Clojure interface to Kubernetes

[keenest-rube "0.1.0-alpha0"] A Clojure tool for Kubernetes operations Cluster state is a value in an atom, the API calls are abstracted away Manage your resources from the comfort of your Cloju

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prayerslayer js.spec clojure.spec for Javascript There is clojure.spec, a part of Clojure's core library that is intended to help with specification, testing and error messages. I recommend you to read the linked rationale, you will ge

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lk-geimfari A Clojure library designed to generate secure random numbers for managing secrets. This project is a Python's secret module implementation for Clojure, based on Java's standard library.

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spring-cloud Spring Cloud Kubernetes Table of Contents 1. Why do you need Spring Cloud Kubernetes? 2. Starters 3. DiscoveryClient for Kubernetes 4. Kubernetes native service discovery 5. Kubernetes PropertySource imp

cri-o CRI-O - OCI-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface Compatibility matrix: CRI-O ⬄ Kubernetes CRI-O and Kubernetes follow the same release cycle and deprecation policy. For more infor

kelseyhightower Nomad on Kubernetes The Nomad on Kubernetes tutorial documents how to deploy Nomad on Kubernetes. The following diagram provides a high level overview of the Nomad on Kubernetes architecture. The following components will be d

fabric8io Kubernetes & OpenShift Java Client This client provides access to the full Kubernetes & OpenShift REST APIs via a fluent DSL. kubernetes-client: kubernetes-model: openshift-client: knative-client:

fboukezzoula K8sFuzzKit : a new tool to deploy a full Kubernetes Cluster with embed external tools in Hyper-V in only one click ! There are multiple guides on running Kubernetes and there is a lot of solutions to deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

bitnami Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime Description The Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) is a collection of services that makes it easy to run production workloads in Kubernetes. Think of Bitnami Kubernetes

kubernetes client-go Go clients for talking to a kubernetes cluster. We recommend using the v0.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases >= v1.17.0 and kubernetes-1.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases < v1.17.0. See for detailed insta

docker Compose on Kubernetes Compose on Kubernetes allows you to deploy Docker Compose files onto a Kubernetes cluster. Table of contents Get started Developing Compose on Kubernetes More documentation can be found

kedacore Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling KEDA allows for fine grained autoscaling (including to/from zero) for event driven Kubernetes workloads. KEDA serves as a Kubernetes Metrics Server and allows users to define autoscaling rul

darkbitio MKIT - Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool Quickly discover key security risks of your managed Kubernetes clusters and resources MKIT is a Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool that leverages FOSS tools to query and

aws EKS Distro Repository Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) is a Kubernetes distribution based on and used by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to create re

CiscoDevNet ThousandEyes Kubernetes Operator ThousandEyes Kubernetes Operator is a Kubernetes operator used to manage ThousandEyes Tests deployed via Kubernetes c

metabase Toucan Overview There are no SQL/Relational DB ORMs for Clojure for obvious reasons. -- Andrew Brehaut Toucan provides the better parts of an ORM for Clojure, like simple DB queries, flexible custom beh