Newest releases

wx-chevalier 深入浅出 K8s:概念与部署 工作载荷 服务负载 存储 权限 网络 生态扩展

onsails This tiny plugin adds vscode-like pictograms to neovim built-in lsp:

NOperatingSystem A operating system made from scratch that teaches the user how computers were meant to be used

moosefs MooseFS is a Petabyte Open Source Network Distributed File System. It is easy to deploy and maintain, highly reliable, fault tolerant, highly performing, easily scalable and POSIX compliant.

intuit Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests.

e-m-b-a emba is being developed as a firmware scanner that analyses already-extracted Linux-based firmware images.

spantaleev Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker

bminossi This script grab public report from hacker one and make some folders with poc videos

geerlingguy Kubernetes 101 - a series by Jeff Geerling

senran101604 💚A nice dark colorscheme for Vim and Neovim.😃

oam-dev KubeVela - A Platform Engine based on Kubernetes, CUE and Open Application Model.

sibbl How to build your own Kindle 4 photo frame displaying your Home Assistant Lovelace panel

kboghdady YouTube script to add the new Ads list for Pi-hole

mob-sakai New series of CI-specialised docker images for Unity. Superseding the famous gableroux/unity3d images.

rocky-linux The infrastructure monorepo for The Rocky Linux Foundation

rocky-linux Rocky Linux is a community enterprise Operating System designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux now that CentOS has shifted direction.

no-gravity Run a temporary DNS server that resolves a given hostname to the current IP

lobuhi Simple bash script to bypass "403 Forbidden" messages with well-known methods discussed in #bugbountytips

V33RU IoT Pentesting 101 && IoT Security 101

cellar-wg the specification for the EBML format

Fmstrat Run Windows apps such as Microsoft Office in Linux (Ubuntu) and GNOME as if they were a part of the native OS, including Nautilus integration.

yuanqing A cheatsheet for common video processing operations in FFmpeg

a-maliarov The list of styled dynamic informational shields, given the ability to exist by the truly amazing work of shields.io 😍

edfloreshz My Arch Linux configuration scripts

Gictorbit an installer for Photoshop CC v19 on Gnu/Linux

charliesome A WSL alternative for users who prefer an MS-DOS environment. DOS Subsystem for Linux integrates a real Linux environment into MS-DOS systems, allowing users to make use of both DOS and Linux applications from the DOS command prom

swiper CVE-2020-15505: RCE on MobileIron MDM PoC

netxs-group Text-based Desktop Environment, aka Monotty Desktop (desktopio)

eclypsium BootHole vulnerability (CVE-2020-10713). detection script, links and other mitigation related materials

ericdouglas 📚 Roadmap to becoming a distributed systems specialist 🎓

wslutilities This is a collection of utilities for Windows 10 Linux Subsystem, such as retrieving Windows 10 environment variables or creating your favorite Linux GUI application shortcuts on Windows 10 Desktop.

fhsinchy Project codes used in "The Docker Handbook" 📓