Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.

Newest releases

e-m-b-a emba is being developed as a firmware scanner that analyses already-extracted Linux-based firmware images.

spantaleev Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker

stuartlangridge Mute your mic while you're typing. An app for Ubuntu.

Gictorbit This bash script helps you to install Adobe Illustrator CC on your Linux distro easily. It will download a free version of Illustrator and tries to run it using wine installed on your system

snovvcrash Automate installation of extra pentest tools on Kali Linux

sdushantha 👻 Recover old Snaps that have “disappeared” from Snapchat

Kong Docker distribution for Kong

ADD-SP A web application firewall module for nginx without complex configuration

etc5had0w This Script installs useful tools and stuff for pen-testing purpose.

Llawliet0872 Oak is a simple package manager for debian and debian based systems written in c++ and shell script.

bminossi This script grab public report from hacker one and make some folders with poc videos

omer-dogan Whoami is a Linux privacy tool developed to keep you anonymous at the highest level.

noahbliss Mortar – Linux-native TPM-backed Bitlocker Framework to join Linux's physical security bricks. Mortar is essentially Linux-native TPM-backed Bitlocker.

Fakerr Beautiful, concise, easy to reach Git cheat sheet in your terminal

IronicBadger The aim is to share knowledge and information about building an open-source media server.

meisenzahl Upgrade - A way to upgrade open-source operating systems.

Kirtar22 The objective of this repo is to share 100+ hunting queries (osquery) that will help cyber threat analysts (hunter/investigator) in their hunting or investigation exercises.

evilsocket A GNU/Linux monitoring and profiling tool focused on single processes.

geerlingguy Kubernetes 101 - a series by Jeff Geerling

hoob3rt A blazing fast and easy to configure neovim statusline written in pure lua.

jstrieb Create a collaborative programming environment inside GitHub Actions – like Google Docs for hacking competitions

alainm23 Task manager with Todoist support designed for GNU/Linux 🚀

senran101604 💚A nice dark colorscheme for Vim and Neovim.😃

oam-dev KubeVela - A Platform Engine based on Kubernetes, CUE and Open Application Model.

sibbl How to build your own Kindle 4 photo frame displaying your Home Assistant Lovelace panel

paolomainardi AdditronK8S is a retro game machine build as a Kubernetes custom controller and implemented in Javascript.

equalsraf Neovim client library and GUI, in Qt5.

kboghdady YouTube script to add the new Ads list for Pi-hole

isaacrlevin Repo to define my use of docker containers on my home network with Reverse Proxy Configuration

mob-sakai New series of CI-specialised docker images for Unity. Superseding the famous gableroux/unity3d images.

kelseyhightower This tutorial walks you through deploying Hashicorp's Vault on Cloud Run, Google Cloud's container based Serverless compute platform.

mastertinner Pacmanfile is a tool that allows to declaratively define which packages you want to have installed via Arch Linux' Pacman or Yay to include packages from the AUR.

ovcharenko-di Прокси-сервер хранилища 1С для контроля комментариев к версиям