The Darwin Kernel (mirror)

What is XNU? XNU kernel is part of the Darwin operating system for use in OS X and iOS operating systems. XNU is an acronym for XNU is Not Unix. XNU is a hybrid kernel combining the Mach kernel developed at Carnegie Mellon University

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mafintosh mirror-folder Small module to mirror a folder to another folder. Supports watch mode as well where it will continuously watch the src folder and mirror new entries as they are created/removed. npm install mirror-folder

hypriot rpi-kernel Build a Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 kernel with all kernel modules running docker. Build inputs Kernel git commit In the build script scripts/ there is a git commit hash to pin the bui

MichMich MagicMirror² is an open source modular smart mirror platform. With a growing list of installable modules, the MagicMirror² allows you to convert your hallway or bathroom mirror into your personal assistant. MagicMirror² is built

JovianML kernel-run 🔥 🚀 Instantly create and run a Kaggle kernel from any Jupyter notebook (local file or URL). $ pip install kernel-run --upgrade $ kernel-run path/to/notebook.ipynb Kernel created successfully: https:/

JovianML kernel-run 🔥 🚀 Instantly create and run a Kaggle kernel from any Jupyter notebook (local file or URL). $ pip install kernel-run --upgrade $ kernel-run path/to/notebook.ipynb Kernel created successfully: https:/

Cr4sh Kernel Forge library for Windows General information Contents How does it work Kernel Forge API Usage example Interfacing Secure Kernel with Kernel Fo

sjtug mirror-clone An all-in-one mirror utility Example cargo run --release -- conda /srv/data/c

GuiaBolso Try browsing the code on Sourcegraph! Darwin Database schema evolution library for Go Example package main import ( "database/sql" "log" "" _ "" )

willi-kappler darwin-rs This library allows you to write evolutionary algorithms (EA) using the Rust programming language. Written by Willi Kappler, License: MIT -

Siguza libkrw An attempt at standardising an iOS kernel r/w API. Background Under Mach/Darwin/XNU, task ports are an API that, among other things, let you re

Sinclairq DataCommunication A kernelmode driver swapping a .data pointer in the kernel to perform communication between the kernel and usermode. Information DIS

MotorolaMobilityLLC Linux kernel release 3.x <> These are the release notes for Linux version 3. Read them carefully, as they tell you what this is all about, explain how to install the kernel, and what to do if something goes wrong.

google syzkaller - kernel fuzzer syzkaller is an unsupervised coverage-guided kernel fuzzer. Linux kernel fuzzing has the most support, akaros, freebsd, fuchsia, netbsd, windows and gvisor are supported to varying degrees. The pr

brendan-rius Minimal C kernel for Jupyter Use with Docker (recommended) docker pull brendanrius/jupyter-c-kernel docker run -p 8888:8888 brendanrius/jupyter-c-kernel Copy the given URL containing the token, and browse to it.

googleprojectzero KTRW KTRW is an iOS kernel debugger for devices with an A11 SoC, such as the iPhone 8. It leverages debug registers present on these devices to bypass KTRR, remap the kernel as writable, and load a kernel extension that implement

wasmerio kernel-wasm Safely run WebAssembly in the Linux kernel, with faster-than-native performance. Background I wrote Cervus, another WebAssembly "usermode" subsystem running in Linux kernel, about one year ago. At that tim

dynup kpatch is a Linux dynamic kernel patching infrastructure which allows you to patch a running kernel without rebooting or restarting any processes. It enables sysadmins to apply critical security patches to the kernel immediately, without having to wait for long-running tasks to complete, for users to log off, or for scheduled reboot windows. It gives more control over uptime without sacrificing security or stability.

Mic92 Linux kernel module written in Zig This is a proof-of-concept on how to integrate zig into Linux kernel modules. USAGE This assumes that you kernel headers installed. In Debian based systems can be done using apt-get

bsauce Linux kernel CVE exploit analysis report and relative debug environment. You don't need to compile Linux kernel and configure your environment anymore.

marcinguy Port of "DR.CHECKER : A Soundy Vulnerability Detection Tool for Linux Kernel Drivers" to Clang/LLVM 10 and Linux Kernel

shekit Mirror Selfie Removing the phone from the notorious mirror selfie using deep learning Demo Video Full Video How to run The notebooks were created and run in Google colab. A google colab runtime resets ev