REST API for any Postgres database

PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database. It provides a cleaner, more standards-compliant, faster API than you are likely to write from scratch. Sponsors

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basiliqio Basiliq is a very alpha REST API that replaces the need to write CRUD methods by exposing a standardized API to interact with a Postgres database

xgenecloud XgeneCloud🚀 Instant REST & GraphQL APIs on any Database (MySQL, Postgres, MsSQL, SQLite, MariaDB)

paunin PostDock - Postgres & Docker - Postgres streaming replication cluster for any docker environment

sfackler Rust-Postgres PostgreSQL support for Rust. postgres Documentation A native, synchronous PostgreSQL client. tokio-postgres Documentation A native, asyn

acro5piano graphql-rest-proxy Convert your REST server to GraphQL server. Install npm -g install graphql-rest-proxy Or if you use Yarn: yarn global add graphql-rest-proxy Why We all know GraphQL is grea

o1lab Xmysql : One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql database Why this ? Generating REST APIs for a MySql database which does not follow conventions of frameworks such as rails, django, laravel etc is a sm

parisk Chrome REST Manipulate Chrome through a REST API. Install To install Chrome REST just clone this repo and run ./script/bootstrap. Start server To start the Chrome REST server just run ./script/server.

oelmekki PgRebase PgRebase is a tool that allows you to easily handle your postgres codebase for functions, triggers and views. Why If you started outsourcing data manipulation to your database through postgresql cool features

embbnux Kails A Web App like Ruby on Rails with Koa2, Webpack and Postgres. This project is like Ruby on Rails Project: MVC Database (postgres), ORM(sequelize) migration(sequelize-cli) assets compile(webpack) Session Pas

dbohdan The following is a list of tools that automatically expose a REST, GraphQL, or another kind of API for your database, as well as databases with a built-in HTTP API. Project name/link Database(s) supported API type Im

r-spacex SpaceX REST API - Open Source REST API for rocket, core, capsule, pad, and launch data

lib pq - A pure Go postgres driver for Go's database/sql package Install go get Features SSL Handles bad connections for database/sql Scan time.Time correctly (i.e. timestamp[tz], ti

graphql-community graphql-directive-rest Introduction GraphQL is often used to integrate applications with REST API. Using this directive allows you to make REST integrations without creating any resolvers 🎉 😮

aesrael GO-React starter This is a boilerplate/starter for a go and react project. It uses the go gin framework. Getting started Download and install golang Download and install postgres Setup Postgres: Setting up po

zombodb ZomboDB is a Postgres extension that enables efficient full-text searching via the use of indexes backed by Elasticsearch. In order to achieve this, ZomboDB implements Postgres' Access Method API. In practical terms, a Zo

zalando The Postgres Operator delivers an easy to run highly-available PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes (K8s) powered by Patroni. It is configured only through Postgres manifests (CRDs) to ease integration into automated CI/CD pipelines with no access to Kubernetes API directly, promoting infrastructure as code vs manual operations.

linkedin is an open source REST framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using type-safe bindings and asynchronous, non-blocking IO. fills a niche for applying RESTful principles at scale with an end-to-end d

ungerik go-rest A small and evil REST framework for Go Reflection, Go structs, and JSON marshalling FTW! go get import "" Documentation:

vyasgiridhar qrest Create a rest api from mariadb for a database. This project was motivated by prest by nuveo The Works: To install run, go install To start the rest server, qrest -rport 80

Tencent TBase Database Management System TBase is an advanced enterprise-level database management system based on prior work of Postgres-XL project.It supports an extended subset of the SQL standard, including transactions, foreign

MuShare Httper Httper is a REST API test tool running on your iOS devices. It helps developers to test their REST APIs anywhere and anytime without PC. Features Httper is a REST API test app running on your iOS devices. It h