A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

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nandorojo 🦅 Anchor links and scroll-to utilities for React Native (+ Web)

kosmigramma iOS Push Notifications for PWAs and Web apps

DerSchmale Instant Googly Eyes for ThreeJS!

WebPajooh Chrome-Eshteb Reduces the anger of an Iranian when typing in the wrong language! How to use? Use npm install and then npm run build Open Extensions an

slidevjs Presentation slides for developers who uses VS Code 🤣 Status: Preview Features View slides in the side panel Go to next / prev buttons Re-ordering sl

eng-dibo DIBO a multi-project workspace (monorepo). star the project. you are welcome to contribute with us. you can host your own open-source project to gain

wheatjs WindiCSS Attributify Converter Run npx @wheatjs/windi-convert Warning this is experimental. Backup your project before running this tool. Example Inpu

codrops 3D Letters Menu Hover Effect A rotated 3D like letters and image hover effect for a menu based on the animation seen on One up Studio. Article on Codr

tunpl Oxycare 🎤 The stack/technologies we're using ReactJS/TypeScript MaterialUI Firebase Before contributing check: 🔴 Pull Request Guidelines The master

fhsinchy nginx-handbook-projects This repository holds the code for my NGINX Handbook article on freeCodecamp. In the article the readers work through four dem

input-output-hk essential-cardano Welcome to the Essential Cardano list, a comprehensive collection of Essential Resources to help you learn more about Cardano. Wheth

bitclout BitClout Frontend This is the repository for the reference BitClout Angular app. It serves as an interface that allows users to interact with the data

nigellima br-dev-remoto Introdução Olá, dev! Este documento é um compilado de dicas para dar inicio à procura e candidatura para vagas de trabalho remoto oferec

smakosh Portfolio for developers Gatsby version Gatsby-portfolio-portfolio Features TypeScript Eslint/Prettier configured Scores 100% on a11y / Performance /

philippbayer Last checks before submitting any manuscript Everything I've done wrong when submitting or resubmitting a manuscript in a convenient checklist. The im

LeonidasEsteban Portafolio Jaume Muestra tus mejores proyectos acompañados de una paleta de colores azules vibrantes. Además añade opiniones o reviews de tu trabajo p

moodymudskipper burglr Experimental! {burglr} provides a way to copy functions from other packages without adding them as dependencies. It fetches the code of the req

hsjoberg Fork Explorer Fork Explorer let's you see the status of a BIP9-style softfork. It relies on bitcoind and its JSON-RPC server. Build and run You need D

abhinavdc COWIN VACCINE AVAILABILITY NOTIFIER Get notified on your phone when there is a vaccine slot available at your location, by running a script on your co

shuding CC Shu's Creative Coding template. The code is open sourced under MIT, feel free to use it to create your own art. Usage With node and yar

GustavoPrietoP Evil Neovim 😈 Table of Contents Introduction Acknowledgements Requirements Install Nvim 0.5+ Install Evil-Nvim LSP Packages Contribute Introduction G

github <typing-effect> element A custom element that shows text as if it were being typed Installation $ npm install @github/typing-effect-element Usage imp

cuducos Em nome da LAI! Gerador de petições com base na LAI. Requisitos Node.js com npm Modo desenvolvimento npm start Gerar arquivo otimizado para produção

derek-zhou A light weight feed reader that runs in your browser, with no backend

antfu vite-plugin-remote-assets Bundles your assets from remote URLs with your app <img src="" /> To <img src="/node_modules/.re

tiagovla About A clean dark theme written in lua for neovim 0.5. Features Support for numerous plugins Customizable Italic Support Installation Install with yo

supabase Stripe Sync Engine (Experimental) Continuously synchronizes a Stripe account to a Postgres database. Note: this is experimental. There are no guarante

arthurbolsoni About The Project Adblock for the purple website using server side signature. There are two version, the old one in python3.8, I translated it in Node

Specter-13 BlazorGenUI This is BlazorGenUI framework. Providing automatic generation of simple UI from C# objects based on BootStrap. Supporting both server-side

teteusAraujo 💻 Sobre o projeto KdMeuBichinho? - O projeto surgiu com a missão de ajudar as pessoas que querem encontrar seu melhor amigo 🐶 🐱 🐰 que foi perdido

e-cal EVim A VSCode-like editing experience in neovim. Sane default setup for a pleasant drop-in editing experience, and logical configuration to support ea

gand3lf 🙂 Heappy: a happy heap editor Heappy is an editor based on gdb/gef that helps you to handle the heap during your exploitation development. The projec

guyariely macOS finder clone built with react live demo currently the clone supports: creating folders creating text files and editing them searching for text f