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trungdq88 Real-time Twitter Header This is a fun little experiment with Twitter API. See my tweet! How to setup for your Twitter Just fill in your information i

Abhijeet-Anand-01 summerhacks-projectName Template For Summer Hacks Project Submission Hosted website link - Name

apschauhan210 summerhacks-Technocrats Deployed at netlify, can be view here Name of the project: Technocrats Table of co

enesinan 🟡 facebook-messenger This is a facebook messenger clone.You can comminicate to other at realtime 💬 ⚡ LIVE To check out the live demo of this app ABO

bahmutov cypress-grep Filter tests using substring # run only tests with "hello" in their names npx cypress run --env grep=hello ✓ hello world - works -

Eliav2 How React hooks work - in depth Intro In simple cases, React Hooks will magically do exactly what you meant for, but in other cases, their behavior ca

hyochan react-native-masonry-list Pinterest like listview made in React Native. It just behaves like the FlatList so it is easy to use. Installation yarn add

e111077 Vite Lit Element TS SASS This is an example Vite project using Lit 2, Typescript, and SASS imports. Changes from Vite's TS Lit template Changed Lit 1

siddharthkp Utility to show key presses in your application Demo on CodeSandbox   install yarn add show-keys   usage   in your js: // *.js import 'show-keys' or

scripting artDownloader A collection of great art in one big folder. Download and point your screen saver at the folder for a live art show. The story I had som

regalstreak vacslot Download • Screenshots • Features • Building • Credits • Contributing • License Screenshots     Features Vaccine slot local notifications Stat

developeranaz URL-TO-MEGA-HEROKU-ARIA2 Still under development Aria2c download url & magnet (currently not available) upload remotely to mega account using rclone.

ckipp01 Schedule All talks will be streamed live at A talk with Ólafur Páll Geirsson - Sunday, May 30th - 7PM CEST / 10AM PDT A talk with TBA

signalnerve supabase-workers-proxy This codebase is a proof-of-concept for making API requests to Supabase inside of a Cloudflare Workers serverless function. Sup

adithyan-ak Presentation Slides Ultimate Preparation Guide OSCP 2021 Offensive Security Certified Professional is a strenuous 24 hours practical Hacking examinati

paulofalcao MaterialMakerRayMarching A library with Ray Marching nodes for Material Maker Install Download MaterialMaker from

rocketseat-experts-club React performance: identificando gargalos, reduzindo o bundlesize, e melhorando o render Nesta aula vamos cobrir um passo a passo das técnicas de melh

juntossomosmais The following document describes generic rules of writing in development languages that we use on our Front-end projects, that HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Vue

MinaProtocol Mina is a new cryptocurrency with a constant size blockchain, improving scaling while maintaining decentralization and security.

mattpocock A development tool to chart application flows, then implement them in code

cpojer A React hook to copy text as Markdown.

SaraVieira ArrayFTW Created using Craco, Tailwind and react-three-fiber You can download the blend file with the models used here

thearkxd Discord Voice Bot(s) Kurulum İlk olarak bilgisayarına Node JS indir. Daha sonra bilgisayarına (eğer yoksa) FFMPEG kurmalısın. Buraya tıklayarak nasıl

thearkxd Discord Supervisor Bot Kurulum İlk olarak bilgisayarına Node JS indir. Daha sonra bir MongoDB hesabı oluştur ve connection linki al. Eğer bunu yapmayı

ladifire-opensource Notes Repo này gồm một số mã được tải từ Facebook, nhằm mục đích nghiên cứu và học tập. Một số trong này đã được mình phân loại, nhưng sẽ không được l

jasminmif Neomorphism design digital clock Demo Check it live: Libraries used react react-transition-group Avai

Goose-Nest GT-RevertRebrand Reverts Discord's 2021 rebrand (font, colors, reactions, mentions, loading screen, home icon, reply ping color, and more) Mods Suppor

vinitshahdeo GitHub Stars Feed Get the latest feed of GitHub Stars out there! ⭐ The GitHub Stars program thanks GitHub’s most influential developers and gives them

testing-library react-testing-library-help Hi! Need help with React Testing Library? The best way to get it is by forking this repository, making a reproduction of yo

fpv-wtf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ voc-poc is a proof of concept for video put from the DJI FPV Goggles over USB. tl;dr; Install nodejs and the Javascript dependencies npm ins

intel-isl Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu AlHaija, Vladlen Koltun Paper | Website (with side-by-side comparisons) | Video (Pap

IndexXuan vite-plugin-sleep vite is too fast, we need to rest. a vite-plugin you never need. Motivation In the old days with webpack, we had many times when we

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