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thearkxd Discord Chat Guard Bot Kurulum İlk olarak bilgisayarına Node JS indir. Daha sonra bir MongoDB hesabı oluştur ve connection linki al. Eğer bunu yapmayı

arthur-er Blitz SaaS Starter Kit Introduction • Features • How to run it • Author • License 📖 Introduction This is a Software as a Service starter kit. Made wi

rustdesk Great-Wall-Run A Cocos2d-x game made for my daughter several years ago. Tested on V1.9.

maddhruv types-sync Keep your types in sync with DefinitelyTyped - auto install/uninstall types for dependencies on postinstall. Features Works with npm, yarn,

jakubDoka niml Niml is domain specific language that translates to string of valid html. Templates can be created easily to support modularity. You can define u

Amareis vanilla-classnames vanilla-classnames (short to vcn) is better version of classnames for vanilla-extract. Installation yarn add vanilla-classnames np

bradtraversy Notion API Video Schedule This is part of a YouTube tutorial using the Notion API to fetch scheduled YouTube videos from notion and display in a webpa

RayhanADev tether! Swing Around a Ball of Destruction! PLAY IT FULLSCREEN NOW! tether! is game where you wreck as many enemies as possible using your tether, how

cassidoo Pokémon Feature Flags demo Here's a demo for integrating feature flags into a React project! Built with React, Vite, the PokeAPI, and LaunchDarkly! Wh

MurasakiNX 🚀 NXPayload Converter NXPayload Converter is a program that allows you to create boot.dat files from Nintendo Switch payload files (.bin) If you have

FarazzShaikh gl-Noise A collection of GLSL noise functions for use with WebGL with an easy to use API. View Demo · Report Bug · API Docs Table of Contents Why This

fingerprintjs The source code of the demo for external protocol flooding vulnerability. Allows arbitrary websites to gather information about installed applications

windwp nvim-spectre A search panel for neovim. Spectre find the enemy and replace them with dark power. Why Spectre? Use regex in search It can filter search

CodandoApple Lista Maravilhosa de Swift - 🚧 Em Construção 🚧 Esta lista contém diversos links com conteúdos par aaprender a desenvolver utilizando a linguagem iOS

farisv Moodle CVE-2019-3810 Moodle (< 3.6.2, < 3.5.4, < 3.4.7, < 3.1.16) XSS PoC for Privilege Escalation (Student to Admin). This is one of the past bugs th

ConfluxHQ Clueful Index - Many organizations have limited awareness about modern software and technology, even though software is essential for them

shopmore Shopmore is Serverless! The goal of this project is to build an Apache Licensed, reusable and easily modifiable ecommerce application that runs on Nim

E-Soda ESoda's CCStopper Kills Adobe's pesky background apps and more! Current Version: v0.0.1 (Initial Release) Menu Options 1: Kill all running Adobe Proce

npm @npmcli/lint Lint the npmcli way USAGE This package contains two executable scripts. One for linting your code, and the other for automatically settin

DanielHe4rt empresas-php Lista de todas as empresas brasileiras que trabalham com PHP Empresa Stackshare Link de vagas (se houver) Pagina institucional Convenia G

dunglas : une extension Firefox pour trouver et réserver automatiquement votre créneau de vaccination COVID-19 Retrouvez toutes les infos concern

Shopify A loosely related set of packages for JavaScript/TypeScript projects at Shopify

anuraghazra A toy programming language built with TypeScript for learning purposes. Learning resources Here are few excellent resources I followed while building

AhmedTeleb96 Arabic-without-Dots-Keyboard Arabic language keyboard without Dots on its alphabets After installing the APK go to Virtual Keyboard then "Manage Keybo

KevOrtega Patrones de diseño Como desarrollador/a de software, seguro notaste que los problemas suelen repetirse en diferentes contextos durante nuestro proyect

bagder History of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) I've done my very best to gather information from as many sources as possible to verify facts, stories and dates.

fproulx shc-covid19-decoder Trash POC to cryprographically verify the signature of COVID-19 vacinnation proof and decode the payload. Hackish steps: Take a sc

LeaVerou A native Color object for the Web Platform Why? Many of Web Platform APIs need a WCG, HDR Color object: Canvas API (see Canvas High Dynamic Range) CSS

jongacnik Kirby Fields Block Kirby block preview plugin to directly render block fields, allowing for inline editing. Usage Block definition When creating a cus

stedolan Counterexamples in Type Systems This repo contains the source of Counterexamples in Type Systems, a compendium of horrible programs that crash, segfau

drumnickydrum Sequencer64 by drumnickydrum sequencer64.mp4 About Sequencer64 is a progressive web application that allows you to quickly sequence a 64-step pattern

hayanisaid 📚 The React Native Developer Roadmap 📚 React Native is a cross-platform library to build mobile apps using React and JavaScript. This guide is to he

TomAPU schemeflood schemeflood 技术的复现,多加了几个国内的软件的指纹 在线测试 经过一些反馈,准确度不够高,并且不支持Safari,而FingerprintJS给出的demo是支持的 这个项目的实现比FingerprintJS的demo的实现代码更简单,更方便大家学习,但是想要搞清