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Anish-Agnihotri ENS Lootbox Quick hack inspired by Mike's tweet about celebrity ENS domain donations. Run locally First, update ETH RPC url in hardhat.config.js and t

loongson LoongArch Documentation Table of Contents Introduction Documents Translator’s Note Getting Start Questions Contributing References Troubleshooting Dev

ksco Slim A naive Svelte-like compiler, just for learning purpose. Code written in this project takes seriously on readability, and hope it's easy to under

hidde WCAG Reporter This repository lets you create WCAG EM Reports using Eleventy. Write issues as Markdown files Create reports in English or Dutch Automa

wcandillon Remotion video Welcome to your Remotion project! Commands Start Preview npm start Render video npm run build Server render demo npm run server See doc

freereadorg awesome-libgen 😎 Awesome list on Library Genesis, the world's largest free library. Contents Library Genesis platforms Library Genesis documentation

saviomartin Lofi Club View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature Need amazing lofi music to relax or study? Lofi Club is a place for listening to live 24/7 Lofi mus

pmqueiroz Basecamp 3 Replier Extension 🚧 Project under development, consider report bugs (you'll find a lot of them) 🚧 Content How it works Installation Chrom

pranavbaburaj Long You can find more about the language is this blog A simple, elegant, useless, minimal esoteric programming language created for fun An example 72

acelakshitverma Cyber-Security-Foundations A curated list of amazingly awesome cybersecurity resources. These resources are colleted & curated from publicly available

Britaaaaaxd Brita V12 Yetkili Başvuru Altyapısı Botu Başlatmak İçin Yapmanız Gerekenler; Settings/config.js dosyasını doldurmanız ve modülleri indirmeniz gerekmek

fpvout DigiView SBC DigiView SBC is a linux image that allow you to get a Live preview from your DJI FPV goggles (V1 & V2) on a single board computer. This i

neptune-mutual 🥞 Pancake Swap Exchange PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It

orlowdev Gatsby Source Plugin Notion API Gatsby source plugin for working with official Notion API. Here's a Postman collection to play around with the API if

famiu bufdelete.nvim About Neovim's default :bdelete command can be quite annoying, since it also messes up your entire window layout by deleting windows. b

branmcf Everlasting Options Prototype Overview This is a prototype of a decentralized protocol for Everlasting Options, a new type of derivative created by Da

rainyt OpenFL-GLSL 使用Haxe编写GLSL,编写时,请确保你使用的类都是GLSL所支持的,基础类由vector-math支持。 在Haxe中,你可以正常使用:Array、int、float、bool、vec2、vec3、vec4、mat2、mat3、mat4等。 Use Haxe to wri

coderkhalide Amazon Clone Live demo Live Demo Installation Steps Using npm Run commands npm install npm run dev Or using yarn Run commands npm install --global yar

mattdesl tiny-artblocks A starter kit for tiny and robust ArtBlocks artworks with plain vanilla JavaScript. These tools were used to develop and deploy Subscap

Britaaaaaxd Brita V12 Ayarlamalı Register Altyapısı Not: Settings/roller.json ile Settings/kanallar.json dosyalarını .ayar-kanal ile .ayar-rol komutu ile doldurma

Tantoony yeni tantoony altyapisi Eskiden ortağım dediğim karaktersiz bir insansı varlığın daha önce paylaştığı altyapımı sizlere sunuyorum npm i npm i pm2 -g p

askbuddie Ask Buddie Bot Ask Buddie Bot to manage the Discord server with some useful commands and automation. This bot assists users at the time of discussion

pieromqwerty FYU Do your users take your website for granted? Do want to make using your website living hell? Look no further, F.Y.U. is here! Oh yeah, FYU stands

manjaro-cutefish Manjaro Cutefish Editions description Development branch for Cutefish Edition of Manjaro Linux where can I download an iso? Images are build and uploa

progfay Benefit from end of IE Description Support of IE will be end on 2022/06/15. This changes should improve browser compatibility. Not only is Microsoft E

rafaballerini Como usar o Git e Github na prática Início do vídeo Oie gente sejam bem vindos a mais um vídeo aqui do canal, eu sou a Rafaella Ballerini e hoje eu vo

pmndrs live demo (current state): this project is a showcase for the feasibility of react in gaming. we would like to deve

borkdude Scittle The Small Clojure Interpreter exposed for usage in script tags. See Github pages for usage. Tasks Run bb tasks to see all available tasks: $ b

Uniswap uniswap-v3-staker This is the canonical staking contract designed for Uniswap V3. Security audit is in progress. This is still under security audit an

sunghoon031 ROBA: Rotation-Only Bundle Adjustment Paper, Video, Poster, Presentation, Supplementary Material In this repository, we provide the implementation of

Anthony-jcb ¿Cómo instalar? Si estás en Chrome pon esto en el navegador chrome://extensions/ Busca la opción "Modo desarrollador" y actívala Aparecerán tres opcio

viniciusestevam A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient and scalable server-side applications. Description Nest framework TypeScript starter repository

cassidoo Shopify + Astro + React A demo of a Shopify site using Astro and React. Commands All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal. M