Automatically builds and deploys your AUR packages.

aur-autobuild-template A template for automating your Arch AUR builds using Travis CI. By the way, I use Arch. Feel free to fork this template and use it for your own builds. Contributions are also welcome! Dependenci

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mastertinner Pacmanfile is a tool that allows to declaratively define which packages you want to have installed via Arch Linux' Pacman or Yay to include packages from the AUR.

Hayao0819 WFA - A simple AUR helper written in a shell script wfa is an AUR helper written in Bash that is being developed to replace yaourt. WARNING wfa is sti

ouuan Manage AUR packages in a GitHub repository, with CI tests and auto-publish :rocket:

bdimcheff Rainbow Deploys for Kubernetes or: how you can deploy services to Kubernetes that require long periods of draining. What? Rainbow deploys are like Blue/Green deploys, but instead of just two environments, there are an

mattfinnell flask-webpack cookiecutter Builds the skeleton of a flask+webpack app. automatically constructs application skeleton automatically builds python-flask dependencies automatically builds node-webpack dependencies automa

Jguer Yet another Yogurt - An AUR Helper written in Go

dave wasmgo The wasmgo command compiles Go to WASM, and serves the binary locally or deploys to the CDN. Install go get -u Serve command wasmgo serve [flags] [package] Serves

datacharmer DBdeployer is a tool that deploys MySQL database servers easily. This is a port of MySQL-Sandbox, originally written in Perl, and re-designed from the ground up in Go. See the features comparison for more detail.

RedpointGames pkgsign A CLI tool for signing and verifying npm and yarn packages. pkgsign is a tool for adding signatures to npm and yarn packages, as well as verifying those packages using known signatures. It allows for signing packages w

jordansissel fpm The goal of fpm is to make it easy and quick to build packages such as rpms, debs, OSX packages, etc. fpm, as a project, exists to help you build packages, therefore: If fpm is not helping you make packages easily

good-parts A GitHub-to-EC2 CI/CD Pipeline in 7 Clicks This is a simple template for creating a CI/CD pipeline that automatically picks up new commits from GitHub, builds them with AWS CodeBuild, and deploys them to EC2 using AWS CodeDeploy.

grofers Legend The legendary tool which builds and manages grafana dashboards for your applications What is Legend Legend builds and publishes Grafana dashboa

kevalpatel2106 Green Build - Pocket CI client An android app to easily managing your CI builds. Green Build is an open source android application built from the ground up to manage your CI builds on the go. Green

BrunnerLivio πŸ“¦ try Quickly try out npm packages inside a container. Purpose As a developer working with NodeJS you often stumble upon packages you quickly want to try out. Installing these packages on your host syste

luin npm-try πŸš† Quickly try npm packages without writing boilerplate code. npm-try provides a REPL interface for you to try NPM packages without writing any boilerplate code. Simply run npm-try [packages ..] anywhere on

coaxsoft ARM python packages This repository contains pre-compiled packages for arm64. The idea of this repo is to have one storage for the packages (while the

mvantellingen localshop A PyPI server which automatically proxies and mirrors PyPI packages based upon packages requested. It has support for multiple indexes and team based access and also supports the uploading of local (private) pack

dollarshaveclub Furan Scale out Docker builds Furan is a horizontally-scalable Docker build microservice (API) that builds and pushes Docker images from a specified GitHub repository to a specified target (registry or S3).

stevedesmond-ca dotnet-arm Automated builds of .NET Core for Ubuntu 16.04 on ARM Notice There are official nightly builds of the .NET Core Runtime for ARM Linux available at These scrip

ninxsoft A Mac command-line tool that automatically generates macOS Installer Disk Images and Packages

repman-io Repman - PHP Repository Manager Repman is a PHP repository manager. Main features: free and open source works as a proxy for (speeds up your local builds) hosts your private packages allows to cre