A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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italia Unofficial example of the COVID-19 vaccinations dashboard at

nishantpainter A virtual offline Kanban Board for your personal projects and work flows.

fireship-io A bare minimum implementation. Learn about Websockets & on Youtube.

vercel Virtual Event Starter Kit Demo: This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 l

WADComs WADComs WADComs is an interactive cheat sheet, containing a curated list of Unix/Windows offensive tools and their respective commands. Find the proje

ourcord ✨ ourcord ✨ About Ourcord is a new and alternative discord library for js that focuses on speed and simplicity while retaining low level functions of

TheAtomicProgrammer SRT 📈 Explanation What is SRT? It is a momentum indicator mainly for the stock market. It calculates the strength and speed of the variable/stock pri

open-ch pyrene - Open Systems Component Library Check it out on Packages pyrene - Open Systems Component Library pyrene-graphs - Ope

remark-embedder @remark-embedder/core 🔗 Remark plugin to convert URLs to embed code in markdown. The problem I used to write blog posts on Medium. When I moved on to

basecamp df20 Overview This is the code that handles the email ingest/processing for the Hey Email Research Labs (HERL) Dumpsterfire. All ingest, scanning, fil

roziscoding zod-express-guard Small package intended to use zod to make express request type-safe. Installation Zod, Express and @types/express are peer dependenc

robocorp GitHub action to update a robot in Robocorp Cloud This GitHub Actions uploads a robot to Robocorp Cloud. It updates a robot existing in Robocorp Cloud

iuricode 💅 Stickers Devs Para serviço de impressão recomendamos a Nerd Stickers. No momento da impressão verificar a resolução (300dpi) e escala de cores (CMY

TylerBarnes gatsby-config This plugin adds intellisense and autocompletion to gatsby-config.js for plugins in the plugins array! It makes Gatsby plugin API's disc

anvaka Map of reddit This code renders a map of reddit. Each dot on the map is subreddit. Two dots within the same cluster are usually close to each other if

klaxit Cookie Consent A lightweight JavaScript plugin to handle cookie consent. It is designed to help you comply with data privacy laws like EU Cookie Law,

ehmicky All the characters that work on most terminals and most operating systems. Background While ASCII characters display correctly on all terminals, this

1Euro7Cent Drawbot for, gartic phone ect Requirements NodeJS 14.16.0 Python 3.9 Requests - pip install requests Initialitation open a command prompt i

praveenscience Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: np

Garbrandt TENET is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML. REA

zuramai Sekul is a Admin Dashboard Template that can help you develop faster. Made with Bootstrap 5 Alpha. No jQuery dependency.

PDFTron Build search across multiple documents client-side in your file storage

squareboat A production-ready 🏭 NestJS boilerplate with batteries 🔋 included. No Kidding!

ueberdosis Unicode character search for macOS & Windows.

egoist Document <head> manager for Vue 3, SSR ready.

CaiJimmy Just another simple Hugo theme

ipfs Check on your node stats, explore the IPLD powered merkle forest, see peers around the world and manage your files, without needing to touch the CLI.

alexandresanlim 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Improve your profile with these amazing badges.

nocobase NocoBase is still in early development and is for preview purposes only and is not suitable for use in a production environment.

Dan1ve A template project that combines SvelteKit, TypeScript and TailwindCSS (JIT mode)

mizchi No bundle frontend by service-worker

anvaka Contains scripts and data to render map of reddit

pinterest Querybook is a Big Data Querying UI, combining collocated table metadata and a simple notebook interface.