clojure. It aims to be a modern alternative to bash. Demo showing how to execute commands and using Clojure to

mogenslund Salza λiquid text editor Fluidable - Embed your code into λiquid or λiquid into your code Dependency free - Everything is pure Clojure Translatable - Tiny core, simple model, no tricks Comfortable keybindings - Mos

prayerslayer js.spec clojure.spec for Javascript There is clojure.spec, a part of Clojure's core library that is intended to help with specification, testing and error messages. I recommend you to read the linked rationale, you will ge

tonsky PLEASE NOTE Clojure Warrior is now part of Calva. This repo has been archived. Clojure Warrior Visual Studio Code extension for Clojure development Features Rainbow brackets: Chooses bracket color ba

lk-geimfari A Clojure library designed to generate secure random numbers for managing secrets. This project is a Python's secret module implementation for Clojure, based on Java's standard library.

prestancedesign PingCRM on Clojure - A Clojure Ring demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works.

oracle A high performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. Built on the GraalVM by Oracle Labs. Authors The main authors of TruffleRuby in order of joining the project are: Chris Seaton Benoit Daloze

oracle GraalVM Implementation of Python This is an early-stage experimental implementation of Python. A primary goal is to support SciPy and its constituent libraries. This Python implementation currently aims to be compatible with Pyth

oracle A ECMAScript 2021 compliant JavaScript implementation built on GraalVM. With polyglot language interoperability support. Running Node.js applications!