A colorful version of hexdump

TK-encoding Q: What up with the name? A: tk stands for three-koding. Because it encodes in groups of three bytes. (I know the name sucks) Q: Wait, what do you mean with "encoding in groups of three bytes"? A: tk is an encoding

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Co2333 Colorful A SwiftUI implementation of AppleCard's animated colorful blur background. Preview Usage import Colorful var body: some View { ColorfulV

lptstr huxdemp is an advanced version of the venerable hexdump that uses colors, bolding, and other terminal formatting to distinguish between nul bytes, ASCII whitespace, UTF8-control characters, ASCII control characters, and normal printable bytes.

sitkevij hex (hx) Futuristic take on hexdump. hex accepts a file path as input and outputs a hexadecimal colorized view to stdout. $ hx tests/files/alphanumeri

knyttneve colorfulTab simple & colorful jquery tab plugin Demo Usage $("#exampleTab").colorfulTab(); HTML Structure <div class="colorful-tab-wrapper" id="examplaTab"> <!-- Tab Menu --> &lt

garretyoder Colorful Colorful is a dynamic theme library allowing you to change your apps' color schemes easily. License Colorful is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, in common Android style. Copyright 2016 Garret Yoder

sixoverground Icotar Colorful Icon Avatars Icotar generates simple, playful avatars for your app or website. Based on the lovable avatars from Yik Yak, each avatar consists of a colorful background and a recognizable

CleanCut Green A clean, colorful, fast python test runner. Table of Contents Features Screenshots Getting Help Basic Usage Basic Troubleshooting Verbosity Levels Canned Examples Advanced Usage

janlelis Whirly 😀 A simple, colorful and customizable terminal spinner library for Ruby. It comes with 24 custom spinners and also includes those from the cli-spinners project. Demonstration Bundled Whirl

slomkowski Bash full of colors Powerful .bashrc and .bash_profile coming together with colorful output. It adds additional information to your command prompt and many useful aliases. Features: shows number of active background jobs s

Cuieney Android RainbowProgressBar The RainbowProgressBar is a progressbar, colorful and amazing(For everyone) Today is a sunny day and I saw a rainbow ,so I decided to do this for Android developer hhhh And also you can contribute m

bokub chalk-animation Colorful animations in terminal stdout Available animations Name Preview rainbow pulse glitch radar

ehsunshine Colored Time Range Selector A smart colored time range selector. Users can select just free time with a handy colorful range selector. Screen Shots Features Select a time range between 2 hours

acarl005 A more colorful, user-friendly implementation of ls written in Go. You want to be able to glean a lot of information as quickly as possible from ls. Colors can help your mind parse the information. You can configure ls to color the outpu

syb7573330 This work reconstructs colorful 3D model from a single-view image. We tested the proposed framework on ShapeNet sub-database and selected 3D human meshes from MakeHuman.

turbomaze colorful-phish: prevent your users from falling for phishing emails Colorful-phish gives each of your users a unique color that adversaries can't guess. Just include this color whenever you email your users, and now they will n

themesberg Pixel Lite - 🌈 Colorful and vibrant Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

lunasorcery Like cat, but more colorful - inspired by lolcat. Colorize your terminal output with pride!

web-padawan vanilla-colorful is a port of react colorful to vanilla Custom Elements.

jsit 🍞 Toast! A colorful, medium-contrast color scheme with full Vim and Neovim support and automatic light and dark variants. Easy to read without frying your retinae.

yaahc color-eyre An error report handler for panics and the eyre crate for colorful, consistent, and well formatted error reports for all kinds of errors. T

DerLobi XcoatOfPaint Have you ever wished the Xcode icon could get a fresh coat of paint to match the colorful Mac you just bought? How to run Prebuilt releas