Newest releases

timb-machine Tracking interesting Linux (and UNIX malware)

darklotuskdb Session Cookie Finder - It helps you to find the main session cookie from the bunch of cookies, which is responsible for the user authentication.

wojtekmach Erlang/OTP + Elixir + IEx + Mix in a single executable for Linux/macOS/Windows. Just run Elixir!

The-Invent0r These are the KiCAD files for my 8-Bit Computer.

b1izzard-34 A skeuomorphic minimal icon theme

adi1090x Few widgets for Eww, Elkowar’s Wacky Widgets.

htr-tech Advanced Phishing tool for Linux & Termux

huan DoChat(盒装微信) is a Dockerized WeChat(微信) PC Windows Client for Linux.

docker This tutorial has been written with the intent of helping folks get up and running with containers and is designed to work with Docker Desktop.

bitclout run your own bitclout node

ArchiveBox The Good Karma Kit A Docker Compose project to run on servers with spare CPU, disk, and bandwidth. Help the world by contributing your unused computin

joanbono Awesome Kicad Contributing Please take a quick gander at the contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock! Contents Plugins Pan

robinsmidsrod Command-line interface to UniFi Controller API.

bastakka Volume indicator with Cat pop theme for GNOME

srid Future-proof note-taking and publishing based on Zettelkasten

rxi A lightweight JSON library for Lua

rosineygp Proxmox PCI Switcher Switch among Guest VMs organized by Resource Pool. main features: ONE GPU card, N OS (at once) Guest VM command client Handler po

chenyanming README Table of Contents Description Features Known Bugs Installation and Configuration Keybindings Change logs Description Emacs Wallabag client. Fea

dynup kpatch is a Linux dynamic kernel patching infrastructure which allows you to patch a running kernel without rebooting or restarting any processes. It enables sysadmins to apply critical security patches to the kernel immediately,

iximiuz docker-to-linux - make bootable Linux disk image abusing Docker UPD: Two years after creating this project I clearly can see some interest in building

svandragt Repoman Repoman is a script to export and import a list of git repositories. Use repoman to generate a list of - and clone - multiple repositories wit

Stetsed NVIDIA-Single-GPU-Passthrough Hello everybody :D, So recently I have seen alot of people have been having issues with single-gpu passthrough. And I de

santosh79 Highly Parallel Key Value store that aims to be a plug-in replacement for Redis.

lukaszraczylo Raspberry Pi kubernetes cluster on Alpine linux setup This repository is supposed to help if I'd EVER AGAIN destroy the whole cluster by accident. Cod

ajnart Workshop MyNetflix part. 1 Ce workshop a pour but de vous familiariser avec Docker et Portainer en mettant en place un serveur Plex pour pouvoir visio

bderenzo Tinystatus tinystatus generate an html status page via shell script. Features Parallel checks HTTP, ping, port checks HTTP expected status code (401,

androidmalware android_hid Use Android as Rubber Ducky against another Android device HID attack using Android Using Android as Rubber Ducky against Android. This is

aws-containers Amazon ECS Exec Checker The check-ecs-exec.sh script allows you to check and validate both your CLI environment and ECS cluster/task are ready for ECS

altineller Gazebo package for simulation of robots in Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: https://en.wikipedia.o

Kron4ek Conty This is an easy to use non-root container compressed into squashfs and packed into a single executable that runs (or at least should run) on mos

input-output-hk The core component that is used to participate in a Cardano decentralised blockchain.

martinsoft magic-battery-checker Overview Check your Magic Keyboard / Mouse battery levels from macOS command line, and trigger notifications on a schedule if ba

noob-hackers ABOUT TOOL : Vanish is a bash based script which is officially made for creating all os based virus and malware which destroys victims computer or any