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raisiqueira React lib template 📦 A simple React lib template based on Parcel and Jest. Usage use this template for your next React lib, modify it and run npm run

suchipi simple-codemod-script This is an example of how to write your own codemod scripts using babel and recast. There are comments throughout the code expla

perkinsjr Astro working with Tina This experience is a conceptual idea behind how to use Tina with pure SSG on Astro. This also may be subject to change in the

ZeframLou VestedERC20 A wrapper ERC20 token that linearly vests an underlying ERC20 token to its holders. It's not really suited for trading, but it is a useful

panphora Animatize Drag a character with your mouse to create an animation Demo Try the demo on Remix your own animation! Two options: 1. Use the

rickwierenga Sci Hub Injector Adds SciHub links to popular publisher websites to make accessing science even easier! Inject freedom into science publisher websites

bvaughn Planner Lightweight, interactive planning tool that visualizes a series of tasks using an HTML canvas. Try it yourself at Plans created

mljar Mercury Share your Python notebooks with others Easily convert your Python notebooks into interactive web apps by adding parameters in YAML. Simply ad

MissCrispenCakes commits made while instructing EECS 1720 (winter 2022) (course @York University, Canada) - live content will be cleaned, edited, and described in logfile and code comments each week on Thursday

bytedance Elkeid HUB is a rule/event processing engine maintained by the Elkeid Team that supports streaming/offline (not yet supported by the community edition) data processing. The original intention is to solve complex data/event process

AgentMaker WebAI.js Online Demo Hello WebAI.js Features Multi-type CV model support Detection models (SSD / YOLO / FCOS / PPYOLO / ...) Classification models (Mo

soatok Dunktags Generate hashtags from the URLs of bad tweets, to coordinate dunks on the original tweet without boosting said tweet's status in the Twitter

donoevil-oss Do No Evil OSS Pledge As an Open Source Software developer, whenever I link to this site from a specific repository I am pledging that I: Will NOT del

GeoffreyCoulaud Notes graph A simple visualization tool for your linked markdown notes example.mp4 Dependencies NodeJS Usage Clone this repo and open a terminal npm i

EvanBacon Auto Navigation Webpack This is a Webpack version of my original Metro experiment. This project demonstrates automatic navigation built on top of reac

hadizz Persian Typo Mistake 🇮🇷 Introduction With this extension, you can fix your text that is written in Persian but on an English keyboard. this extensio

gaserashraf CMPLR CMPLR 📝 Table of Contents About Get started Technology Screenshots File structure 📙 About Responsive Frontend which mocks tumbler ui/ux. 🏁 Ge

CanCodes use-flags Country flags from Flagpedia to use in your React project Install npm install --save use-flags Flag Types Flagpedia has 2 different flag typ

codepo8 Github page as a PWA template This is a bare-bones example on how to turn an index.html document on GitHub and hosted as a GitHub Page into an install

privatenumber get-tsconfig Find and/or parse the tsconfig.json file from a file or directory path. Features Uses TypeScript API under the hood so it's guaranteed to

viperadnan-git Wallpapers API An api which can use different sites to scrape images and serve them through API This API can be used for setting daily wallpapers on a

tigerabrodi Welcome to Remix! Remix Docs Development You'll need to run two terminals (or bring in a process manager like concurrently/pm2-dev if you like): Start

Rvn0xsy SMTP-NC SMTP-NC是一个B/S架构的SMTP协议测试工具。 安装方法 安装方式 - Golang install $ go install -v 安装方式 - 下载二进制文件 Releases 安装方式 - 编译 $ g

msrkp Electron Research Title: TBA Intro The following research will be published in an upcoming conference. During the end of prototype pollution research,

jameshealyio bang-bookmarks A manually crafted bookmarks.html file importable with similar functionality to DuckDuckGo's !bang shortcuts using Bookmark Keywords, o

octokatherine Word Master 🔗 Heavily inspired by Wordle, Word Master is a word guessing game similar to Mastermind. I c

intigos possimpible I was stuck at parents for xmas and I picked Tannenbaum “distributed systems” and “Modern operating systems”, which gave me an idea of run

SpiralBL0CK Browser-Pwning A proper well structured documentation for getting started with chrome pwning & v8 pwning Structure of document How this doc is organis

dragonman225 Curved Arrows A set of functions for drawing S-curved arrows between points and shapes. getArrow - For point-to-point arrows (has glitches, not ready

ciderapp Links Wiki Request Feature Report Bug View The Releases Install Sources Compiling and Configuration For more information surrounding configuration, co

rgossiaux svelte-headlessui This is an unofficial, complete Svelte port of the Headless UI component library ( It contains fully access

itsMapleLeaf Installation ∙ # npm npm install reacord react discord.js # yarn yarn add reacord react discord.js # pnpm pnpm add reacord react discord.js Get Sta