Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.

Newest releases

harsh-bothra VPS-Install Quick script to install all the required tools over a VPS (tested on DEBIAN). It will install a Kali OS over the VPS and will install tool

jfmaes Ansible-Red-EC2 Deploy RedTeam Specific EC2 via ansible. Requirements To use this ansible role you'll need to have ansible installed (kinda obvious th

sentriz vim-print-debug automatic "printf" style debugging for vim. each new call returns a unique line with incrementing chars. eg "aaa", "bbb", "ccc". it al

mrjones2014 lighthaus.nvim A Lua implementation of lighthaus-theme/vim-lighthaus, with added built-in LSP support! Default: Dark: NOTE: Requires termguicolors. Co

garutilorenzo wordpress-docker Table of Contents Requirements Environment setup Use the environment WP Cli Fix permission problem Nginx SSL Certbot/Let's encrypt Ow

Weeb-Linux IMPORTANT: This project is still under heavy development. We force push a lot! Join our Telegram channel now to stay up to date with main developer. s

elliotkillick Spin up new Windows qubes quickly, effortlessly and securely on Qubes OS


we-are-teamvenom Venom-Tools-Installer Introduction Venom-Tool-Installer is a Kali Linux hacking tools installer for Termux and linux system. Venom-Tool-Installer was

kvaps kubectl-kaniko Kaniko plugin for kubectl. (inspired by GoogleContainerTools/kaniko#1289) The Kaniko wrapper for kubectl mimics the kaniko executor, bu

rioastamal About shFokus shFokus is Bash script to make you focus and stay productive by blocking distracting websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. It

k8s-at-home [email protected] collection of helm charts Usage Helm must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started. Once Helm is s

j4ckmln Hacking Arsenal Toolkit Setup Are you tired of install the same hacking tools in every system different of kali linux? This tool is for you xD This is

junegunn tmux-fzf-maccy Tmux plugin for Maccy and fzf integration. Allows you to select an entry from clipboard history. Prerequisites tmux Popup window is use

byteSalgado router-kill Herramienta bash para hacer ataques a un router Tipos de Ataques Ataque Auth: manda paquetes ARP con falsa autenticacion en el router, est

dwisiswant0 bounty-targets-alert It's an watcher for new scopes added to bounty-targets-data and send you alert to Slack. Dependencies Pre-requisites curl (libcur

openfaas Common CLIs packaged in containers with a HTTP interface

YorickPeterse Vim Paper A personal light theme for (Neo)Vim, based on the color of paper as found in various notebooks. I created Paper as a replacement for Happy H

vigoux treesitter-context A context.vim clone using treesitter ! Installation Just install it as a regular plugin, it requires nvim-treesitter as a dependecy

BlackWolfed Written by Mostafa Tamam --> Red Team analyst || Bug Hunter 👋 Connect with me: Description 🔭 This is a Recon & Information Gathering Methodology In

hackclub BEFORE SHIPPING: set Host to the hostname of the URL we're wanting to proxy to. this will fix github pages domains that have a CNAME, like maxwofford.

nikp123 For this to work you'll need to do the following: Have a proper USB cable that works Have a PC that is ABLE to process real-time video A proper USB co

wintrmvte Powerprompt is an informative, colorful prompt for Zsh

byteSalgado msfpayload Creacion de puertas traseras (backdoors) para Metasploit-framework Informacion: Este script le ahorrara trabajo y tiempo, su funcion princi

jeanron100 发起这个项目的初衷? 我觉得很多MySQL DBA的管理工作似乎有些俗套,不断的刷show processlist,show slave status,select user,host from mysql.user等等,背都能背出来的一些命令,我觉得反复敲一些相同的命令是很枯燥的,而且在很多维护管

txrx-research Eth1 Shard Demo Prerequisites Install Docker Compose Run Eth1 Shard Demo git clone [email protected]:txrx-research/eth1-shard-demo.git cd eth1-shard-demo

xyzz Renesas RL78 processor module for Ghidra Installing the module Download from the latest release and extract it to Ghidra/Processors. Building

zardus shelltools Random scripts for shellcoding. assemble: build shellcode, assemble shellcode.s or assemble "mov rax, 60; syscall" disassemble: build shell

mrpippy A hack allowing the use of Xcode 9's toolchain on macOS Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey

mujtaba1747 git-autocommit A bash script to automate pushing changes to github It Employs inotifywait (a Linux System Call from the inotify family) to recursively

blackCauldron7 surround.nvim Warning this is a beta and my first plugin. I won't be responsible for broken codes because the parser failed or something. You are enco

huylvdev A library to help you fix image ios 14 for react-native Usage npm install --save react-native-fix-image npx react-native-fix-image rebuild project My

learnbyexample Ruby one-liners cookbook Example based guide for text processing with ruby from the command line. The book also includes exercises to test your unders