Zenith - sort of like top or htop but with zoom-able charts, CPU, GPU, network, and disk usage

Zenith In terminal graphical metrics for your *nix system written in Rust Features Optional CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk usage charts Quick glances at Disk free space, NIC IP addresses, CPU frequenc

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vineet192 Sorting Visualiser This is a simple sorting visualisation app built using the flutter framework. The user can select sorting algorithms like Bubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort etc. to be visualised using an a

fat ZOOM.JS A simple jQuery plugin for image zooming; as seen on Medium. Demo https://fat.github.io/zoom.js How Link the zoom.js and zoom.css files to your site or application. <link href="css/zoom.

Syllo NVTOP What is NVTOP? Nvtop stands for NVidia TOP, a (h)top like task monitor for NVIDIA GPUs. It can handle multiple GPUs and print information about them in a htop familiar way. Because a picture is worth a thousand

yangyxd Flutter Image add drag sort, Image add drag sort, support click event, delete, add, long press drag sort, support video fixed as the first.

mafintosh process-top A "top" like module for your Node.js process. Collects CPU usage etc. npm install process-top Usage const top = require('process-top')() setInterval(function () { // Prints out a string containing s

AgoraIO-Community MoonLight is a performance test kit for iOS/macOS app which can be integrated into your app to implement performance data captured easily. MoonLight can provide App CPU, System CPU, App Memory, System GPU and GPU info accuratly.

FabianTerhorst Floppy Fast key value storage for Java with much support for Android Floppy.init(getFilesDir().toString()); //Without cache Disk disk = Floppy.disk(); //With cache Disk disk = Floppy.memoryDisk(); //Without cache, with custo

fahidattique55 Installation FAImageCropper requires iOS 8.0 or later. Features Load all photos from Photo library Zoom-in and zoom-out with Gestures Zoom-in and zoom-out button like instagram Grid view while editi

htop-dev htop is a cross-platform interactive process viewer.

shankarpandala Lazy Profiler is a simple utility to collect CPU, GPU, RAM and GPU Memory stats while the program is running.

devstark-com vue-google-charts Reactive Vue.js wrapper for Google Charts lib Table of contents Installation Usage Example Installation npm i vue-google-charts Def

santosh-gupta SpeedTorch Faster pinned CPU tensor <-> GPU Pytorch variabe transfer and GPU tensor <-> GPU Pytorch variable transfer, in certain cases. Update 9-29-19 Since for some systems, using the pinned Pyto

ExPHAT Twitter Sort Twitter Sort is a sorting algorithm that takes advantage of the Twitter API. You pass the script the numbers you would like sorted and it will tweet a request asking for somebody to sort them. When someone replies wi

chrvadala react-svg-pan-zoom react-svg-pan-zoom is a React component that adds pan and zoom features to the SVG images. It helps to display big SVG images in a small space. Live Demo available at http://chrvadala.github.

chris124567 Good bot support is part of what makes Discord so nice to use. Unfortunately, the official Zoom API is basically only useful for scheduling meetings and using Zoom Chat, not for making in-meeting bots. So I decided to make bring this feature to Zoom myself.

mikel-brostrom Yolov5 + Deep Sort with PyTorch - Real-time multi-person tracker using YOLO v5 and deep sort

dani-gavrilov #GDPerformanceView Shows FPS, CPU usage, app and iOS versions above the status bar and report FPS and CPU usage via delegate. Installation Simply add GDPerformanceMonitoring folder with files to your project, or use C

dani-gavrilov GDPerformanceView-Swift Shows FPS, CPU and memory usage, device model, app and iOS versions above the status bar and report FPS, CPU and memory usage via delegate. Installation Simply add GDPerformanceMon

dreddsa5dies The repository algorithms implemented on the Go: Sort: Sort by simple exchange, bubble sort (Сортировка простыми обменами, сортиро́вка пузырько́м): example Cocktail sort (Сортировка перемешиванием, или Шейкер

markrussinovich Takes a bitmap that is the size or width of Task Managers's CPU core view (ideally with single cells showing instantaneous percent CPU) and scrolls the bitmap using threads that consume CPU based on the pixel's greyscale (black is 100% CPU).

prsyahmi GpuRamDrive Create a virtual drive backed by GPU RAM. This application simply allocates a memory buffer inside GPU RAM and use it as virtual ram disk. The project is made possible by ImDisk and its proxy feature. Using GPU RA