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eirslett Storybook builder for Vite NB! This code is still very experimental! Have a look at the GitHub issues for known bugs. If you find any new bugs, feel f

everton-dgn PROJETO PIZZARIA TOFFANETTO 📌 Índice de conteúdos Screenshots do Projeto Sobre o Projeto Tecnologias Features Instalação Autor 📸 Screenshots do Proj

Make-Lemonade Iconic is a free “do wtf you want with” set of pixel-perfect icons. Available as basic SVG icons and via first-party React and Vue libraries. Browse a

bradtraversy DJ Events (Frontend) Next.js website for DJ Events. This is part of my Next.js course on Udemy VIEW DEMO Usage Setup Backend The Strapi backend can be

Simek Yarn Lock Changes     Creates a comment inside Pull Request with the human-readable summary of the changes to the yarn.lock file. Works in public and

Zhirrr Islamic Api V2 - Zhirrr Islamic Api V2 adalah Api yang berisi data2 islami yang lebih lengkap daripada versi sebelumnya, yaitu Api Islamic yang pernah

forrest-orr ________ ___. .__ _________ __ \______ \ ____ __ __\_ |__ | | ____ / _____/_/ |_ _____ _______

charliegerard Dark mode clap extension for Netlify 👏 Experiment to toggle Netlify's dark mode by clapping your hands. This Chrome extension uses TensorFlow.js to r

laitingyou cli-generator A framework that allows you to quickly generate command line interactive tools. Screenshot Features Generate executable file, support Wi

vhyrro Neorg - An Organized Future The pain... it won't stop. After so much oppression from other text editors, it's time we fight back. With the introductio

jferrer Solana Wallet Cross-Platform App with Expo, Web3 & React Native This is a simple Solana Wallet Cross-Platform App built with Expo, Web3 & React Native

cljs-audio cljs-audio Convenient Web Audio for ClojureScript [com.awayfrompeople/cljs-audio "0.1.6"] com.awayfrompeople/cljs-audio {:mvn/version "0.1.6"} Code Ex

Androz2091 Discord Music Bot The perfect music bot for your Discord server! 🎶 Features Highlights Simple & easy to use 🤘 Audio filters (bassboost) 🎸 YouTube,

lucasfloriani Re-uno · Re-uno is a project using Rescript to recreate the UNO card game. Installation # Cloning project git clone

z3tt  Beyond Bar and Box Plots                          Slides and hands-on codes for my talk at the USGS Community for Data Integration and USGS Data Scie

tuya Medusa (M)ircrofront(E)n(D) (U)niversal (S)inglepage (A)pplication. Chinese Docs English | 简体中文 Medusa is a micro frontend framework based on various

slipHQ run-wasm Run WASM based code executions in the browser easily Goal of the project The goal of this project is to build an easy way to execute various

LXSMNSYC babel-plugin-solid-labels Simple reactive labels for SolidJS Install yarn add babel-plugin-solid-labels Features 🏷 Labels: Turn labels into SolidJS u

i5ik JS Paint ~~ as a cross-platform native desktop app. In other words, the "🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras".exe hehe

ItGuildUa Гільдія ІТ Фахівців України Маніфест Manifesto in English Development npm i npm run dev Deployment Website automatically publishes to Netlify on each

fuwwy Moonstone A simple, standalone, API wrapper Installing You will need NodeJS and NPM. To install moonstone on your local project, run: npm

martin-jw Recall - Spaced Repetition System in Obsidian! This plugin for Obsidian implements a spaced repetition system for reviewing information, with any SRS

Moyye 配置地址 格式为 http://IP:PORT 例如部署在本地的就是 (http协议,不是https协议哦) 方法一:Docker 运行 # 建议每次执行 docker pull 每次获取最新的镜像 $ docker pull selypan/consol

Abdullah-V HMSC 🔰 About HMSC (How Much Stuffs CLI) analyst for your files and folders 📸 Screenshot 📓 Requirements Node.js NPM 🔌 Installation $ npm i -g hmsc

Airtable Airtable’s TypeScript Migration Codemod The codemod written to migrate the Airtable codebase from Flow to TypeScript. ⚠️ This codemod was designed for

boyney123 AWS EventBridge Atlas 🗺 Document, Discover and Share AWS EventBridge Schemas. Features: Parses EventBridge schemas into documentation solutions, show

alii trisma [t]ypescript p[risma] This is an experimental way of creating a Prisma DMMF with TypeScript Decorators. What does it look like? @Model() export

tuya Tuya Homebridge Plugin Homebridge custom plugin for controlling Powered by Tuya (PBT) devices in HomeKit, it's based on Tuya Open API. The plugin is o

thearkxd Discord Level Bot Kurulum İlk olarak bilgisayarına Node JS indir. Daha sonra bir MongoDB hesabı oluştur ve connection linki al. Eğer bunu yapmayı bilm

wzulfikar Hashvatar Create hash avatar of your handler. Inspired from this tweet: Usage Use this format to get your hashvatar: # Format https://hashvatar.vercel

ElectronicZebra nicehashpi DIY Raspberry PI Display for Nicehash stats Prerequisites : RaspberryPi 3b+ or higher RaspberryPi 3.5 inch SPI TFT LCD Display SD Card 16GB

tom-anders telescope-vim-bookmarks.nvim Telescope picker for the vim-bookmarks plugin. Installation Install with your favorite plugin manager and add require('te

elliotherriman Calico Calico is a web engine developed for use with inkle's ink, a language for writing interactive fiction. This project has an itch page here. If y