A stupid simple script runner supporting c, c++, rust, haskell and virtually anything

rooki A stupid simple script runner supporting c, c++, rust, haskell and virtually anything Rooki is written in 20 lines of bash, and has a very flexible functionality. How does it work? You just write comments as ro

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jest-community jest-runner-eslint ESLint runner for Jest Usage Install Install jest(it needs Jest 21+) and jest-runner-eslint yarn add --dev jest jest-runner-eslint # or with NPM npm instal

azz jest-runner-tsc A Jest runner for the TypeScript compiler install npm install --save-dev jest-runner-tsc configure Jest configuration: jest.tsc.config.js: module.exports = { runner: 'je

alexwl Haskell Code Explorer Haskell Code Explorer is a web application for exploring and understanding Haskell codebases. It provides IDE-like code intelligence features such as types and documentation on hover, "go to definition", "

tweag inline-java: Call any JVM function from Haskell The Haskell standard includes a native foreign function interface (FFI). Using it can be a bit involved and only C support is implemented in GHC. inline-java lets you call any JV

tensorflow The tensorflow-haskell package provides Haskell bindings to TensorFlow. This is not an official Google product. Documentation https://tensorflow.github.io/haskell/haddock/ TensorFlow.Core is a good place to start.

Randrita Virtual_Image_Dragger This is a virtual picture dragging application. Users may virtually slide photos across the screen. The distance between the ind

pypyr pypyr task-runner cli & api for automation pipelines. Automate anything by combining commands, different scripts in different languages & applications into one pipeline process.

lastmjs Zwitterion A web dev server that lets you import anything* * If by anything you mean: JavaScript ES2015+, TypeScript, JSON, JSX, TSX, AssemblyScript, Rust, C, C++, WebAssembly, and in the future anything that compiles to Ja

jerverless Turn anything into a serverless function.. Docker ready! jerverless is a serverless runner which will execute anything (binaries, commands or your scripts) as a serverless function. It simply pipes http POST data into STDIN

bluss A port of the libtest (unstable Rust) benchmark runner to Rust stable releases. Supports running benchmarks and filtering based on the name. Benchmark

lettier Movie Monad A desktop video player built with Haskell that uses GStreamer and GTK+. Screenshots Documentation Let's make a GTK Video Player with Haskell Install GitHub # Install

i5ik 🐛 dumbass Chosen by toddlers, insects, and stupid coders. Be boring, be dumb. Be too stupid for complex tools. Make components from cross-browser web standards without thinking too hard. Dumbass is a library to

jamiebuilds task-graph-runner Run async tasks with dependencies Install yarn add task-graph-runner Usage import taskGraphRunner from 'task-graph-runner'; let graph = new Map([ ["task-a", ["task-d"]], // t

Fewnity T-Rex-Runner-Game-Nintendo-DS T-Rex runner game from Google Chrome on Nintendo DS. Created with devkitPro for Nintendo DS. Video of the game here! Scr

siraben A compiler for a subset of Haskell to Combinatory Logic Adapted from the original version by Ben Lynn This is an elaboration and annotation of Ben Lynn's Haskell compiler and C VM. The main aim is to improve upon the

xnning Efficient effect handlers based on evidence translation [1]. The interface and design is described in detail in "Effect Handlers in Haskell, Evidently", Ningning Xie and Daan Leijen, Haskell 2020.

HeinrichApfelmus Welcome to HyperHaskell, … the strongly hyped Haskell interpreter. HyperHaskell is a graphical interpreter for the programming language Haskell. You use worksheets to enter expressions and evaluate them. Results are display

haskus Haskus system Haskus system is a framework written in Haskell and designed for system programming. Fundamentally it is an experiment into providing an integrated interface leveraging Haskell features (type-safety, STM, etc.) fo

theam haskell.do is a Haskell code editor, centered around interactive development. You can get it on the website. Pull Requests are greatly appreciated, check out our contributing guidelines. Building from source The only 3rd-

RKlompUU FPSheet A Spreadsheet program with Haskell as the scripting language The prototype was written in C, it can be tried out in the c-prototype branch. I am currently rewriting the tool in Haskell, which I am doing in this

jkachmar Easy Haskell Language Server Nix Easy Haskell Language Server tooling with Nix! Example Usage Quickstart The quickest way to start using this project