Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.

Newest releases

Icylla The supreme guide for maximizing battery life out of your laptop running Linux!

myspaghetti Push-button installer of macOS Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra guests in Virtualbox for Windows, Linux, and macOS

timb-machine Tracking interesting Linux (and UNIX malware)

darklotuskdb Session Cookie Finder - It helps you to find the main session cookie from the bunch of cookies, which is responsible for the user authentication.

kubevious Kubevious (pronounced [kju:bvi:əs]) is open-source software that provides a usable and highly graphical interface for Kubernetes. Kubevious renders all configurations relevant to the application in one place.

wojtekmach Erlang/OTP + Elixir + IEx + Mix in a single executable for Linux/macOS/Windows. Just run Elixir!

htpcBeginner Docker media and home server stack with Docker Compose, Traefik, Swarm Mode, Google OAuth2/Authelia, and LetsEncrypt

lmc999 A bash script to check if your VPS's IP is available for various OTT platforms

hakerdefo check-my-net is a simple bash script that can help you in checking your internet connectivity and diagnosing common internet connectivity problems.

Admicos A better way of running Minecraft Without XWayland. Because I REALLY had nothing better to do with my life.

ankitshah009 A repository consisting of useful terminal commands required in daily tasks to reduce stackoverflow searches.

junegunn A git commit browser in Vim

The-Invent0r These are the KiCAD files for my 8-Bit Computer.

GoldinGuy 📚 The ultimate collection of git commands and resources to power up your programming!

mateors linux commands practice

cuducos Simple tools to help developers working YAML in Neovim

gitwatch Watch a file or folder and automatically commit changes to a git repo easily.

ratfactor This is a minimalist toy Unix shell written in Zig.

pystardust A cli tool to browser and play anime

BenSova A mini patcher for macOS Monterey

b1izzard-34 A skeuomorphic minimal icon theme

aw1cks OpenConnect doesn't ship with any init scripts or systemd units. It's also not easy to non-interactively provide username, password and especially OTP. Additionally, running in a docker container gives some extra flexibility with

asidiali Automatically create and manage scripts from history

withfig Fig ◧ Community-driven apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete for your existing Terminal

dmthomas Scripts for downloading higher resolution videos of Apple Events using ffmpeg from Apple's streams

R0X4R A bash script that automatically finds vulnerable paramters on the basis of their patterns and run some most common used tools to find various vulnerabilities and it also uses nuclei which helps to find vulnerabilities on the basi

geerlingguy Collection of macOS automation tools for Ansible.

tkwant docker compose files for traefik, nextcloud and nginx

rougier A consistent theme for GNU Emacs. The light theme is based on Material colors and the dark theme is based on Nord colors.

adi1090x Few widgets for Eww, Elkowar’s Wacky Widgets.

wurosh Cake is a really thin wrapper around make that runs all targets inside a development Docker/Podman container.

sayanarijit Probably the simplest pomodoro timer CLI for Linux