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fsprojects Vulpes Vulpes is an implementation of deep belief and deep learning, written in F# and using Alea.cuBase to connect to your PC's GPU device. Building

torch Neural Network Package This package provides an easy and modular way to build and train simple or complex neural networks using Torch: Modules are the

torch This package provides a CUDA implementation for many of the modules in the base nn package: nn Modules

clementfarabet nnx: experimental 'nn' components The original neural network from Torch7, nn, contains stable and widely used modules. 'nnx' contains more experiment

draftbit Expo WalletConnect Demo Without ejecting, we're able to connect an Expo app to MetaMask via WalletConnect. What do these changes consist of? Polyfilli

LXSMNSYC solid-marked MDX/Markdown compiler for SolidJS Install yarn add solid-js solid-marked Features Supports Markdown and MDX Github-flavored Markdown supp

Pyr33x Hey I'm Pyrex Create A Hello World <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Page Title</title> </head> <body> <div align="center"> <h1><b> Hello World!<

Shivelight pOOBs4-buildroot Introduction This repository contains buildroot external tree for building a minimal Linux image to host pOOBs4 web server and emulat

n1k0 Wordlem A simplistic port of the popular Wordle game in Elm. Allows playing in French. You can play it here. Credits In no specific order: Josh Wardle

microsoft @typescript/analyze-trace Tool for analyzing the output of tsc --generateTrace automatically, rather than following the steps here. Note: The goal is

StudioPetrikas VertUI for FreeCAD Link Vertical UI Setup for FreeCAD Link aka FreeCAD Linkstage3 Prerequistes FreeCAD Link is an experimental branch of FreeCAD creat

omarsalem7 Todo-list-webpack This website Todo-list-webpack provides users a convenient way to keep track of their todos. Built With HTML CSS JavaScript Linters

ppeetteerrs Obsidian-Zola This repo contains an easy-to-use (read: simplistic) solution for converting an Obsidian Personal Knowledge Management System (read: bun

statykjs statyk Dead simple statyk site generator coming soon™ for the impatient: Clone repo -> run yarn -> run yarn dev --watch TODOS Content folders support

MicrosoftStudentChapter MAKEATHON 4.0 Index About MLSC About MAKEATHON Features Tech LICENSE About MLSC Microsoft Student Learn Chapter, Thapar Institute of Engineering and T

billionsjoel Awesome Books A Microverse project on learnong javascript. Additional description about the project and its features. Built With HTML5 CSS3 Javascript

ShineiIchijo Marika A promise based API wrapper for the unofficial MyAnimeList API Installation npm i @shineiichijo/marika yarn add @shineiichijo/marika 🚀 Import

jacunha Este guia tem a finalidade de orientar como criar um cluster kubernetes com um ou mais nós , e/ou multi-cluster em um computados com sistema operacional Windows 10 ou 11, utilizando o Hyper-V (nativo do Windows), para provisionar

LudoPinelli comment-box.nvim You have this long config file and you want to clearly (and beautifully) separate each part. So you put lines of symbols as separator

HanHan233 这是什么? 这是一款名为“Phigros”的节奏游戏。 原来的版本只能在移动设备(Android/iOS)上运行,但有了这个,Phigros 可以随时随地运行,只要有网络。 如何贡献 如您所见,游戏还没有完成,具体体现在“谱面少”和“性能差”。 为谱面做贡献 首先Fork这个仓库到你的账号,这一步需

billionsjoel Todo List App The app helps you to add todo items to your list, mark completed ones and also delete finished items. Its a handy tool for your day toda

nikokozak Svonix Svonix is a small library that allows you to easily create and use Svelte components in Phoenix. Svonix is loosely based on the ideas behind Sv

publiusfederalist zooko-msg Encrypt and decrypt messages using AES with a common ECDH key generated using keys associated with Handshake names. Learn more by joining th

Sanix-Darker tidi Meet tidi, the 2kb bubble chat component for any website... made using preact, running with a 4MB compiled backend service. FrontEnd Backend Disc

mevcheb Optimal sando frontrun amount Haven’t public code/math for calculating optimal frontrun sandwich amounts (@libevm’s subway and @Supercycled cake_snipe

nimeshnayaju y-presence Easy way to add presence (live cursors/avatars) to your multiplayer application using Yjs. Installation yarn add y-presence # or npm i y-pr

onbjerg foundry-toolchain Action This GitHub action installs Foundry. Example workflow on: [push] name: build jobs: check: name: Foundry project r

marianoguerra HTML Is A Programming Language An extension to HTML to end the eternal discusion Language Overview To avoid introducing a parser for arithmetic/compar

mrparkersson Awesome books app plain "Awesome books" is a simple website that displays a list of books and allows you to add and remove books from that list. see h

Justice3000 Olympic-Game project for Learning At Workplace stuff for my Campus. Love my Campus. INTRODUCTION This is a simple three.js game with main focus of sho

boyney123 Awesome EventBridge 🚀 A handy list of resources for getting up to speed on events, patterns, and using Amazon EventBridge. Contributions welcome! Ins

sunn-us About SUIT―수트는 반복되는 노력을 기울이지 않아도 완성도 높은 형태를 유지하며, 소모적인 커뮤니케이션도 줄일 수 있도록 제작한 UI 본문용 폰트입니다. 자세한 내용은 소개 페이지에서 확인하세요. Download Static OTF TTF WOFF2 Variab