A script to do actions based on the current window and selected text.

go do the correct thing A script to do actions based on the current window and selected text. With this you can: Select any compiler error text in any terminal and open the correct file and line in your text editor. Click

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JeaSungLEE LimitCellSelect Intoduction You can specify the maximum number of cells that can be selected, and specify the cells that are selected by default. Requirements LimitCellSelect is written in Swift 3.

martanne dvtm - dynamic virtual terminal manager dvtm brings the concept of tiling window management, popularized by X11-window managers like dwm to the consol

dtx12 Android Animations Actions Actions for android animations. Inspired by libgdx scene2d actions. The main goal of this project is making creating of complex animations easier. You may create animations like in demo with just a c

JasonEtco GitHub Actions Toolkit A toolkit for building GitHub Actions in Node.js Usage • API • How to test your Action • FAQ Heads up! This toolkit was built to work with Actions v1. There is an official toolkit for Actions v2

eCollect vue-swipe-actions iOS style swipe actions for Vue.js, Live Demo (Source) Installation npm install --save vue-swipe-actions import { SwipeList, SwipeO

raoofha gter : embed a GUI app inside a terminal window or any other window tested only with xterm, I also use i3 window manager. this is much better solution than the previous approach. requirement X11 xterm bash

michitaro vue-window Introduction Recent web applications are mainly for mobile environments. Therefore window UI is no longer mainstream. However, window UI is

cyrus-and Zoom This minor mode takes care of managing the window sizes by enforcing a fixed and automatic balanced layout where the currently selected window is resized according to zoom-size which can be an absolute value in lines/colu

koekeishiya Tiling window management for the Mac. About yabai is a window management utility that is designed to work as an extension to the built-in window manager of macOS. yabai allows you to control your windows,

martinlexow Let’s be honest: The default “About” window in macOS apps looks like a relict of past times. It’s a forgotten niche of the Mac culture — so I made Uberabout! It replaces the default “About” window with a modern looking and fun one. Even though most of your users will never look at this window, remember: God is in the detalis!

juliangruber quicktron Quickly load a script in an electron window! $ npm install -g quicktron $ echo "document.body.innerHTML = 'Hello from Electron!'" > script.js $ quicktron script.js The argument can also be an html file, like so:

sdras Awesome Actions A curated list of awesome things related to GitHub Actions. Actions are triggered by GitHub platform events directly in a repo and run on-demand workflows either on Linux, Windows or macOS virtual ma

STAIR-Lab-CIT STAIR Actions (version 1.1) "STAIR Actions" is a large-scale video dataset for action recognition research. It consists of 100 categories of everyday human actions, which is listed in this table. For each action, there are

maddox GitHub Actions Fun with robots. This is a collection of GitHub Actions that I thought might be useful to others. There aren't many for now, but any general actions I create will get stored here. Home Assistant Command

sethvargo Go SDK for GitHub Actions - easily author GitHub Actions in Go

peaceiris GitHub Actions for mdBook rust-lang/mdBook Setup Action. We can run mdBook on a virtual machine of GitHub Actions by this mdBook action. Linux, macOS,

sw-yx A Prototype svelte actions for inclusion into official actions in future.

dylanaraps sowm (Simple Shitty Opinionated Window Manager) An itsy bitsy floating window manager (220~ sloc!). Floating only. Fullscreen toggle. Window centering. Mix of mouse and keyboard workflow. Focus with cursor. Rounde

fhill2 floating.nvim is a floating window manager. It is centered around storing/restoring/managing custom window layouts along with their associated 'actions' It aims to be easy to use & easy to customize.

kamranahmedse Pennywise Cross-platform application to open website or media in a floating window Pennywise opens any website or media in a small floating window that remains on top of all other applications. Pennywise window

TimUntersberger Windows window manager is a tiling window manager for Windows 10 (like i3 for linux)