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laxyapahuja nyaamal A chrome extension to download anime torrents directly from MAL and Anilist. Uses torrents from Updates Added support for Anilist. So

nextapps-de Professional window manager for the web: lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, open source! Demo  •  Getting Star

Cesura A lightweight, self-hosted paste platform Features Self-contained system without external database dependencies Automatic programming language detecti

NOMI-VR NOMI VR **This repo serves as a guide, to learn more about NOMI VR, head to the wiki** Part 1: The Headset An Open-Source VR Headset For Developers Wi

pinojs thread-stream A streaming way to send data to a Node.js Worker Thread. install npm i thread-stream Usage 'use strict' const ThreadStream = require('t

aladinyo WhatsappyApp WhatsappyApp is a whatsapp clone progressive web application built with react nodejs and firebase it allows you to send messages talk wit

dogegarden An open-source public and free REST API for reading from DogeHouse & DogeGarden. Contribute (soon) · Discord · Documentation Documentation All routes,

jakowenko Double Take Unified API for processing and training images with DeepStack, CompreFace, or Facebox for facial recognition. Use Cases Frigate Subscribe

yusefnapora Minty is an example of how to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while storing the associated data on IPFS. You can also use Minty to pin your data on an IPFS pinning service such as Pinata.

jamiebuilds Proposal for an Object.has() method to make Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() more accessible.

AdamBien minimal magic, minimal tooling, essential dependencies, high productivity, no transpilations and no migrations. The Web Components starter ships with integrated lit-html, redux-toolkit and vaadin router components.

huy-ta This project demonstrates switching between implementations of a store (Vuex, Redux, Valtio, MobX) and UI libraries/frameworks (Vue, React and Svelte).

brimdata Desktop application to efficiently search large packet captures and Zeek logs.

calendso Let's face it: Calendly and other scheduling tools are awesome. It made our lives massively easier. We're using it for business meetings, seminars, yoga classes and even calls with our families

technorabilia Portainer App Templates for Docker containers These Portainer App Templates can be used to easily deploy Docker containe

MichalPorag IsraelTechWriters About this Repo The purpose of this repo is to gather Israel's tech columnists and bloggers together, and serve as a place where the

pdubroy ohm-som A JavaScript implementation of SOM, a minimal Smalltalk for teaching and research. Just a hobby, won't be big and professional like TruffleSOM

fancylife pot z-pot is a project overview tool, used to analyze the amount of code, the number of files, code statistics and so on. 项目概述工具,用于分析代码量、文件数、代码统计等。 快速

Puliczek 📝 Description Google Chrome - File System Access API - vulnerabilities reported by Maciej Pulikowski Total Bug Bounty Reward: $5.000 This is Proof of

satyawikananda Awesome Loker IT Indonesia Daftar-daftar lowongan kerja IT yang ada di Indonesia Pendahuluan Awesome Loker IT Indonesia adalah hanya sebuah daftar daf

Aureom Live LoL Esports 📦 Dependências e programas utilizados Nome Uso no projeto WebStorm IDE React FrameWork Documentação da API Documentação da API de es

drcmda Poimandres is a minimal, frameless dark-theme inspired mostly by blueberry. This theme tries to focus on semantic meaning instead of color variety. Yo

CyberShadow DFeed DFeed is: an NNTP client a mailing list archive a forum-like web interface an ATOM aggregator an IRC bot DFeed is running on and

prettydiff Virtually bind multiple physical devices into a single virtual desktop using a network. A cross-OS private one-to-many online point-to-point relationship that shares computer availability;

rynop Teaching software and internet basics to kids. Targeted towards 8YO+. PRs welcome!

TesseractCoding Bringing an all Open-Source Platform to study Data Structures and Algorithms ⚡

woochanleee 📦 Project Tree Generator

estevanmaito A multi theme, completely accessible, with components and pages examples, ready for production dashboard.

steveseguin OBS.Ninja uses peer-to-peer technology to bring remote cameras into OBS. In most cases, all video data is transferred directly from peer to peer, without needing to go through any video server. This results in high-quality video w

vercel-solutions Login with Yubikey or TouchID on your Chrome browser.

oslabs-beta Kafka-Penguin is an easy-to-use, lightweight KafkaJS library for message processing. It provides developers with a single strategy for handling message processing failures by failing fast.

i5ik A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.