memcached server built on bash + socat

bashcached memcached server built on bash + socat Feature It is one file script (small, (($(< bashcached wc -l) < 100))!), and it requires only: bash socat So, you can use it as soon as you downl

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yetone MirDB: A Persistent Key-Value Store with Memcached protocol STATUS BADGES USAGE It is painless as using memcached. TODO tokio with memcached protocol memtable with skiplist m

vi websocat Netcat, curl and socat for WebSockets. Examples Connect to public echo server $ websocat ws:// 123 123 ABC ABC Serve and c

petergoldstein Dalli Dalli is a high performance pure Ruby client for accessing memcached servers. It works with memcached 1.4+ only as it uses the newer binary protocol. It should be considered a replacement for the memcache-client gem. Th

niieani Bash Infinity Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The In

posener complete A tool for bash writing bash completion in go. Writing bash completion scripts is a hard work. This package provides an easy way to create bash completion scripts for any command, and also an easy way to install/un

nikita-skobov create-bash-script A bash script designed to create other bash scripts with basic argument parsing. Installation: This script was designed to be used as a global program to easily create bash scripts within any direct

riobard bash-powerline Powerline for Bash in pure Bash script. Features Git: show branch name, tag name, or unique short hash. Git: show "*" symbol with uncommited modifications. Git: show "โ†‘" symbol and number of co

zombieleet bash-assert testify is a lightweight unit testing framework for bash Usage clone this repository git clone create a test file then source testify.bash and the script you want

zombieleet async-bash async-bash is a bash script that implements few asynchronous functions This script was created to be compatible with bash versions that does not support coproc functions setTimeout ( excute a function a

alexanderepstein bsupdate (Bash Script Update) A lightweight drop in bash script that can be added to any bash application/CLI to automate updating Less then 3 KB, ~35 lines of code If you have

feross Clash - A Simple Bash-Like Shell What is Clash? A simple Bash-like shell. Assignment instructions are here. What is Bash? Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox for the GNU P

akinomyoga Bash Line Editor -- a full-featured line editor written in pure Bash! Syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, vim modes, etc. are available in Bash interactive sessions!

vislee Medis Medis is based on redis2.0 added a part of memcached command Building Medis It is as simple as: % make medis-server Medis is just a single binary, but if you want to install it you can use the "make insta

twitter twemproxy (nutcracker) twemproxy (pronounced "two-em-proxy"), aka nutcracker is a fast and lightweight proxy for memcached and redis protocol. It was built primarily to reduce the number of connections to the caching servers on

dylanaraps pure bash bible A [WIP] collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes. The goal of this repository is to document known and unknown methods of doing various tasks using only built-in bash features. Using the

golang groupcache Summary groupcache is a distributed caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for a pool of memcached nodes in many cases. For API docs and examples, see

patrickmn go-cache go-cache is an in-memory key:value store/cache similar to memcached that is suitable for applications running on a single machine. Its major advantage is that, being essentially a thread-safe map[string]interface{} with

JLospinoso memcachedump is a tool for dumping the cache contents of exposed memcached servers into local text files. You'll need Python 3 along with Shodan API Key or ZoomEye Credentials. Running the tool: > python --help usag

fastogt About FastoNoSQL FastoNoSQL โ€” is a cross-platform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, UpscaleDB, ForestDB, Pika management tool, also FastoNoSQL is platform for NoSQL databases, you can add your own implem

jaysonsantos bmemcached-rs Rust binary memcached implementation (ON GOING) Usage extern crate bmemcached; use std::sync::Arc; use std::thread; use bmemcached::Me

aisk rust-memcache rust-memcache is a memcached client written in pure rust. Install The crate is called memcache and you can depend on it via cargo: [depe