An Emacs UI for managing init system services

daemons.el This is an Emacs mode to give you a UI for managing init system daemons (services). I wrote this after getting tired of typing out sudo service my_thing reload all the time. It’s also nice to have a consistent UI ove

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driusan dainit dainit is a simple init system for Linux written in Go, mostly for me to to use on my laptop. It's likely less full-featured and more minimalist than your init system. (It aims to be an init system and only an init system.

Quasilyte goism Searching for Emacs Lisp alternative? Try hacking Emacs in Go! Overview Description goism is Emacs package that makes it possible to use Go programming language instead of Emacs Lisp inside Emacs

janestreet Emacs packages in OCaml Ecaml is a library for writing Emacs packages in OCaml. It uses Emacs 25 support for dynamic modules to load native OCaml code into Emacs. Building a plugin Using Dune Compile your p

ubolonton Emacs Module in Rust User Guide | Change Log | Examples This provides a high-level binding to emacs-module, Emacs's support for dynamic modules. Code

jorgenschaefer Elpy, the Emacs Python IDE Elpy is an Emacs package to bring powerful Python editing to Emacs. It combines and configures a number of other packages, both written in Emacs Lisp as well as Python. Elpy is fully docum

juanpabloaj pip-init Generate a base file to upload a python package to pypi Install pip install pip-init Usage pip-init I created a file, what are the next steps? What are th

coreos fleet - a distributed init system fleet ties together systemd and etcd into a simple distributed init system. Think of it as an extension of systemd that operates at the cluster level instead of the machine level. This projec

racer-rust Racer for Emacs This is the official Emacs package for Racer. Table of Contents Racer for Emacs Completion Find Definitions Describe Functions and Typ

aspiers etrace.el - Performance Tracing For Emacs Lisp This package for GNU Emacs allows latency tracing to be performed on Emacs Lisp code and the results ou

susam Emacs For Common Lisp (Emacs4CL) This repository provides a tiny .emacs file to set up Emacs quickly for Common Lisp programming. This document provid

akirakyle An Emacs Dynamic Module for WebKit, aka a fully fledged browser inside emacs

d12frosted Emacs Plus is → GNU Emacs formulae for macOS → Homebrew package manager. It offers a wide rage of extra functionality over regular → Emacs package.

syl20bnr philosophy | for whom? | screenshots | documentation | contribute | achievements | FAQ Quick Install: git clone ~/.emacs.d Table of Contents Introduction Features Docume

rougier GNU Emacs / N Λ N O is a set of configuration files for GNU Emacs such as to provide a nice and consistent look and feel as shown below. It is based on design principles I described in the article "On the design of text Editors" that is available on arXiv. The light theme is based on Material colors and the dark theme is based on Nord colors.

vkazanov Elfuse Elfuse is a little experiment in implementing a dynamic Emacs module. The idea is to expose some of the libfuse possibilities to Emacs Lisp code. Compile Because Elfuse is a dynamic module, Emacs compiled with

remacs Rust ❤️ Emacs A community-driven port of Emacs to Rust. Table of Contents Why Emacs? Why Rust? Why A Fork? Getting Started Requirements Dockerized dev

tecosaur Org-LSP Allow the unwashed masses to use Org, without using Emacs, using Emacs. This is a nascent idea. If you have thoughts, please share them 🙂 . M

skyler544 This is some rough code that tries to get Nano Emacs (by Nicolas Rougier) and Doom Emacs (by Henrik Lissner) to play nice together.

misohena Emacs Easy Draw is a drawing tool that runs inside Emacs.

manishearth array-init Documentation (still kinda experimental, API may change, may be secretly unsafe) The array-init crate allows you to initialize ar

ideal Kubernetes-demo demo for running services in Kubernetes. Steps install kubectl and helm, run helm init to init both server (install tiller) and client. Optional: build and push Docker images (if you need) unde