⎈❏ Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes

Kubebox ⎈❏ Terminal and Web console for Kubernetes Features ✓ Configuration from kubeconfig files (KUBECONFIG environment variable or $HOME/.kube) ✓ Switch contexts

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zkonge mirai-console-wrapper 另一个 Mirai console 启动器,支持 mirai-console 1.0+。 注意: 你可能并不需要这么个玩意,使用 java -cp ./<jar_path>/* net.mamoe.mirai.console.pure.MiraiConso

shershen08 Vuejs terminal UI emulator Vuejs component for displaying UI element that acts as console terminal. Actual terminal logic code forked from Ptty. Demo/

kubernetes client-go Go clients for talking to a kubernetes cluster. We recommend using the v0.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases &gt;= v1.17.0 and kubernetes-1.x.y tags for Kubernetes releases &lt; v1.17.0. See INSTALL.md for detailed insta

kedacore Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling KEDA allows for fine grained autoscaling (including to/from zero) for event driven Kubernetes workloads. KEDA serves as a Kubernetes Metrics Server and allows users to define autoscaling rul

fboukezzoula K8sFuzzKit : a new tool to deploy a full Kubernetes Cluster with embed external tools in Hyper-V in only one click ! There are multiple guides on running Kubernetes and there is a lot of solutions to deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

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aws EKS Distro Repository Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) is a Kubernetes distribution based on and used by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to create re

fabric8io Kubernetes &amp; OpenShift Java Client This client provides access to the full Kubernetes &amp; OpenShift REST APIs via a fluent DSL. kubernetes-client: kubernetes-model: openshift-client: knative-client:

bitnami Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime Description The Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR) is a collection of services that makes it easy to run production workloads in Kubernetes. Think of Bitnami Kubernetes

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pd4d10 Console Importer Installation Install it from Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/console-importer/hgajpakhafplebkdljleajgbpdmplhie Usage Open Chrome devtools console, a fun

kubernetes Kubernetes Dashboard Kubernetes Dashboard is a general purpose, web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to manage applications running in the cluster and troubleshoot them, as well as manage the cluster itself

dongsuo VUE-TERMINAL Vue-terminal is a dependency-free, lightweight terminal emulator in Vue.js. Vue-terminal provide flexible api for developer to define task or command that can be executed by users. Try the demo