A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

Newest releases

TheWhatsBot Modular Userbot for Whatsapp

sonnylazuardi A modular, cross-platform component library to build your next React & React Native Application.

yyx990803 Dead simple worker threads pool

Jannchie Easily create data visualization animation videos

ForceGT A Whatsapp Bot just made for prank purposes

wangchucheng Eureka is a feature-rich and highly customizable Hugo theme. Using Eureka allows you to customize and deploy your website quickly and easily.

yangli-io A simple JavaScript Async library for setTimeout

nucliweb PostCSS plugin and tiny JS script (315B gzipped) to use AVIF image format in CSS background.

investingwolf A utility for creating gradient paths with react-native-svg

bendemboski A lightweight page object implementation with a focus on simplicity and extensibility

jamshop A node script that converts a WordPress site to Markdown using the API

kbariotis 📽 An opinionated presentation framework. Just write what you want to present and it will do the rest.

cyyynthia A Chrome/Firefox extension that lets people know how to refer to each other on various places of the Internet, so mistakes are less likely to happen. Link your accounts, set your pronouns and magically fellow PronounDB users will

beeman Twitter UI Clone built during a live stream.

rocky-linux The official website of the Rocky Linux Project.

mafintosh A 1-1 end-to-end encrypted internet pipe powered by Hyperswarm

mdn Contributing to the content of MDN Web Docs

Skayo A tiny but mighty list virtualization library for Svelte, with zero dependencies 💪 Supports variable heights/widths, sticky items, scrolling to index, and more!

opensource9ja Dnotebook is a Jupyter-like library for javaScript environment. It allows you to create and share pages that contain live code, text and visualizations.

jones2000 HQChart - H5, 微信小程序 沪深/港股/数字货币/期货/美股 K线图(kline),走势图,缩放,拖拽,十字光标,画图工具,截图,筹码图. 分析家语法,(麦语法),第3方数据替换接口

typesense A site to instantly search 28M books from OpenLibrary using Typesense Search (an open source alternative to Algolia / ElasticSearch) ⚡ 📚 🔍

itsfaqih TailwindCSS based personal branding template. Built with react and framer-motion.

JamieMason Autofix TypeScript types to be imported using `import type`

LeonHeidelbach TTV AdEraser aims to remove livestream ads as well as add some useful features to our favourite streaming site.

lezer-parser This is an incremental Markdown (CommonMark, in fact) parser that integrates well with the Lezer parser system. It does not in fact use the Lezer runtime (that runs LR parsers, and Markdown can't really be parsed that way), but it

Resten1497 다같이 모여서 크리스마스 트리를 만들 수 없는 지금, 우리는 문자로 크리스마스 트리를 만들 수 있습니다.

jhlyeung This is the full frontend code for the Rumin web app, a visual canvas for connected ideas.

seankross 💌 Create simple, beautiful personal websites and landing pages using only R Markdown.

dompling scriptable widget

seanmiller802 BrowserTime is an open source chrome extension that aims to make it better.

MIDIBlocks Build handsfree User Experiences and add face, hand, and/or pose tracking to your projects in a snap 👌✨

codrops Some ideas for horizontal smooth scroll layouts and animations using Locomotive Scroll

jscutlery Nx plugin for versioning using SemVer and CHANGELOG generation powered by Conventional Commits.