A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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littledivy deno_compile Experminental deno compile alternative. Notable features: Icon support (Windows). Source protection. Copyright labels. Embedded assets. B

rafaballerini React Hooks Entendendo como funcionam alguns Hooks do React Como rodar o projeto: Você pode clonar o projeto e rodá-lo localmente seguindo os passos a

cifkao HTML midi-player element – Play and display MIDI files on the web

discord Types and helper functions that may come in handy when you implement a Discord Interactions webhook.

jothepro Doxygen Awesome is a custom CSS theme for doxygen html-documentation with lots of customization parameters.

codingki React native components library

Fechin Hexo theme, Blog theme, Clean, Responsive theme

Samin100 A recursive GPT-3 general-purpose problem solver.

dabit3 Building full stack apps with Solidity, Ethers.js, Hardhat, and The Graph

ziolko 🗺 Show a map of your active customers to build trust

ChristianFJung This is a repo to hold a running list of buttons that can be easily used in a GitHub repo.

divyenduz offline-cms is a "No Code" WYSIWYG HTML editor that writes directly to the filesystem. Think of it as a visual static side generator (editor for now).

OctopusDeploy This is a GitHub Action to create a release in Octopus Deploy. It requires the Octopus CLI; please ensure to include install-octopus-cli-action in your workflow (example below) before using this GitHub Action.

geerlingguy Internet Pi A Raspberry Pi Configuration for Internet connectivity I have had a couple Pis doing random Internet-related duties for years. It's finall

hey-fk HTML/CSS Öğrenirken Faydalandığım Kaynaklar Video Eğitimler Yazılıma nasıl başlarım? Front-End’e yeni başlayanlara ne önerirsiniz? HTML Dersleri Sıfır

drkPrince 🚀 Agilix - A simplified Kanban Planner. Agilix is an agile planner web app made with React, Firebase, React Beautiful DND, TailwindCSS and React Mark

afonsonf TLA+ Graph Explorer This is a static web application to explore and animate a TLA+ state graph. The application works by parsing a dot file generated

slorber Combine-Promises Like Promise.all([]) but for objects. import combinePromises from 'combine-promises'; const { user, company } = await combinePromise

null-dev Profile Switcher for Firefox Create, edit, delete and switch between browser profiles seamlessly in Firefox. Inspired by Chrome's profile switcher. In

Shougo ddc.vim Note: It is vaporware!! You should not use it. Dark deno powered completion framework for neovim/Vim8 Please read help for details. DDC is the

mattpocock XState Catalogue XState Catalogue is a collection of professionally designed state machines you can drop into your XState projects. We're accepting co

FMS-Cat Condition "Condition" by FMS_Cat A 64KB WebGL Intro Appeared in Revision 2021, PC 64KB Intro Compo See the demo! #define COMPROMISE 1 I'm so embarrass

olivierloverde { Minutes of Javascript } Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About The Project Minutes listing Contributing License Contact Acknowledgemen

spatie package-sync package-sync helps package repository maintainers keep their package files and settings in sync with a skeleton/template repository. comp

herget The game of Snake written in JavaScript.

peruvianidol The last CSS framework I'll (hopefully) ever have to make

callmearta clubhouse-desktop This is an unofficial desktop client for the currently trending ClubHouse. Any bans on the accounts is possible so use it at your ow

dylandoamaral Uptime Card A minimalist card inspired by the reddit status UI to display binary sensors in a nice way. Install 🏠 ⚠️ Versions 0.x.x are not very stab

clementmihailescu This project is meant to be a tutorial for a Snake game that reverses a linked list. Everything related to the tutorial (i.e., all the code that I, Cl

sveltejs vite-plugin-svelte This is the official svelte plugin for vite Packages Package changelog @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte changelog Got a question? / Nee

GoogleChromeLabs wasm-bindgen-rayon is an adapter for enabling Rayon-based concurrency on the Web with WebAssembly (via wasm-bindgen, Web Workers and SharedArrayBuffer

jose-elias-alvarez nvim-lsp-ts-utils Utilities to improve the TypeScript development experience for Neovim's built-in LSP client. Motivation VS Code and coc-tsserver are

its-danny use-lilius A headless calendar hook for React. Installation yarn add use-lilius Be sure you have the peer dependencies installed: react ^17.0.0 react-