A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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DawoodKMasood 🔥 PancakeSwap Prediction Bot This is a PancakeSwap Prediction game bot, it includes backtesting code so you can try new strategies changing the env v

HPaulson Deso Smart Services This project serves as a simple implementation example (framework) of Deso Protocol's Smart Services. This framework comes with ou

indiesoftby Sentinel: SDK for Defold This is an open-source project. It is not affiliated with is an error tracking system. It can

vfurmane 42cal An iCal API to see the 42 events in a calendar. Installation You have to create a new intra app (Settings > API > REGISTER A NEW APP). Fill in t

jhowbhz Api do Whatsapp 🚀 Um servidor de API do WhatsApp gratuito do serviço Sobre Ainda estamos em desenvolvimentos, erros podem oc

Ja1z666 shikimori.ts - JavaScript & TypeScript wrapper for Features Full TypeScript support Support all platforms Easy to use Table

ChintzRuparel Hi 👋 , I'm Chintz Ruparel A tech guy with finance as his core competency 🔭 I’m currently working on TWODS Capital 🌱 I’m currently learning AMP, REA

varunsridharan Homer Dashboard - Firefox Addon Quick Access Homer Dashboard - Firefox Addon Usage Install Addon [ Firefox ] Configure The Addon Add The Quick Access

SarnaxLii HEX BOT 🔴 Source code ( Due to the large amount of source code, I will gradually update it. ) 🟢 If you don't want to fork, you can download the full

Strawberry-Software-Industries SecureCloud Your new Cloud. Free and Open Source. What is SecureCloud? SecureCloud is a free and open source cloud that makes storing files on your (h

mmmago Legal Notice 1. I am not resposible to anything worse that could happen to your bike because of this app 2. Be careful that lifting the 25km/h limit c

publiusfederalist hsencrypt nodejs library to encrypt or decrypt messages using handshake names hsencrypt uses handshake names, a handshake node, and a handshake wallet

pms67 LeDSP-Audio-SoM STM32H7-based audio-processing system-on-module. Produced and assembled by JLCPCB ( Production files can b

EthanHaid I'm Okay 👌 Team: Legacy Edition, NWHacks 2022 Demo This past year we've seen everything from forest fires to floods ravage families from across the g

baguscodestudio BCS Questionare This allows for easy exports and callbacks for configurable quizes or tests. Features Easy export and simple clean ui 0.00 ms (duh its

zackmark29 IQ.COM M3U8 PARSER/SAVER INSTRUCTIONS Import the bookmarklet into your browser bookmarks (Or select all the code below and drag and drop into your boo

cbonoz NFTpay Make your own blockchain-hosted invoices - hosted for free on IPFS and fulfilled by cryptocurrency. Built for the NFThack2022 hackathon. Benefi

minimouli Api Deployment Using You'll need the following dependencies: Docker Kubernetes A little work need to be done to achieve the deployment. The two api-se

gaetan20 Advanced and complete discord.js 13 handler Presentation DiscordJs13-handler is the solution for all the discord.js developper who want a complete han

the0bone Collection of Links for 3D printing Useful for beginners as well sometimes for advanced printers. These links are being provided as a convenience and

cometkim rescript-vitest ReScript bidnings to Vitest Usage Config Configure with plain vite.config.js. You can use vite-plugin-rescript to build ReScript autom

austintgriffith 🌊 Scaffold Ocean a scaffold eth build to show movement on-chain The owner can launch() ships that move at a dx/dy. live example: http://scaffoldocean

eviau htmlfreewrites the goal: to create a few relatively simple HTML/CSS only websites for other people to use. first example: minimalist art website avail

DevBash1 DownloadJS A JavaScript Library for downloading files on our web page. Installation Add DownloadJS from the script tag <script src="path/to/download.j

matheusbattisti Teoria This project was generated with Angular CLI version 13.1.2. Development server Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200

cartographia Geospatial Intelligence Library This repository contains a curated list of open source intelligence tools and resources focused on geolocation and chr

sinwoobang dms-psql-post-data Ultimate Script to complete PostgreSQL-to-PostgreSQL Migration right after AWS DMS task done TL;DR Sequence, Foreign key, Index, an

TermuxHackz Php-Webshell/Backdoor A PHP webshell created by us TermuxHackz Society. For educational and/or testing purposes only. Can also be used for ctf challen

elkevinwolf Dynapic is a tool for generating images with dynamic content. You can use it to generate headers or profile pictures for your Social Media profiles, O

iagocavalcante VidaSaudavel To start your Phoenix server: Install dependencies with mix deps.get Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup Start Phoenix e

11ty eleventy-plugin-directory-output Group and sort Eleventy’s verbose output by directory (and show file size with benchmarks). Sample output from eleven

amirlb מדויקת: משחק מילים משחק ניחוש מילים שמבוסס על Wordle של Josh Wardle. הקוד ורשימת המילים ברשיון AGPL (רשימת המילים נגזרה מפרויקט Hspell ומהעבודה של eya