A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

Newest releases

Nyarime One-time encrypted message self-destruct after reading.

dgtlmoon - The best and simplest self-hosted website change detection monitoring service. An alternative to Visualping, Watchtower etc. Designed for simplicity - the main goal is to simply monitor which websites had a te

evanw This is a fuzzer to test the correctness of various top-level await JavaScript bundling strategies.

ccfddl ⏰ CCF recommendation conference Deadline Countdowns

oroth8 A stock data aggregator for monitoring stocks made popular by WSBs. This is NOT a financial website. This site does NOT provide recommendations.

RenwaX23 Powerful Chromium Browser to find XSS Vulnerabilites automatically while browsing web, it can detect many case scenarios with support for POST requests too

blastbots A free open source modular botting framework

dulajkavinda 🗳 minimal-feedback is a blazingly fast and highly customizable component to get user feedback.

ianhan My collection of bitmap fonts pulled from various demoscene archives over the years

glaucia86 Todo o treinamento foi elaborado pela Comunidade para a Comunidade! Assim sendo, distribuindo o conhecimento de maneira totalmente gratuita a todas as Pessoas Desenvolvedoras.

pbeshai Tidy up your data with JavaScript! Inspired by dplyr and the tidyverse, tidy.js attempts to bring the ergonomics of data manipulation from R to javascript (and typescript).

oasis-engine Oasis is a web-first and mobile-first high-performance real-time development platform. Using component system design, and pursues ease of use and lightweight. This repository is the core engine of Oasis. Developers can independent

sdras A collection of extensions for writing, editing, and reviewing documentation in VS Code

bestony NesHouse is a front-end project built on Agora, LeanCloud service, using Alpine.js, Bulma Css, NES.css. This project implements a set of clubhouse based on NES style, you can use NESHouse to create your own online live room, you c

mozilla The client-side code for Mozilla Hubs, an online 3D collaboration platform that works for desktop, mobile, and VR platforms.

katoid Grid with draggable and resizable items for Angular. Perfect fit with highly customizable dashboards.

PawelDecowski jQuery credit card validation and detection plugin

kubowania A game of breakout in HTML, CSS and JavaScript


AntlerVC Excel/Google Sheets like UI for Firebase/Firestore. No more admin portals!

zachleat A themeless web component to filter visible child elements based on form field values.

srmullen A starter template for Svelte, Tailwind, Typescript, and Snowpack

rossning92 movy.js is an easy-to-use animation engine based on three.js and gsap.

fpachecoibz NestJS app for testing Android Push notifications on Android devices.

akutruff TypeScript Needs to Emit Runtime Type Information

yashinu Yashinu Discord Register Bot

volantis-x A Wonderful Theme for Hexo

antvis 🚀 JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.

aloisdg A curated collection of awesome Regex libraries, tools, frameworks and software

zachleat A lightweight web component helper for HTML5 videos. Intended for use with muted by default HTML5 videos.

iamshaunjp All course files for the Complete React Tutorial on the Net Ninja YouTube channel.

LauraBeatris My portfolio built with Next.js, Chakra UI and GraphCMS

bwasti mebm is a browser based video editor that supports animation of images and text overlays. The animation is done with key-frames (denoted in blue on the timeline) and linear interpolation.